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Which kinds of temporary transformations of Pokémon do you like the best?

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What's happening if you guys? Say, I'm just asking you a question: Which kinds of temporary transformations of Pokémon you think is your favorite? Can these be…?:
  1. Mega Evolution
  2. Primal Reversion
  3. Bond Phenomenon
  4. Ultra Burst
  5. Dynamax
  6. Gigantamax
  7. Megamax (Mega Evolution + Dynamax or Gigantamax)
  8. Primax (Primal Reversion + Dynamax or Gigantamax)
  9. Bond Phenomax (Bond Phenomenon + Dynamax or Gigantamax)
  10. Ultramax (Ultra Burst + Dynamax or Gigantamax)
  11. Other New Idea(s)
  12. None Applicable
  13. Dunno
What do you think? Please let me know, thanks. ;)

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Probably not a popular opinion but, I do not really fancy any of them. Though I enjoy Digimon and other similar transformations involving fictional creatures, I presume that I just prefer things more simple in this franchise.

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This is fine.

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This question isn't really specific to SwSh given it's talking about a lot of options across different generations... and as Bond Phenomenon debuted in the anime, going to move this to Pokemon General.

As for the question, I like the concept of Mega Evolution, just maybe not the execution or the diversity in which Pokemon got it or not. Primal evolution is pretty darn similar to it in concept, more like a subset of it I suppose...


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Mega evolution gave us Mega Sceptile and Mega Audino, and for that I am forever grateful. I could do without Dynamaxing and all other gimmicks, though.

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I don't think the idea of Mega Evolutions is a bad one- I just think it could've been executed better in a different way (available for more Pokemon, more subtle changes in Pokemon, not changing typing just because, etc.). I do like that it gave some single state Pokemon different forms though.


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Mega evolution! I used to think it was super silly but grew attached to it a little later, especially when compared to dynamax which I don't like at all. :( Plus megas introduced lots of cuties<3
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I’m not a big fan of any of the alterations really, I just find the whole thing gimmicky and a little lame tbh. But, if I had to pick, I’d choose mega evolution because it contributed the most creatively to the Pokémon. We got to see some truly stellar designs out of that and I wish they’d become permanent evolutions!


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Of all of the options, Primal Reversion, because Primal Kyogre and Groudon look pretty cool. Most of them just make me think of Digimon, only significantly less creative design-wise. That it's a very limited pool of Pokemon that have access to these form changes makes it even worse, too. It's always the depressingly popular Pokemon and one or two outliers that seem to have been picked just because that get the changes; honestly I feel like every Pokemon should have at least one mode change option for it to be something that feels like a significant game mechanic, rather than just a crappy gimmick they threw in because they felt like they had to.


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Primal Reversion was an interesting one. I liked how Pokemon reverted to their primal states. But, I wish more Pokemon other than the two Hoenn legionaries had gotten it. Imagine if Kabuto and Omastar for example, could revert to their primal states when they were still alive (and not restored via a fossil), it'd be awesome.
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I'll be honest, I wish they would stop this trend, I think the gimmicks are getting a bit old and aren't really neccessary for the series, but at this point it's probably too late. Anyway, I really liked mega evolution, gave some really cool abilities, typings, moves and (most importantly) designs! All the others I wasn't a fan of though :)


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megas were cool, and dyanamax is okay. i think some gigantamax designs are actually pretty neat, and the mechanic itself is pretty interesting to put offensive pressure on an opponent, but... i don't really feel that they're as cool as megas, imo.