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Uno, Dos, Tres

Started by Brendino 3 Weeks Ago 8:54 PM
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New Horizons
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About 20 years ago, people's minds were blown when they realized that the legendary birds of Kanto were giving us Spanish counting lessons- Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Sure, there was no Psycuatro or Toxcinco to keep the theme going, but those original three birds were still pretty cool.

That said though, which of the Kanto legendary birds is your favorite?


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Lord DIO's mansion
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Posted 3 Days Ago
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Articuno for me. I really like its design.


Lavendar Town
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Posted 6 Hours Ago
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Zapdos. Idk why to be honest, but it's like....the other two birds are majestic, but then zapdos is like WASSUP! *zappity zappity zap*

For me, it's Moltres because I love 'em phoenixes!
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magical leaf

the dream world
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man, if you were to ask a younger version of myself this very question like a couple of years ago, i would've said Zapdos. nowadays though? Articuno is my favourite because i love ice types, although it's my favourite by a hair.


Age 18
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Articuno is so incredibly majestic and it is perhaps one of my favourite legendaries! Moltres is elegant as well although I'm rather impartial towards Zapdos.

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Articuno was the only one who lived to its title in the Lugia movie.

* The only one to not take direct (or indirect) fire from Lawrence.
* Did not get caught.
* The first one to land an attack on Lugia. And manages to trap Lugia with that move.
* When Lugia returns their combined attacks, Articuno takes the combo to the chest and doesn't even flinch, like a boss.
* Only went down after having to fight Lawrence, the other two birbs and Lugia, and only by taking a full bolt to the back.
* He's so bulky that when he went down he crashed into his altar and moved it somewhere else.
* Majestic scene of him flying set against the Sun.
* Chirps cute.

MVP totally. Articuno is best birb. Also "uno" in Glorioso Español is one, like, the one and only, the first, the best, the top.
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Articuno hands down. Always thought it was such a pretty bird and like what was said in a post above it in the movie is great. The chirps especially.
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Posted 1 Day Ago
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Articuno is an important member of my experimental ice monotype team. So, obviously, Moltres.

Come on, you thought I was being serious? Nope, Articuno all the way!!

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Posted 17 Hours Ago
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Moltres, honestly. I've always preferred it over the two. I like giant fiery birds, what can I say?
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