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ice beam

the dream world
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are you one of those that blitz through the game as fast as possible, or do you take your time?
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Depends on how much time I have to play it or motivation If I'm in the mood then can clear it quite fast but if I'm not the can take quite while pokemon ultra moon took me about a year purely because I found it hard to get motivated to play it, I do usually have a couple of pokemon games going at the same time to switch it up every now and then


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Sinnoh (but actually Canada)
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Umm... I think maybe like 20-40 hours is the average time it takes me to get through the main games, usually over the course of a week or so, depending on how motivated I am.
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It can take me a few days to a couple weeks depending on how strong my Pokemon are, really. The longest it took me to beat a Pokemon game was maybe three weeks. This is not factoring in times when I stopped playing like I did with my first run in Pokemon Pearl which took me over a year since I stopped playing it before I beat it and only went back to it by chance.
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ice beam

the dream world
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for me personally, while it largely depends on the game in particular and how invested i am and the game's actual pacing, it could take me anywhere from a few days to a week to even a couple of months. it took me like ~5 or 6 months or so to beat USUM because life reasons and i eventually lost interest and then i regained that interest (at least, enough of it to finish the game).


New Horizons
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It all depends on how into the game I am. If I'm enjoying the story, it might take me a month or two to finish the game, since I try and drag it out a little bit so that I get the most out of the game. If I never really get into it though, I find I drop it for a while due to disinterest, and come back to it later on.

Or in the case of LGPE, I get 3 gyms in, and just kinda don't finish it, since it didn't seperate itself enough from the originals/first remakes for me to want to keep playing. Originally wanted to power through and finish it up before SwSh came out, but I'm about 110% sure that's not gonna happen.


of the Final Day

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Between 15 and 25 hours of playtime spread across two or three weeks, usually. I tend to take my time...I've not been as excited for Pokemon games in recent years, and I usually have something else I'm playing as well. They're more breaks between my game of choice now than they are the main thing I'm playing. Although LGPE I finished in about a week in just under 30 hours, because I didn't have anything else to do at the time and they were pretty fast games. Much of that time was spent completing my dex.

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The longest it took me was three hundred and seventy two hours, excluding the post game. It was Pokemon Pearl. I had no clue, I was so inspired by the anime, that I did not know that I had to use Waterfall at the victory road's entrance. I thought the more I battle wild Pokemon, the invisible judges would send me to the "Palace" I saw through the telescope. Yeah.

Now, it takes me not more than 25 hours to beat a game.

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In recent years, I’ve prolonged the main game for as long as possible. It usually takes 100-200 hours before I beat the E4, as I tend to get sidetracked breeding, training up teams, etc. before I beat the main game. I think the longest time to first round E4 completion was 323 hours for LeafGreen.

In terms of days/weeks/months, Diamond was one of the fastest, and I think that was three months or so (I got really caught up in online trading to the point that I didn’t finish the rest of the game for a while, though). Red might have been faster, but I don’t remember. Gold took about five months, but I actually got stuck on puzzles back then. X might have been faster, but I don’t remember (I would have to check the dates of when I caught the legendaries and such). Some games have taken years, but that’s mainly because I intentionally avoid beating them because historically, I haven’t liked the feeling of things being over. (That applies to other games too, though; I finally got all 120 stars in Super Mario 64 a couple of weeks ago, after owning the game for over twenty years.)

Challenge runs tend to be a lot faster, probably more along the lines of 20-30 hours over a month or two. Occasionally I’ll blast through them in a few days, but lately, these mostly consist of playing older games on my 3DS to help me fall asleep, so I don’t put in that much time per day.

I’m debating speeding things up this time, though. It occurred to me that I have less time for gaming than I did as a kid, and more disposable income for buying games, so there’s no reason to force myself to avoid beating a gym leader because I already beat one this week and I need to make the game last longer. But it’s been years since I just blasted through the game, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to adjust back or not.
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1.5 day usually for the main and post game.
I love flying through everything.
I leave trading/ Pokedex completing/ breeding etc. all for post game.
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I don't have the numbers but I'm such a Slowpoke, I like to see everything and speak to everyone. The only time I've rushed in a video game was because the final dungeon was really dragging things longer than necessary.


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I'm inbetween! I love exploring areas and unlocking whatever I can, but at the same time it's always incredibly fun going through the story and seeing all the new areas. So I try not to blaze through the game too fast, but usually do so (while still doing a lot of exploring) since it's addicting and I play all day.

Been taking longer for SwSh though! Still a little bit past the first gym.


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I can get to the League in about 20 hours for the older games and 25 hours for the newer games. Postgame can usually add on about 10 more hours to the total play time for Gen IV - V, and only about 5 or so for the newer games.
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A week. That's just for the championship, but if I want everything done properly, it usually takes me a couple of months. That's if I spend up to two hours on it gradually over those months.


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You know, I honestly don't remember. I tend to take my time and try to enjoy the game and not gobble it up without chewing. The last one I "finished" was Moon on the emulator at least six months ago, which took a long time of sporadic playing, and I haven't gotten around to the postgame yet (been generally busy).

I never really think of finishing a Pokémon game. For me, it's just that you're past the story and at your leisure to go about doing whatever you want, whenever and however you get inspired. In Black I liked breeding Egg moves for a time.
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