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Laverre City
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I will be making it a point to use every new Pokemon that is released, but Wooloo and Impidimp are a definite yes.

erik destler

and I - oop!

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the only two i'm pretty 100% on are sobble and yamper :fufu: beyond that, i guess we'll see who else is revealed. i like all of the new pokémon revealed thus far, i just don't necessarily see myself using them all.

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the princess without voice

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My mind is set on using Grookey if it has a decent final evo. Definitely see myself using Corviknight if its stats are decent. And Yamper cause its too cute to say no to.
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Pokemon Princess

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So far - besides the starters - I'll definitely have a Yamper on my team. I plan to catch a Wooloo but I'm not sure it'll stay on my main team till the end~
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