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You a g a i n?!

Started by Mana August 6th, 2015 7:05 AM
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Do you carry your grudges around from game to game? Have you ever used a night action just to make it even with someone?

I don't think I hold on to it for long, other than for some jokes GIO. I do tend to get quite heated in the actual moment though bahaha.

So far I've avoided getting any NA revenge in case I gave myself away, I was panicked when Kiyoshi targetted Gio in Through the Aura incase people assumed it was me! XD


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Nah, each game is a clean slate for everyone. Tabula Rasa.

But, I do know who to look out for when it comes to lying and play-style, so I just remember how people have played. But I don't like to assume.
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Posted August 18th, 2017
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I'm pretty much the same as Lost Heart. Although if the game is in it's early stages and I want to do a random vote, it'll be more of a "put a revenge lynch vote against someone who made me mad in another game" since that vote will likely go nowhere anyways. Plus, no one can really make any absurd observations about my early lynch votes because it'll consistently be along these lines.


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Well, I don't hold too many grudges, but sometimes I get back at them just for the lolz :3


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Posted December 17th, 2017
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I've never really held grudges. Sometimes I am a tiny bit salty after a game is finished, but I usually forget about it and/or stop caring by the time another game starts :P
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I'll get salty about things but I've never carried something overto another game (unless it's Epic Mafia as those games are shorter). Each game is it's own experience no need to carry past experiences over.



I try not to. The only time that have is regarding Bardothren. And honestly I was more upset with the collective intelligence of this community considering that the Theater hint was very obviously pointing at Naku and the latter time it was psyducking obvious that bard was targeting me, and he even later admitted that.

But I probably wouldn't have cared if it had only happened once.

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My only grudge is the meme that Eros mentioned "He's always mafia"

ily naku <3


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Probably during the early phases when we have all have little to work with, I'd go for people that had managed to kill me/get me lynched/etc, but aside from that I don't really hold any grudges.
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This depends solely on how much fun it will be to screw with the other person xD


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I don't really hold grudges, but when I had to N0 someone in ASoIaF or get perma-roleblocked, I chose the first option. Knowing nothing about who was who, I just killed Naku as revenge of the beige present in Faes and Lycans.


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I try my best not to hold grudges, since what happens in one game doesn't necessarily reflect what will happen in the next. But outside of games I will hold my grudges a while, as I'm sure some of you have seen >_>


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Posted December 21st, 2017
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"It's not personal, it's just mafia." is my mantra.

I don't waste time on holding grudges. I don't care if people hold one against me. I think it's shallow for people to think that a player would target someone and risk giving themselves away (especially since GMs these days are extraordinarily philanthropic in their narrative hints).

And I mean if I target you, after you target me in another game, it's nothing personal. It's just mafia. I probably just didn't know who to target and went with convenience. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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Posted December 3rd, 2017
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(If it hasn't already been said enough times) It doesn't help to hold grudges from previous games. You could be attacking some important role just to "get back at them" from another game but end up hurting your chances of winning this game. It's mafia, things shouldn't be taken personally.

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Once I die, I close the tab, never to return. Since I usually refuse to read the thread until the game ends properly; no. By the time I'd have figured out who did what anyways; it's too late to care. :P

Generally I randomize my hits; keeps you low profile at least night one. I don't understand why anyone would grudge kill; that tends to get old really quick, especially on (n0/)d1/n1
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