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Have you? What game was it?


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I have and it was my first Pokémon to level 100 and it was Jolteon in Yellow.
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Sadly I haven't gotten a Crobat past the Lv. 70s yet... one of these days
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My entire playthrough team will reach level 100 before I stop playing in the newer games.
My Shield team was Rillaboom, Coalossal, Thievul, Hatterene, Drednaw, Toxtricity. All level 100.
I think my earliest might've been in Emerald, but not sure anymore.

As for my fav pokemon.... not yet. I have a Glaceon on my Sword team who will one day be 100 whenever I decide to continue that again rofl

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Yes. Leveled Espeon to 100 in Sword. Trained it for one of the community raid days. (Had Switch Online for Animal Crossing then.) Themed one of the days around eeveelutions. Stuffed it full of EXP Candies, most likely. Prepared it in under a week. Leaves too little time for Poke Jobs to accomplish anything besides EVs.

Possibly happened in Gold or Crystal too. Remembers too little about those teams, though. Bumped up at least one Pokemon to 100.
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Yep! Raised a Wartortle to lv100 in X or AlphaSapphire (leaning toward X, but I can't remember for sure) and SoulSilver, Dunsparce in HeartGold and VC Gold, and Leafeon in X and Ultra Sun (maybe Platinum too).

Looking at my top 25 faves, it looks like Sandshrew, Raikou, and Latios are the only ones I can't remember raising to lv100. Should change soon-ish with Sandshrew, having found a Shiny one last year (I've been trying to find a Shiny Trapinch before I finish training it). Very possible I had a lv100 Raikou and/or Latios at some point and just forgot.

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Sylveon? Yup! In every game it’s available in! Tho I admit I’ve moved my already lv.100 shiny Sylveon around from gen to gen haha.

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Back in the days of Gen 2 and Gen 3 (so… 20 years ago or so 😰), I used to blast through the game with my starter. After finishing the main story, I’d take on whatever postgame there was, explore the region and just repeatedly take on the League. So my starters would always end up at level 100 - coincidentally my favourite Pokémon of gens 1/2/3, Venusaur, Typhlosion and Swampert.

I think my team-making balanced out a lot more for gens 4 and 5, so I’m not sure I’ve ever had a level 100 Pokémon in those games. But with the ease of access to Lucky Eggs and the party-EXP-share of Gen 6 onwards, I now have a load of level 100s.

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I transferred a Mewtwo from Fire Red into Ruby and trained it up to level 100 on the Elite Four. It's probably in some game cartridge depending on how far I transferred it forward. Can't actually remember tbh
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