Resources DS-style Gen VII and Beyond Pokémon Sprite Repository in 64x64 Page 75

Started by thedarkdragon11 May 11th, 2016 4:27 PM
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On PGE, I get an error when trying to import the Stonejourner battle icon. Is it a file size issue? I did realize the gens 1-6 icons are a fairly smaller file size. If size is the issue, how can I shrink the file size to somewhat match the other ones?
Thank you in advance.
PGE has a hard time processing sprites sometimes. Wichu's Advanced Series works generally better.


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Thanks for the reply, I got it to work by changing the bit size from 8 to 32.

A lot of the sources I find A-series tools in end up either containing viruses or missing a certain .dll in the download making the tool unusable


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Helloooo, I was missing for a long time, I recently graduated from Digital Animator.

And since I am a Digital Animator, I care a lot about animation, such as the 2nd battle frame in Pokemon Emerald. So now I have more time to be able to contribute with the 2nd frame of the sprites that they have created and upload here and I started with Tsareena.

*** Credits to the corresponding author, I couldn't find his/her nickname. ***

As I can, I will help with the 2nd frame for those of us who occupy the Pokemon Emerald as a base rom.

PD: Sorry for my bad English, i'm Chilean and my native language is Spanish!

PD: I can't share link, because i need to reach 5 posts :C


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Long time no update!

I'm sure you already know that PLA have new species and forms... They'll also be featured here (BDSP forms as well should they have some)... We'll assume here that new species from PLA would be National Dex #899 onwards so we'll group them alongside the Gen. 8 species like what we did with the Meltan line on Gen. 7... Meanwhile, Hisuian forms would have it's own group like the rest of the regional variants and other collective forms...

EDIT: Icon sprites from BDSP and newer games will all be custom-made due to the official in-game icons now being models...
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Did anyone make any Rotomi icon sprites? I threw some together, but I'm not much of a spriter and I can't post links until I make another few posts anyway. Want to make sure I wouldn't be sharing anything redundant!

EDIT: okay now I can post them lol. Again, not really a spriter, but I wanted to post anyway just because it would be a waste not to - feel free to use or edit them to make improvements.