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I technically had my start with the franchise with the original Pokemon Red my brother and I had to share when we were little, but we got our official start with the remakes for the GBA. However, I never actually finished the game itself until very recently. While I didn't have my original Leaf Green copy anymore, I decided to take a trip down memory lane after watching a YouTuber's animation of the Gen I games to play Leaf Green straight and finally put an end to a particular chapter of my life. Below was the team that helped me become Champion of the Kanto region from a couple of months ago.

Iruma the Blastoise

Sabro the Primeape

Valac the Parasect

Purson the Muk

Gaap the Flareon

Asmodeus the Dragonite

I talk about this because I just wanted to know what team helped you guys become the League Champion when you played FR/LG the first time. I would love to hear your experiences and the fond memories you made with the friends you made on the journey! No Nuzlockes, no gimmicks, just a regular adventure.


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Last played it about when it originally released. Cannot remember too much about then. Checked the save file. Shows Blastoise, Magneton, Arcanine, Fearow, Exeggutor, and Articuno for the first Hall of Fame. Brought Articuno in place of whatever carried the HMs. (Says level 50 for Articuno. Never used it.)

Probably wanted to use some different Pokemon. (Chose Squirtle once again, though, so not that badly.) Used Pidgeot in Red originally. Went with Fearow in this one.

Has Xatu, Blastoise, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Arcanine, and Jolteon in the party currently. Leveled the first four of those more than the others (mid 60's versus mid 50's). Loaded them all up with attacking moves, to no surprise. Kept Confuse Ray on Xatu and Thunder Wave on Dragonite + Jolteon, though. Respected status, apparently.
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Only played Leaf Green once, a long time ago. And for some reason, it was my most forgotten team ever.

I mean, I do sometimes get confused with certain Pokémon I had in some of my past playthroughs, but Leaf Green is the only game where for some reason I can only remember one Pokémon from my team: Nidoqueen, and nothing else. No idea why, I remember most of the Kanto Pokémon I've had in other regions but not in (Gen 3) Kanto itself.


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Well I don't really remember my first Fire Red team since that first playthrough was a very long time ago, I'm also not even sure that I actually completed that playthrough at all but what I do know and remember for sure is that I had a Venusaur and a Fearow on the team and the rest of the team is forgotten.

However a couple of years later I replayed Fire Red and I know for sure that I completed the game this time around. This was my team for that playthrough:

I started making simple "Hall of Fame" collages of my teams (the ones I could still remember) a while ago and that now helps me to not forget them anymore like I did those earliest teams I had, and this seems like a perfect thread to use them to show my teams instead of just writing the list of six Pokemon. :)

Then a little more than a few years after that second Fire Red playthrough (or about 4 years ago from today) I was able to buy a Leaf Green as well to add it to my game collection and also play through it for the first time. This was my first Leaf Green team from about 4 years ago:
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These were the teams I used on my original playthrough of FireRed & LeafGreen in 2004.





These are the teams I used on my current playthrough of FireRed & LeafGreen






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Raichu, Venusaur, Vaporeon, Fearow, and Lapras are the holy grail team I think I remember! Vaporeon was always really good with its good movepool and bulky stats. <3
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Back in Gen 3, I was definitely still in an “I’ll just use my starter to blast through everyone” mindset.

Since the legendaries roamed in gen 2 I didn’t manage to catch them, and since they could straight up dodge your Pokéball in gen 1, I didn’t put in the time to catch those either.
So for Gen 3 I was probably excited to finally catch the birds.

So, Venusaur, the three legendary birds, probably Nidoqueen and then something for Surf lol.

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First time I played FR?


I've been playing Emerald first before FR so I knew baton pass bugs are lethal (shoutout Volbeat). Scyther passing into Rhydon felt so good.
I think my starter was Bulbasaur but I wanted a Psychic type... and in FR I was under the genuine assumption Slowbro was Water/Poison (idk what was going on with me but Gen 8 fixed that).
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253 Days FR I was under the genuine assumption Slowbro was Water/Poison (idk what was going on with me but Gen 8 fixed that).
To be fair, Slowpoke is exclusive to Leaf Green.

EDIT: Wait. How did you get a Slowbro in Fire Red?
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First time I beat LeafGreen (back in ~2010 lmao, I never completed it as a kid) I believe my party was:
  • Venusaur
  • Fearow
  • Primeape
  • Poliwrath
  • Jolteon
  • Ninetales

I also had a Raticate (named 'Rat Attack') for HMs. Dunno why I had two fighting types, but they're all chilling in HOME now
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I have a party of Raticate, Wigglytuff, Clefable, Snorlax, Kangaskhan, and Tauros in my FireRed playthrough right now, and I'm currently bringing it through the postgame. When I was a kid I never really had a full party, though.

I think this may actually be the first team of six I've brought to the FRLG Hall of Fame.
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The first time I beat LeafGreen, I used Venusaur, Pidgeot, Primeape, Sandslash, Jolteon and Starmie.
On my most recent playthrough of FRLG (which was also on LeafGreen), I used Venusaur, Primeape, Alakazam, Ninetales, Magneton and Kabutops.

Sort of interesting to see that I used Primeape both times, but I think that's just because there aren't many Pokémon available near the start of the game that I'd particularly want to use. I don't like using only my starter if I can help it, so I guess I thought Mankey was cool enough to use on both playthroughs.


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Ooooh let's see if I can remember... This is going back to 2005ish and I remember struggling for a LONG time at the elite 4 and being very excited when I did it that I called my friend on their landline phone to let them know I'd done it so we could finally trade between his Ruby and my Fire Red. We met up that same day and little did I know there was a bunch of postgame stuff I needed to do to get to that point! As for the team... let's see I think it was
- Nidoking
- Venusaur
- Electabuzz
- Pikachu
- Zapdos
- Ratticate (borrowed from my younger brother)

Though this question has inspired me to dig out my old GBA and check the save on the FR cartridge! It needs a bit of a charge first so I'll update when it's charged enough for me to check!


- Nidoking
- Electabuzz
- Dewgong
- Ratticate (borrowed)
- Dragonair
- Zapdos
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