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Started by EmTheGhost March 31st, 2021 3:38 AM
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It's kind of hard to say. There's not a whole lot you can do with a Zekrom shiny since it's literally the Deep Black/Black Yin Pokemon, you don't have much for color options lol (though this is fine).

In Gen 5 I prefer the original to the shiny since it's a real black and not the like....dark gray-green the shiny is. But after Gen 5 OG Zekrom is a medium or dark gray color for some reason and that narrows things a lot, to the point that idk if I have preference.

Would love to see it become black again, and for the difference between the shiny and non-shiny forms to be the color of the electricity pulsing within it. I mean, it does that already (the shiny is green electricity while the non-shiny is blue), but I want both to have the black color, and there's other colors that could be cool for the electricity too.
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Yes!!! I think Kantonian Ninetales has one of the loveliest shinies. The silvery purple colour is indescribably breathtaking!!

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I love shiny Arcanine, PC user Sirfetch'd / Chase gave me one on Y years back when he found a shiny Growlithe in-game. It was cute and I love the shiny for that reason :D
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Treecko's? Yeah. It's actually a nice shade of green, for a change.
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Charjabug's could be better, but it also could be worse. It's alright.
Golurk's is alright too. Bonus points for having neon green in there.
Tropius's is pretty bland.