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Started by VisionofMilotic April 28th, 2021 11:42 AM
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Your thoughts on Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire?

How did you like it? Any high points you'd care to mention, or low?

If you played the original gen 3 titles then how, in your opinion, do the remakes measure up? Is ORAS the definitive Hoenn experience, does it pale in comparison to say Emerald? Inquiring Milotics want to know.
Here's what I think of it ^_^

I personally am in love with Oras, which probably doesn't shock anyone. I think it captures the pastoral, intimate quality of the Hoenn region, give or take an instance or two-- Mauville city being an anamoly that seems more like Castelia or Lumiose city than the place it was intended to be, but generally I thought the games were attentive to recreating the experience of being back in Hoenn. Sometimes it may have been overly strict by removing some convenient features that a lot of us would be accustomed to by gen 6, like having the pokemart and pokémon center be one multiplex building, and trainer customisation, but in doing this it does at least contribute to maintaining a certain aesthetic of gen 3.

It had like 8 or 9 out of 10 of the features of Hoenn that I personally find memorable like the trick house, the glass workshop, contests, secret bases. I was a bit crestfallen about the Game Corner being shut down though, and don't see why they could not have at least given us another Voltorb Flip-like game as a compromise like they did in Heart Gold Soul Silver. I think the battle tents and the frontier should have come back too. Even though it was technically remaking Ruby and Sapphire, they could have still put it all in the remakes if they wanted, just as HGSS included content that was introduced specifically in Crystal, and not just from Gold and Silver.

Overall though, I still adored this game. It felt really nostalgic for me, yet at the same time managed to work the major XY mechanical changes of mega evolution into the story in a really interesting way in my opinion, and greatly expanded on the existing lore for the region around the weather trio that I always foud interesting. I also have always liked Hoenn characters, and I think ORAS adds some meaningful new dialogue, scenes and situations that flesh out the cast of characters much more, especially Steven Stone.

I think Emerald has a stronger main story than ORAS, and I think it's a more challenging game to play with the level curb, no broken exp share mechanics, trainer hill, the battle frontier and the final boss fight in meteor falls. Even just catching Pokemon requires more effort, the particular way you acquire and evolve Feebas and Milotic, lati twins being roamers, and still having a safari zone where the Pokemon have to be caught in safari balls and can run away. And I think all of this is good. Yet I really like what they did with the delta episode as a post game story in ORAS. I think what Oras may have lost in some of the available features and difficulty level in the post game, they made up for in my eyes by not just having an end game with things to do, but weaving it all together into a dramatic narrative, and I welcomed that as a pleasant change. Also liked being able to go soaring to mirage spots post game looking for legendaries and playing with the dexnav to shiny hunt and find pokémon outside the regional Dex, and hidden ability Pokemon, and have probably spent more hours in Omega Ruby than any of my other core series games.

I go back and forth on which Hoenn I prefer, because there are things that I like about both. But maybe I like Oras a wee bit more.

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I have a heavy fondness for ORAS. Transitioning from being a kid to a teenager, we couldn't afford many games. So I completely missed out on Gen 4 and 5. ORAS released when I was 14, things were getting better for us and I was able to receive it as a Christmas present. It was one of the most fond memories I had ever had with a video game, the atmosphere felt unmatched and I was filled with joy for the entire game.

I do take some issue with the difficulty. I understand Pokemon games aren't meant to be difficult, but there's a fine line between being easy and being completely mind numbing. I would rather play Emerald for the sole reason that it will at-least require me to think at some points. I don't even have to switch into a type advantage in ORAS because I'm so vastly high leveled. When I can completely ignore a core mechanic and still destroy every opponent, there is an issue. I've taken the EXP share off and played on Set, the only challenging fight was Steven on the rematch.

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ORAS was my favourite game when it came to competitive play. My memory might be a bit foggy, but the fact that we had two day cares, especially the one in the post game battle facility area was really helpful.
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I like oras, but at the same time it's not what I had hoped. I like everything getting a fresh revamped look, I enjoyed the access to so many megas, flying with Latias/Latios was okay, Mauville City and Sea Mauville changes were for the better, and secret bases were a bit more fun this time around.

A minor thing that has irked me were the redesigns for Brendan/May and team aqua/magma. They just seemed unnecessary and for me personally they were worse than the originals. They added points in the game where you're stopped and cannot go further until completing whatever task. For example you have to defeat Winona in oras to even get to Lilycove. It also bothered me this game came right after x/y where we finally got the ability to customize our character and they just didn't bother to add it in this game. I thought the whole Delta episode and Zinnia was really cringe worthy. It's like they felt they had to explain or justify why things are different in oras compared to rse??? It's Pokemon... it's not that deep. Lastly, not adding in the battle frontier, when at the time so many people were excited for it was just so disappointing. I think even worse than not having it was replacing it with the battle maison. Personally I found the battle maison boring in xy to begin with never mind just copy/pasting it over into another game. I don't think it even suits Hoenn as the battle chatelaines are designed to be aristocrats in Europe.

So on one hand yes I like oras and I found it to be enjoyable, but I feel it fails to deliver what I was really hoping to get out of a remake and wastes time and energy on things I don't care about.


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personally, i haven't played them, it was my "i m tired of pokèmon, i m outta it" moment lol, but i have seen some of the gameplay. tbh i ve played original emerald and i think that as a third game it offers a different and better story, so in my opinion there should have been more emerald in ORAS but delta episode was overall appreciated, i guess. it's not a game I personally feel " I must play", i would have way more enjoyed a pokemon emerald remake. anyway, if let's go series is inspired by pokemon yellow, then i guess there could be a let's go hoenn game based on emerald. i hope, at least!


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I love ORAS. Probably my favourite 3DS titles, because of how it took RS and made them into modern-ish games. It got HGSS treatment and it was awesome. Sadly, it was released at the start of GF fall. The games have longer and worse story, chibi characters are just as awful as in XY and some of the changes don't make a sense, like Battle Frontier. I remember I had a hard time finishing it for a first time, because it was basically just "press A, but everything takes a long time now and isn't as interesting as in RS", but once I did get past the story, I found myself in the great post-game. I love Battle Maison, soaring, Mirage Spots and everything they have too offer. This was also the first time I got deep in competitive gaming, which also add few hundreds of hours into my total playtime.

Now, I like to replay original RS, because I can do it on my computer with speed up function and don't have to suffer through some of the cutscenes and dialogues, but I'll always return to ORAS from time to time, because modern Hoenn has its own magic.


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i really like them. i wish i had more free time when they were new because i think i could have gotten more enjoyment out of them though bc there's so much content. i replaying OR last year and really had a great time. i guess my only complaint is that they run on the easy side, especially compared to the originals, but they have enough unique features and charms that they're fun on their own. really love the dexnav, i could play with that all day aha.
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Loved them. I know there were complaints, especially in regards to the Battle Tower, but I had a lot of fun playing anyway and made sure to try out every single piece of content. Loved contests, super-secret bases, shiny hunting/DexNav, training, exploring... was such a joy to me. RSE was my most-replayed gen though so I'm probably biased. But I loved this remake.

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seeing hoenn in 3DS graphics was a pleasure. especially that eon flute, so much of my play time was me just looking around up there in the sky >.<

in comparison to the original titles, I would say the remakes did a good job, actually. I felt nostalgic all throughout. Of course, new mechanics & graphics obviously added some new feel so there's something. Its very good remakes, that's what I can say. If I could find time, I would replay it again.
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Honestly they'll never have the charm of Emerald for me. But I do like them.

My biggest annoyance was that their one big chance to add a large chunk of new and cool content, the Delta Episode, ended up mostly being a back and forth fetch quest between areas you'd already been to. Fighting Deoxys at the end was cool, but it could have been much more of an expansion, e.g. adding Sevii Islands in FRLG.


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Overall I enjoyed the remakes. I have a lot of nostalgia for the originals and as such trying to surpass them is too difficult of a task to accomplish anyway. The games did include a lot of stuff to make the games different enough, soaring, the primals and the delta episode, etc. which I really appreciated. I also got to actually make use of the Secret Bases which I couldn't in the originals due to lack of internet mechanics back then.

I still have some gripes with them, however. There's the usual "3D model animations are boring" which they still didn't fix and probably won't ever. The most annoying thing for me was the lack of character customization. Strangely, it's not necessarily the feature itself, but rather a consequence of its absence: everyone online looking like identical clones.

It's like they just copied the online interface from XY but forgot that character customization was necessary for it.
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