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Let’s say these games weren’t about Pikachu or Eevee at all.

What Pokémon would you think you’d like to choose as your partner during this adventure? Why?



Seen June 9th, 2019
Posted June 9th, 2019
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Alolan Vulpix. Would be a change from the Fire/Water/Grass start and would be perfect against Brock(x2) and be able to fight Misty after considerable training to learn Dazzling Gleam or import one with Freeze Dry ^_^. It’s Kanto variant would be my pick if Alolan variant is off limits. Honorable mention to Sandshrew and it’s Alolan variant(Alolan Sandshrew would be a strong pick too).


I say a lot of words

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Kanto-only: Eevee worked out pretty well for me, but I'd like to have a Ditto ride on my shoulder. c: All happy and blobby and cute. (Then you throw it into battle, and it turns into anything the Pokemon world has to offer and rains 5 Power Points of death upon its foes! >:D)

If we can choose from all Pokemon...Oh man, definitely Oshawott!!


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Pikachu if we're talking just Kanto Pokemon :3c

As for all Pokemon .... I wanna say Furret but I don't think I can have a Furret on my shoulders. So I'll probably go with Totodile or Fletchling!


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Poliwag for Kanto-only.

Phantump or Golett for all Pokémon. I feel like Ghost-types don't get enough credit in the anime.
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Kanto: Hmmm, despite Psyduck or Vulpix not being in my main cast of characters via my comic (which I hope to get back to...EVENTUALLY) I'd choose one of them idk, I can just see it!

Another gen: CYNDAQUIL! xD
Once you give a Pokemon a personality, you can't go back depending on the severity and purpose of it. It's no longer just a "pixel" in your box.


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If Kanto only, I'd say probably either Vulpix. Kantonian or Alolan, Both are pretty fair game.

If I have access to any Pokemon, I'd say Fennekin, though I would definitely use Delphox if not limited to just the Basic evo stage.
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