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As summer draws to a close and ushers in the cool breezes of autumn, our heroes venture forth onto the next step on their journey: the gloomy, mysterious, overgrown forest, known only as the Glimwood Tangle. This enormous woodland stretches between the mountains of Eastern Galar and the isolated town of Ballonlea, and is home to endless kind of plant and Pokemon life, ranging from gigantic trees as old as the mountains themselves, to swarms of mischievous fairy-types ready to play a trick on travelers.

Most notably, the forest is covered in massive, glowing mushrooms, giving the paths an air of mystery and beauty that brings adventurous hikers from all over the world to it. It is also the setting for the local Halloween festival! This little festive fair is a Stow-on-Side and Ballonlea tradition, and locals from both towns come together to celebrate harmony among spirits and the living, with fun activities for children and adults alike.

Yet among the beautiful trees and festive air, darkness lurks as well… travelers have been advised to watch out for red shadow Pokemon attacks on this route, and traveling at night is strongly discouraged. Will our heroes make their way safely through the tangle and reach the next stage of their challenge?


Pokémon Available to those on Mission 1:

Pokémon Available to those on Mission 2:

Pokémon Available to those on Mission 3:


The Glimwood Tangle is home to some of the rarest species of mushroom, not just in Galar, but in the entire world. Naturally, many mushroom-based species of Pokemon have sprung up in the forest as a result, many of which draw nutrition from the enormous fungi in the area. A little bait might even get one of these critters to come out...
Reward: Balm Mushroom or Large Mushroom

[CATCH CHANCE] Mission 2:
Help! This little tree-like Pokemon is not in its right element. After taking a tumble down from the rocky cliffs of Stow-on-side, it found itself stranded in a giant, unfamiliar forest… And every Pokemon it asks for help thinks it’s a phantump! Give this little stranded pseudo-sapling a helping hand.
Reward: Miracle Seed

[CATCH CHANCE] Mission 3:
One little-known fact about the Glimwood Tangle is that it is home to one of the rarer species in Galar: the Grookey line. Often living with Passimians and Orangurus, these little mischievous monkeys love to play tricks on travelers just like the fairy-types, and it seems they've gone into a bit of a 'prank war' by trying to out-trick the fairies - all at the expense of poor traveling trainers. Perhaps you can deal with this little debacle.
Reward: Big Root

Mission 4:
The ghost-types around this part of the forest seem to be particularly agitated. They’re howling and swarming erratically around a peculiar dead tree, but it doesn’t look like there’s anything particularly different about it. Perhaps you should take a closer look?
Reward: Reaper Cloth

Mission 5:
It is said that deep, deep in the dark forest, where the foliage is so thick that light never penetrates through, a certain species of Pokemon lives… Barely researched due to their stealthiness, mobility and aggression towards any trespassers, these groups are so exceedingly rare that some scientific communities have deemed them extinct: the Pokemon Zarude. (Well that’s a relief, it means the dark woods should be safe then… right…?)
Reward: Zarude Pokedex Entry + Tutor move Grassy Glide OR Lash Out

[MULTI] Mission 6:
Spooks galore! The Glimwood Halloween Fair is organizing a costume competition, and offering rewards for several categories - and here’s the catch: judges aren’t just people, but also ghost-types! These Pokemon are experts on spooks, so be sure to satisfy them. The categories are:
Best Trainer Costume (solo)
Best Pokemon Costume (solo)
Best Couples Costumes
Best Trainer-Pokemon Costumes
Reward: Pokémon Egg + Will-o-wisp

Mission 7:
Cases of disappearances have been occurring recently in the forest, from Pokemon, to even children who played around there. What could possibly be the cause of all this, and why? Where are all the victims located? Someone needs to solve this mystery…
Reward: TR Nightmare

Mission 8:
"GET OUT… GO AWAY…" Echoes of a haunting, eerie voice have been reported in the forest as of late. Many people don’t dare venture too deep into the woods now, because of the rumored hauntings… of a real ghost. Is this ghost really true? Or is there an explanation for it? Another haunted mystery is afoot, needing to be solved.
Reward: Dusk Stone

Mission 9:
There’s rumors that a lone, abandoned hut had been found within the forest, and within that, psychic-type Pokemon have been seen, playing among each other, dancing the night away. But, with this rumor comes poachers and hunters, ready to bag these carefree Pokemon for themselves. They need a hand!
Reward: Twistedspoon


[OPEN] ★ Mission B1:
There have been recent reports of red shadow Pokemon rampaging through the Glimwood Tangle, with both wild Pokemon and travelers being subject to these random attacks. The ranger organization still has still little information about how these Pokemon are cropping up in both wild and populated areas, but is advising all trainers on the path to remain in well-lit areas and avoid going too deep into the forest, where the red shadow Pokemon are most active. They seem to be even more aggressive and powerful than those in the wild area...
Reward: Wishing piece

[OPEN] ★ Mission B2:
While traveling through the forest, you hear the sound of people and the hum of machinery in the distance. A machine, this deep into the forest? Curious, you approach the area carefully, and find a group of the notorious Black Suits, armed with Dark Balls and strange, chainsaw-like devices. They do not seem to be hunting Pokemon this time, however... as you take a closer look you notice they are harvesting the giant mushrooms you've seen everywhere- with little care for the trees around them or the small Pokemon living inside. Stop these people from endangering the forest!
Reward: Max Mushrooms

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