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Orion Archambeaux

Crimson Mirelands
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Construction Corps

Old Memories, New Friends

“Ah, douce sérénité.”

The words slipped from Orion’s velvety lips as the man ascended a grassy hill which overlooked Crimson Mirelands. A cluster of Combee fluttered about a deciduous tree in the distance, whilst a Buizel absentmindedly swam about in the expansive marsh which lay beyond. Such a picturesque view was enthralling. It was as if the land itself was inviting him to explore and uncover its abundant natural treasures.

Orion’s purpose for being in such a place was to gather new resources to be utilized for construction, as well as fresh ideas regarding design. He drew inspiration from a plethora of different places, from the ornate gothic cathedrals in which were scattered about his home region of Kalos, to the tiered pagodas which were a staple of Kantonian and Johtonian architecture, and he even looked to the techniques in which those indigenous to Sinnoh employed to developed property, for they knew the land better than anyone else. His desire was to build homes which were innovative and indestructible simultaneously, and he hypothesized that examining various ecosystems was the perfect way to gain new methods of assembling better, sturdier structures, as unfamiliar environments offered much to learn.

“Oui très beau. Now, how much further?”

Accompanying him was none other than Orion’s younger brother, Leo, a young man of twenty who was quite the firecracker, though an excellent worker nonetheless. Kahil had come along for the ride as well and had alternated between resting atop Orion’s shoulders, clamping down on his arm, and trotting alongside him over the course of their journey.

Orion’s lips curved upwards and he slung his arm around his brother’s shoulders. “Don’t tell me you’re already tired, Le. We’ve got a ways to go yet.”

Leo crossed his arms, clearly dissatisfied at his brother’s reply. “It seems like nothing but marsh. You gonna collect swamp water or something?”

Orion chuckled at this, before rubbing his knuckle against his brother’s hair whilst concurrently swinging his forearm over Leo’s neck, placing the younger man in a chokehold. “Great idea. How ‘bout I toss you in, and you get us the swamp water?” Leo wheezed and spluttered, though was unable to escape, Orion’s muscular frame and iron grip proved to be a deadly combination. Much to Leo’s elation, Orion released the man from his grasp, another laugh escaping his lips. Teasing Leo was something instinctual, he did so thoughtlessly, as if the universe itself was guiding him to do so. T’was the role of the elder brother.

Kahil in the meantime, had taken upon himself to sprint down the hill, but had ended up with tangled feet and tumbled the rest of the way down, collapsing in a murky puddle below. Orion slid down and Leo followed, guffaws filling the space between them.

“You alright, buddy?”

The Gible re-oriented himself, hopping out of the puddle and subsequently splashing the two men before him, before hopping up and chomping down on Orion’s forearm.

“Seems fine to me.” Leo commented, a toothy grin plastered to his face.

“‘Course he is. Kahil’s a tough little guy. Isn’t that right?” The dual-type pokemon kicked his feet about, indicating that he agreed with Orion’s statement. Kahil then returned himself to the ground, where he began to play about the marsh, kicking up mud and water, disturbing an assemblage of Lotad who idly floated nearby.

Orion grabbed at the hem of his cotton shirt, slipping it over his shoulders before tossing the article of clothing in the grass. He then splashed his Pokémon, chuckling earnestly as Kahil gawked at him in utter surprise.

“Oi, what happened to examining the area?” Leo asked, folding his arms over his chest whilst cocking a brow at his older brother, mildly amused by the man’s playful antics.

“Lighten up, will you?” Orion responded with a laugh, as Kahil proceeded to pelt him with muddy water. “Don’t be such a stick in the mud.”

Leo, seeing an opportunity for revenge, positioned himself directly behind Orion as he turned his back to splash at Kahil once more. With a sinister smirk painted upon his dark features, Leo roughly shoved Orion and the elder man toppled over, plummeting face first in the mud.

As Orion gradually collected himself, Leo nearly doubled over from laughter. “Think you got a little something on your face, frère!!”

“Oh, yeah? Is that right?” Orion grumbled, as Kahil continued to carelessly splatter dirty water upon the man. This only made Leo guffaw more cacophonously.

Orion regained an upright position, nearly slipping in the process, before charging at Leo, knocking him off balance as the two tumbled into the mud. At this point, the brothers were full on wrestling, with Orion utilizing his brute strength to his advantage, easily overwhelming his younger sibling.

It all felt as if it were a memory being relieved, the two boys pinning each other in the mud, whilst their siblings joined in on the brawl. Their papa would watch from the porch, hiding his internal amusement with a tight-lipped frown. Eventually maman would burst out of the house, waving a handkerchief in an animated fashion, scolding her children for their heedlessness and her husband for failing to interfere and prevent such a commotion from occurring in the first place. She’d march them in the river and ensure they all clean themselves thoroughly, so as not to trek as much of a speck of dirt in their house. After all of that, they’d return home to a hearty dinner.

The kerfuffle did indeed draw attention, unbeknownst to the siblings who were too preoccupied with trying to murder one anothrr. A lone Turtwig watched cautiously from atop the hill, munching on a Pecha berry.

“Give up, Ori.” Leo had pinned his brother, though the architect was not ready to accept defeat. “Like hell I will.” He grasped at the mud, grabbing a handful before hurling it at Leo’s face. Capitalizing on the man’s recoil, Orion pulled Leo into a chokehold, nearly crushing his esophagus with the force of his bicep. After a brief struggle, Leo vigorously tapped at his brother’s forearm. “Fine, fine, you win.” Orion freed Leo, who groaned as he slumped down in the mud, whilst Orion raised his arms triumphantly. “See that, Kahil? Now, that’s how you win a fight!!”

The Archbeaux brothers cleaned themselves up at a nearby lake, before continuing on with what they set out to do, gathering resources. However, the two were followed, by none other than Turtwig, who had taken quite an interest in the group. He trailed them, remaining in the cover of the brush and at a relative distance, not wanting his presence to be known.

Orion was examining some clay when the rustling of shrubs captured his attention, and the man cocked his head in the approximate direction wherein the sound originated. He glanced at Leo momentarily, who had distracted himself with comparing the wood of several different tree species to assess their durability. Orion turned his attention back towards the bushes before spotting what appeared to be Turtwig. The pokemon hadn’t quite yet realized his mistake, as Orion extracted a ripe Payapa Berry from a pouch that he utilized as a means of food transportation. He slowly approached the brush, crouching down meters away from where Turtwig concealed himself, outstretching an arm, berry in hand.

“Come on out. I won’t hurt you.” The Turtwig became cognizant that Orion was aware of his presence and at the sound of the man’s smooth voice, retreated further into the cover of vegetation. Kahil materialized at his Orion side, earning a gentle headpat from the construction corps affiliate. “Don’t make any sudden movements, Kahil, we don’t want to startle it.” Whether or not Kahil had any understanding of human language, the Gible seemed to embody Orion’s calmness and seamlessly followed instruction, seating himself in the grass.

Eventually, curiosity seemed to envelope the Turtwig and that, paired with the fragrant aroma of the Payapa Berry, drew the grass-type from his shelter. He gradually approached Orion, before munching on the succulent fruit from the palm of the dark-skinned man’s hand. As the pokemon ate, Orion hesitated slightly, before bringing his hand to gently stroke the pokemon’s back, attempting to earn its trust. Leo observed from afar, never failing to be surprised at Orion’s gentleness with pokemon.

After he had finished eating, the Turtwig scampered away again, remaining in the bushes and at close distance. Orion returned to his work, catching sight of Turtwig poking his head out of the brush from time to time. At one point, Kahil had coaxed the Turtwig into playing a game of chase with him, something which made Orion smile.

As evening was fast approaching, Orion and Leo were satisfied with their work and had gathered the necessary resources and had begun to head back to camp. Turtwig, once more, followed them, though was considerably less stealthy in doing so.

Orion turned briskly to face the grass-type, his quickness nearly startling the creature. “Would you like to come with us?”

The Turtwig tilted his head at the question, as if contemplating it. He then approached Orion, nipping at his pant-leg and drawing a chuckle from the man. “Alright, then. Why don’t you ride on Leo’s shoulders? We’ll take you back to camp.”

Zyir the Turtwig
Razor Leaf / Withdraw / Bite / Synthesis / Curse / Superpower

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The Other Promise

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Morgan Hokori
Survey Corps
Location: Jubilife Village | Galaxy Hall

Life was bustling in Jubilife Village. Everyone was busy in their daily lives, with the shops selling their merchandise to the locals, the farmers tending to the soil, even the local kids going off on one of their playful adventures. This was a fairly new village, so it is still small & developing. The organization established, the Galaxy Expedition Team, work tirelessly to ensure the safety of its citizens, as well as learning about the region & its wildlife. Many fear the power Pokémon wield, & the Galaxy Team give everything they can to better understand them, in hopes of bringing humans & Pokémon closer together for a brighter future. In the halls of HQ the Galaxy Team established, one member was looking through the request board to see what missions were available.

"Is this really all that's troubling them?" the man named Morgan spoke his mind. He was going through the list of requests out of boredom, but looking through it, he wondered if this village was even capable. He may still be new around these parts, considering he's not from this region, but even he can handle himself. Just how reliable is this organization anyway? He hasn't seen much action since he joined the Survey Corps. Nothing on the request board piqued his interest lately.

"If it's excitement you're looking for, you could always go out into the field & research the wildlife." A voice reached Morgan's ears as he turned towards the sound. Professor Laventon came into the lab, overhearing Morgan's dilemma. "The Galaxy Team is always looking for new info on Pokémon." It was something, but it didn't peak Morgan's interests much.

"If you're talking about catching Pokémon with one of those contraptions, I'll pass," he explained with disdain. He turned towards the Professor with his usual scowl, which always catches Laventon off guard. "I'm still not sold on trapping Pokémon in small balls. It doesn't sit right with me." Laventon gave him a reassuring smile, aware that not everyone is used to the new Pokéballs they've invented.

"Sure, not everyone's too keen on Pokémon. That's what these Pokéballs are for!" he exclaims, taking out a Pokéball to show to Morgan. "With these Pokéballs, it will help us better understand & get closer to Pokémon, to unite us & live together in pea-"

"Yeah, no need for an explanation Cottonball, I got it." Morgan interrupted him abruptly, calling him by a nickname Morgan always calls him by. Laventon rubs the back of his head recovering from Morgan's comment.

"Right, well, you are in the Survey Corps from what I'm aware... All I'm saying is, you got to help the team if you plan on staying." Morgan sighs, fully aware of the consequences if he doesn't help out.

"...Not like I got anywhere else to go. I just need time to adjust before I decide on anything." Morgan crossed his arms, getting tired of this, he wouldn't say conversation, more like lecture. "I'll be at the beach." He decides to end the conversation there & proceed out the building. Laventon stepped aside to let him through, though still wondering if he'll be alright as he is.

Walking out the main entrance, Morgan comes down the steps & calls out his Poochyena, who has been napping by the steps while waiting for his partner. The guard stationed by the entrance was breaking sweats standing near Poochyena, unsure what he was going to do. Morgan payed him no mind & runs off with Poochyena tailing behind. Heading south, they pass by the locals, who were frightened by Morgan & his Pokémon just by staring at them. They didn't care much for his loud attitude, even more of his Pokémon in general. It's not like Poochyena is causing trouble. He mostly takes naps around the village. You'd think they would've gotten used to it by now. Probably Morgan's fault. He did call them out a few times for giving him stares. He was not nice about it. He got over it, deciding he was better off not caring what they thought of him. It's not like he's going out of a limb for them either. All he cares about is getting to explore the region beyond. The Survey Corps was just about the only Corps out of all the others that let him explore outdoors. Better than being stuck in one place.

He passes the south gate passing a glance at the guards stationed, sprinting onwards to the open fields. It was outdoorsy in Morgan's eyes. He uses it as his training grounds with Poochyena whenever he has the spare time. Sure, they have one in the village, but at least this one's away from prying eyes. Anyway, his destination was further beyond as he & Poochyena take a right turn towards Prelude Beach. The beach was always Morgan's go to place whenever he wanted to do some thinking. It's quiet enough that he can be alone with his thoughts. They soon arrive, stopping by the rock planted close to the shore. He takes a moment to listen to the splashing water, climbing up the rock to sit & think. His Poochyena takes the opportunity to resume his earlier nap, settling besides the rock as sleeps overtakes him. On that beach was a boy & his Pokémon, with nothing & no one to disturb them. It's always nice to know there's always somewhere he can rest his mind.

"Hard to believe it's only been a week since I arrived... The place isn't much, but at least I don't have to worry about sleep, so I'll take what I can get." Morgan breathes deeply, exhaling slowly as he clutches his red scarf tightly. "Wonder how I'll be able to live on my own..." His eyes unhinged, staring deeply at the shoreline, his thoughts occupy him, the crashing waves being the only sound heard.


Leafeon time~

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Evelyn Laurent
17 - she/her - Security Corps
SHAULA - ♀ - Speed Boost
Poison Sting, Defense Curl, Rollout, Screech, Twineedle, Bug Bite

🧭 - Jubilife Farmland
“Oh for the love of… how many of them do you still have!?”

Evelyn and Shaula look with eyes ablaze at the wild Munchlax in front of them munching yet another Pecha Berry that it had been storing somewhere inside its fur. Curing itself from the poison that Shaula had worked so hard to inflict with repeated Poison Stings. After such a long fight, no one in their right mind would have kept going without reinforcements… but those two.

It all started when Evelyn read out a report, warning for a group of Pokémon stealing supplies from the Agricultural Corps. She didn’t pay much attention to it, but when Shaula heard her trainer utter the word “berries” she hissed in anger and urged Evelyn to deal with the issue. How could she stand by when some Pokémon were stealing the berries that she was legally going to be entitled to?

Once they arrived at the farmland and sneaked close to the deposit of berries and crops, the two didn’t have to wait long before spotting the culprits getting close to the scene of their crime. A Munchlax and two Teddiursa… it was going to be a 3 versus 1 battle.

Shaula did not try even slightly to get up close stealthily, instead rushing to the attack with a Rollout from far away and hurting one Teddiursa before having to scuttle right back towards Evelyn. The problem? Now the two Teddiursa were ready to brawl it out, while watching Munchlax’s back.

That soon turned into a… battle? More like a skirmish, a scuffle, where Evelyn could barely see what was going on. Her small Pokémon kept jumping around, faster and more alert as the battle continued, and she let her do her thing for the time being. The Teddiursa were clearly trying to get Shaula’s pity with their begging expressions, only to scratch her in response and trying to get her off them, but she wasn’t having it. She was taking the attempted thievery way too personally.

Venipede eventually poisoned both Teddiursa with her moves, all the Twineedles and Poison Stings overwhelming them only after a very exhausting battle. Through it all, Evelyn was trying her best to look calm and in control - just in case someone else from Galaxy Team passed by, most likely - but from the look on her face, it was obvious that if she was a Pokémon, she would have long entered the fight herself.

The worst part wasn’t even started though. Even after the two Teddiursa ran off in the distance, Munchlax was left.

At first, the Normal-type wasn’t even hitting back. Shaula kept at it with Rollout into Twineedle, her usual strategy, but Munchlax just kept staring back with some clueless expression. And then even took a nap in the middle of a battle! So disrespectful and yet, so effective, because when it would wake up again, the damage was basically gone in an instant. Including whatever poison Shaula may have injected into it.

Noticing the various berries hidden in its fur, Venipede soon switched strategy, trying to snatch them away and pass them to Evelyn. That’s when Munchlax decided to hit back, trying to tackle Shaula when she got too close or rolling sideways to dodge some hits. Not that it was enough to match its opponent’s by now blistering speed, but it was a clear attempt to not give back all of those berries and keep them around in case it needed to heal off some damage.

Munchlax was poisoned once, and dozed off, curing itself entirely. Then, it was poisoned twice, and again slept it away. The third time, it gulped down a Pecha Berry and that also healed it, to Shaula’s double dismay… those were her favorites (ironically!) and seeing someone else eat them in front of her… what an outrageous move.

Only after a long, annoying exchange of hits, and only after a good amount of Rollouts, Evelyn can finally call it a day.

She and Shaula were at least able to force Munchlax to battle somewhere else, further away from the berries deposit, by making it dodge and reposition itself over and over. But even then, the thief ended up running away from the scene of the crime on its own two legs. Sure, it was poisoned, and maybe this time it didn’t have any more Pecha Berries to use, but… the girl was finding it quite hard to celebrate that as a successful mission.

Only much later she’d find out, during her training sessions, that stealing berries from Munchlax let Shaula learn a new technique, Bug Bite. But, even then, there was a more important take-away from… whatever that was. No matter how powerful Shaula could become, Evelyn was going to need more Pokémon.

Shaula learned Bug Bite!

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what will you leave behind?

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ㅤMagnus Larsenㅤ
Familiar Faces

background art by @cloudtrumpets

» Galaxy Hall, Professor Laventon's Office, late noon

Laventon’s office was as cluttered and hurriedly put-together as the professor himself; a blend of Galarian furnishings strewn with wacky contraptions and Eastern comforts. He seemed to hoard his books on any spare surface he could find. The floor was no exception. Magnus half-tripped on a stack of them lying about the doorway, stumbling into the room with three Dewpiders hanging off him. The professor did not even flinch from this clumsy entrance, nor did he glance up; perhaps he was used to it, for he remained engrossed in scribbling at his desk and mumbling to himself.

"But if we used Slowpoke... then perhaps we could... no, no, too unethical," he went on.

Magnus hovered awkwardly in the centre of the room, too polite to interrupt. The Dewpiders, now in good health and obsessed with their human playground, scuttled across his shoulders and over his head, getting their spindly legs caught in his hair. He untangled one for the dozenth time, as patiently and habitually as though he'd been doing it all his life. Of course, the sensible thing would be to keep them inside their Poké Balls, but to Magnus, this seemed very cramped, and he had great sympathy for anything in cramped spaces.

Liesel was not in the least bit happy with this pest invasion. If she wasn't trying to nip their feet, she was taking it out on Magnus by nipping him. He had quite enough of that. Magnus pulled her out by the scruff of her neck and tossed her over to the Kantonian black pine in the corner of the room, where Laventon's Rowlet was perched. Rowlet tilted its head quizzically at Liesel, watching as she scarfed down berries from its feeding tray. Her tail flicked up: "screw you" in Sentret. She really had no manners.

"Precisely, precisely," the professor mumbled in response to all the chatter.

"...Professor," Magnus finally ventured, remembering how Laventon could get carried away for hours.

"Leave the tea on the table, Dorothy, m'dear." He really was lost in his own world. "And do light the fire on your way. Jolly cold this evening."

Magnus glanced at the Cyndaquil in the hearth and shrugged helplessly. He knelt down to build a nest of firewood around it, smiling to himself and reflecting on how little the professor had changed. Laventon was more like an uncle than an employer. The two of them first met when the professor arrived at Magnus's homeland on a research expedition nearly ten years ago. He required the help of a local guide, and the village had offered young Magnus, who they jokingly claimed was half Pokémon. Magnus and Laventon could not understand a word spoken between them, but money is a universal language, something the generous professor was never short of; and so Magnus gladly demonstrated his worth.

He found the professor to be a capricious and amusing man who spoke far too much and seemed overly impressed with everything. They were opposites in nearly every way, though Laventon was really quite taken with Magnus's phlegmatic and taciturn manner and his natural intuition for wildlife, and by all accounts wanted to ship him off to Galar.

"My boy, you have a gift!" the professor had told him upon their parting, those ten years ago. "It has been an honour and a privilege. Should you ever wish to see more of the world, then I would gladly take you under my wing—just remember the name Laventon!" He had given Magnus a card bearing his Galarian address. Magnus could not comprehend those words at the time, but he knew the intentions were well-meant. All he could manage was a retiring smile and a shy, uncertain "takk". Perhaps neither of them had changed. It was not until Magnus left his homeland at age twenty-four did he meet the professor again. Three years on, and here he was, a settler in an alien land.

At last the professor rose from his desk. "Ah, Magnus! Just the fellow I've been wanting to see," he greeted, as though Magnus had only just entered the room. The Dewpiders immediately caught his eye. "Good heavens, it appears you've brought company! Now, where the devil did that tea get to? Dorothy has been jolly forgetful lately. Sometimes I think she doesn't listen to a word I say—makes a chap feel practically invisible. Could be deafness, mind. Might have to lay her off. Dash it, if a man can't end the day with a cup of tea!"

Magnus quietly nodded along to all this prattle. Poor Dorothy. The old maid certainly kept her hands full with this one. But then he had to admit, the office showed no trace of a maid's labour in any way.

"—Ah, but forgive me, I do carry on," the professor relented. "I say, you alright under there? You're looking rather like a Stoutland under the bombardment of her pups. Chuck the rascals in with Oshawott—that'll do them some good—and leave the Poké Balls with me. I'll see to their placement on the farm in the morning."

"I would be grateful," Magnus said with a soft chuckle, untangling more spider legs from his hair and plopping the offending Dewpiders into the water tank, glad to be rid of them. By now he was covered in trails of silk.

Laventon, as usual, was very impressed. "Your first assignment on the field and you bring back not one, but three Pokémon! Very useful specimens, at that. However did you do it?"

Magnus sheepishly rubbed his head. Between the praise and the awkward question, he was feeling very self-conscious. He cleared his throat and stared off into the fire. "...About dragons."

"Come again?"

"I believe I saw one. What do you know of them?"

The professor looked stranded in thought as he puzzled over the sudden change in direction. Then his face lit up. "What's that, you say? A dragon? In the fieldlands? Are you quite sure? Good heavens, man, what did it look like—where did it go?"

Magnus frowned and deliberated on this. He always did, but every second of his silence was torture for Laventon. "It was miles away," he said, extending a hand to the south-west. "Beyond the mountains. Large, like Onix. And no wings."

"A serpent?"

"Serpent, yes. On this I am ignorant, Professor. I have never known them to fly."

"My dear fellow, when it comes to dragons, consider me your walking encyclopaedia!" Impressive, until Laventon withdrew a literal encyclopaedia from beneath a stack of books—with the rest toppling onto the floor. At least it explained the state of his office. He slammed it onto the kotatsu and eagerly flipped through the pages. "Dragon... a dragon, you say... I do wonder..." he rambled on. "Yes, it's as I thought. Beyond the ancient myths and legends, only one true dragon has ever been recorded as serpentine in appearance and capable of flight. They call it Dragonair."

"Dragonair..." Magnus echoed the name, learning it for the first time. Within the book was an ancient Kanto-style illustration. It depicted the sun as a gem upon the serpent's neck, one side hidden in cloud, the other shining bright, with the four seasons mingling around it, all swirling above a great lake. It was reverent, a symbol of prosperity and change. Something did not sit right with Magnus. This Dragonair possessed all the hallmarks of the Pokémon he had seen, certainly from a glance, yet the feelings it instilled in him were nothing alike. Perhaps his memories had only played tricks.

The professor elaborated, staring wistfully into the air as if picturing one right before him. "Extremely elusive. In some regions they are venerated as gods, said to control the weather and bless whoever is lucky enough to see them. We know so little about Hisui and its inhabitants, I'd wager anything is possible—but to think we might be living on the doorstep of one of the world's rarest Pokémon... or rarer still! What a time to be alive! And I shall be the first of my fellows to document it—you see if I don't!"

Laventon swelled with such hearty enthusiasm it was almost contagious, even to someone as placid as Magnus himself, who didn't really know how to express excitement. It was too out of harmony with the rest of him. The most that happened was his eyes shone a little brighter and crinkled at the corners. "I would not mind a small part in that," he said, almost under his breath out of modesty. To his surprise, the professor suddenly whirled on him, grabbing him by the shoulders, his face rapt by the idea.

"My dear boy," Laventon began, for he still called Magnus "boy" out of habit, "If anyone is capable of tracking down a dragon, it's you! Why, it's a splendid idea!"

Magnus waved this off, laughing. "In earnest, Professor, dragons are beyond my experience—"

"I suspect it was headed to Lake Verity!" Laventon interjected, not paying the slightest bit of attention. He hurried over to the map of Hisui that was plastered on one of his blackboards. With a finger on Jubilife Village, he traced it south across Aspiration Hill, then west past the mountain range that stretched along the river, landing it on the great lake. "Yes, I believe so. And certainly reachable by foot. Fraught with deadly Pokémon, naturally, but that's all par for the course—why, you survey chaps practically live for it, ho ho!"

Before Magnus could so much as raise an eyebrow at this, the voice of Captain Cyllene lashed out from the doorway adjoining her office. "Professor Laventon! Am I to believe you are pressuring an injured member into duties well beyond the level of his rank?"

Laventon nearly jumped out his skin. "W-well, I, erm—hold on, injured, you say...?" he stammered.

Cyllene clicked her tongue. "Mr Larsen, is that not blood on your uniform?"

Magnus absently shifted a hand to the place where the Luxio had dug its claws. The puncture was only shallow by his standards, nothing a medicinal leek couldn't fix, and yet it had bled through his clothes when the Luxio first inflicted it. "Just a scratch," he said.

"A wound like that is the very least you will come away with, armed with nothing but your pet squirrel." She side-eyed Liesel, who was passed out asleep in the feeding tray, her stomach distended.

"I would rather stay unburdened," Magnus quietly but firmly protested. Even if he was embarrassed for Liesel. "That is how I work best."

"Then you will be satisfied documenting Bidoof and Starly with the rookies," Cyllene mocked, her arms crossed. She held his gaze intently. "I know a man of higher ambitions when I see one, Mr Larsen. You do not belong in the lower ranks. However, as your captain, it would reflect badly on my judgement to promote someone so ill-equipped for the dangers of this region—dangers you have no real idea of. Do not pretend otherwise. I am striking you from further expeditions until you demonstrate a willingness to follow protocol. Is that clear?"

Magnus clenched his jaw to stop himself arguing further. The captain was the type who never left a room until she had the final word, this much he knew. "As crystal," he relented.

"Good. And as for you, Professor." She turned to Laventon, who automatically snapped to attention like a soldier in salute, only distinctly more nervous. "You will notify personnel that Lake Verity has been marked a danger zone. At least that way, I can ensure you won't be sending any more rookies to their doom." She meant it dryly, though it would not surprise Magnus if the professor had a track record of this.

"As you say, Captain!" said the amenable professor, fiddling uneasily with the pompom on his hat. He always squinted his eyes up in a smile when Cyllene was around, for unlike Magnus, he could not parry the cold steel of her glare; it only made him sweat. "Wouldn't you know it, I have just the Pokémon in mind! Security have reported an Alpha, out in Horseshoe Plains. Now, now, don't look at me like that, Captain, I'm not suggesting that monster of a Rapidash we all live in fear of! But I'm sure neither of you could deny the practicality of a Ponyta?"

Cyllene weighed up the risks, then looked to Magnus. "An Alpha. Think you're up for the challenge?"

"I've tamed wilder things," Magnus said carelessly. In truth, he rather liked the idea. A Ponyta in its own right had many uses—heat, fire, light, resource transportation... but they were skittish and frail and easily detected, with a strong instinct to flee. An Alpha, however, would grow large enough to break in and ride, and a ride in these vast lands was too great a boon. That settled it.

"Well then," Cyllene continued, "If you can catch yourself an Alpha, I might be impressed enough to let you boys off on your little spree. But don't hold your breath on any promises. That will be all. Good evening, gentlemen." She spun smoothly on her heel and returned to her office, a woman of unwavering poise.

As soon as she was gone, Laventon leaned in close to Magnus with an evil expression and a secretive hand to his mouth, and whispered, "Wouldn't it be jolly fun if you came back with an Alpha Wurmple instead?"

Magnus had to reflect on this a moment. "She's afraid of them?" he whispered back.

"Despises bugs! Utterly falls to pieces!"

Both men shared an idea, their eyes full of mischief. They peered over at the water tank, where the three Dewpiders clung to the glass in all their prickly, insectile, slimy glory. Magnus looked back at Laventon, and Laventon looked at Magnus, and a roguish grin spread across their faces.

Magnus scooped up Liesel and stuffed her in a pocket so he could make a quick getaway. Then he joined the professor in fishing out the spiders. Like a pair of misbehaving schoolboys, they crouched by the door and let the Dewpiders slip into her office, where they scuttled along the walls, inching ever closer to the oblivious captain's desk.

He and Laventon made a beeline for the exit. They were just outside the Galaxy Hall's doors when a piercing scream erupted so loud it rattled the windows and made the security guard fall from his post.

"Gyaaaaaaaaaah!!! Laventon! Larsen! Somebody! Get. Them. OUT!!"

"Aha ha ha ha!"

"Ho ho ho! Jolly good! Ho, my!"

Magnus and the professor threw an arm around each other like old comrades, their happy faces catching the last of the evening sun. Across the road, a group of survey members were celebrating the end of their shift with drinks at The Wallflower, same as they always did, and they raised their glasses to Laventon with a cheer and a hoot—it was not the first time his lab specimens "innocently got loose", nor would it be the last. Fortunately for Cyllene, these pranks never seemed to undermine the respect of her recruits, but endeared them to her. Laventon insisted it did her some good.

"Ah, I'd almost forgotten," he said to Magnus, reaching into his coat for a purse of money, "We'll make it two thousand for the day, shall we? That ought to cover your hard labour!"

Uncomfortable by such a payment, especially in the presence of his colleagues, Magnus sheepishly declined. "This is too much," he said. "You are generous, but I have no use for it."

"Nonsense, my good man!" Laventon dismissed with a wave. "Why, if you're short on ideas, you could buy us all a round of drinks! Life's too short to be cheap!"

The survey members all cheered to this, and Magnus blushed at the attention. For once there was a seat at their table for him.

At least there would have been, if the evening did not have other plans in store. Magnus heard his name called from across the bridge, where a young deckhand came running up to hail him. "I'm glad I found you!" said the boy. "There's someone at the docks, just arrived. She's been calling after you. A young lady."

Magnus frowned, his attention piqued. "Young lady?"

The boy nodded. "I think it's urgent. Nobody can understand a word she's saying, 'cept that she keeps repeating your name. Blonde, she is. You'd better go. Pretty girls shouldn't be alone round the docks at this hour."

There were a handful of pretty blondes who knew him by name, and only two of them would travel this far just to see him. He had a nagging suspicion of who it might be. It formed a knot in his stomach. "Very well," he said, and after paying Beni for another round, he reluctantly gestured his leave. The others barely noticed. They only wanted their drinks.


His walk to Prelude beach was anxious and crowded, with many supply corps members bustling goods from the ships to the village and back, and families rushing to greet loved ones ashore. He overheard sailors spit cruel words about the natives; some commotion over stolen cargo. Magnus held little fondness for sailors, as a rule. He distinctly remembered a time in his youth when an old sailor snatched him by his hair and offered to pay good money for it. The only reason he got away was through mention of his father's name. If anyone tried that now, they would come away with their fingers rearranged instead—if they dared accost him in the first place. His stature not only gave him the advantage of intimidation, but of spotting faces among the crowd. Even if he failed to recognise this "pretty girl", she would doubtlessly notice a blonde giant among the sea of dark hair.

And she did.


His heart jumped as he turned to the voice. Only one person called him Maggie. The moment he faced her, she was in his arms, buried in his poncho, and he looked down to see bright, pale gold hair, fairer than his own.

"Elsa," he breathed, arms hovering awkwardly by his side as he recovered from the hug-attack, before gently wrapping them around his little sister. He heard Liesel squeak from being squished between them under his poncho.

His sister pulled away just enough to gaze up at him with tear-filled eyes. "Maggie, we've missed you so dearly at home," she said, smiling sadly. She spoke in their dialect. It was nice to hear it. "I never thought I'd hear your voice again."

He struggled to find the words—emotions bubbled up inside him and drowned out his thoughts. All he could do was stare at the face he hadn't seen in almost three years, and marvel at how much she'd grown. She would be eighteen now. Her baby face had slimmed into a heart-shape, with the high cheekbones and icy blue eyes inherited from their mother, but she had Father's platinum colouring, not the strawberry blonde he and his mother shared. Looking at her now, he felt nostalgic, bittersweet and yet deeply troubled all at once.

Elsa searched her brother's face for some hint of gladness. "You look surprised. I thought you would be here to meet me when I got off the boat." Then something seemed to dawn on her. "Maggie, you did receive the letter, didn't you?"

Magnus shook his head, incredulous. "Letter? Elsa, what letter? What are you doing here?"

"So you do not know..." What was that inscrutable sheen in her eyes just now? It was gone the moment she snapped her gaze away, hidden behind her curtain of blonde lashes. Magnus's brotherly instincts told him that devious thoughts were brewing on the other side. He was growing agitated with this mystery. "Know what?" he pressed.

Elsa wrung her fingers, contemplating her answer. "My reasons for being here are not urgent. Marie sent me. The village is safe; things carry on as normal over there, like nothing has changed. But I've changed... No, that's a lie. I've woken up to the true side of me." Her gaze lifted wearily to his. "Magnus, it's been a long journey. I'm tired, and I never want to see another boat again for as long as I live. Can we talk about this somewhere more comfortable? After a good meal?"

Magnus ran a hand restlessly through his hair, mind reeling, like it does in a sickly dream with no explanations. He hated leaving problems up in the air, where he couldn't fix them. But this wasn't the time or place. "Okay," he finally gave in. "But I am not happy, Elsa. Marie had no right. What would you have done if I'd moved on? You'd be stranded with nothing, no-one. You can't even speak the—!"

"I know all that!" she shot back. "But you're here, and I'm fine, so what use is there going on about it? I'm not a baby anymore, Magnus, so don't treat me like a helpless child, like I always need to be minded! You and everyone else..."

She had become so outspoken, so brash. It caught him off-guard. All he could see in her was his rosy-cheeked baby sister. He'd forgotten how much people change when they burgeon from their teenage years. They felt so very long ago. But in the end, he was still her big brother, and it was his sworn brotherly duty to be overbearing at times if it meant keeping her safe. He softened a little, letting her outburst slide over him. Then he smiled. "You've grown so beautiful, Elsa. I knew you would."

Her eyes grew wide and she shuffled uncomfortably, cheeks tinged red; he'd won at dispelling her temper.

"Come," he said, "it'll soon be dark. Let's get you warm. You'll need to walk off your sea legs."

"I don't have sea legs," she muttered, but when she started following him, she wobbled and teetered like a Spinda, and he chuckled at her expense.

"Want help?"

"I'm not an invalid, thank you!"

"You're not fooling anyone, walking like that."

"Oh, shut up, you overgrown Gumshoos!"

And they continued like this the entire walk home.

Flowing through the seas of time
Memories that were left behind
Bring us closer to the end of this journey
Where we grew as friends

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Part 05 - Puzzle Pieces

"Truth. A solitary and indisputable principle, passed politics and morals, behind emotion and logic, nothing can dispute truth. Everything happens in a singular, indisputable way. Even if opinion exists, even if something is unclear or unknowable, there must always be an answer. Nothing in existence is transient, only transient to our perception, when one undoes every veil, removes their every mask and glances, naked and pure, upon what remains... that is the truth.

There are many like me who do what they do for myriad reasons. For payment, for honour, for the vindication in putting villains in cells. None of that has ever mattered to me.

There is a tale in Unova, wherein I once studied law for a time, of a great dragon who blessed a pair of twin monarchs. One who looked at the world with ideals and dreams... the other who saw things for how they really were and naught else. Conflicted in their opposing ideals, the dragon split in twain, a half each for a ruler in kind. One dragon, pitch black, stood as an epitat to an ideal world. The other, sterling white, was truth itself. It did not dally with fanciful thoughts and half measures. It saw the world for what it truly was and strived to share that vision with its people. Its perfect world was one where the truth was no longer hidden away.

Mayhaps I am an extremist... but even at risk to myself, I seek the same. I wonder, might I ever meet such a creature as that dragon of legend..?"

Carson O'Connor quickly maneuvered himself through the busy main avenue of Jubilife Town towards the commercial building near the docks. It was an early morning, still some fog clinging to the ground and sweeping around his feet and wide and boisterous motions with his every pruposeful step. He had spent the night with just enough sleep to reach the margins of what most would consider 'healthy'. The rest of the time that evening he had spent mulling over the case, collecting previous details together and trying to consolidate his thoughts. The pieces fit together to fit the narrative that Cratesman and the security corps had given him... but it was an imperfect fit. Like a child, forcing the mismatched pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together, out of frustration at their own lack of ability.

It was time to review. A brisk morning walk provided the perfect opportunity.

Cooper Cratesman, a business mogul from Unova, had involved himself with the Galaxy team as a private funder. Since the creation of the team and their arrival in Hisui, he had served as a liaison and manager for incoming cargo to Jubilife. He opperated out of a sizable office on the side of town closer to Prelude Beach.

Recently, valuable cargo consisting of food supplies and building materials has gone missing, costing Galaxy Team a not so negligible amount of poké in recent weeks. Cargo was often left overnight on Prelude Beach due to a lack of wild pokémon and the walled off shoreline, but a number of times now upon checking for cargo in the mornings multiple crates have been missing.

Cratesman believes the perpetrator of what he sees as theft under moonlight to be a young woman in her late teens. Akalli, a member of the native Pearl Clan was accidentally photographed by Jubilife Town's camera enthusiast on the last night some crates went missing. She is the prime suspect in the current case.

Upon checking the dock for clues, Carson himself had verified the immense weight of the individual crates, as well as the ground in the surrounding area... a muddy mess of footprints, soil and sea water that left anyone carrying cargo to sink a half inch in when transporting the goods. Carrying cargo from Prelude Beach was a good way to ruin your shoes. Carson had also chatted to Cratesman, a jovial if easily flustered man, who was in possession of a rare and shockingly obedient pokémon from Unova. The steel type, Klink.

Returning to the docks by night, Carson encountered Akalli of the Pearl Clan. After an altercation, she had explained that her presence on the beach that night had been perpetrated in order to come to the aid of her pokémon partner, whom she had heard crying out for help at its home on Prelude Beach. The partner in question, Kira the Luxio, had been struck by an unexpected electric type attack. A logical deduction assured the group that the only possible perpetrator could have been Cratesman's own pokémon partner, Klink, who was an alien presence and caught Kira off guard.

The suspect had been at the beach on the night of the latest crime, but claims to have arrived not to steal, but to aid their pokémon companion who had been attacked by Cratesman's own pokémon. It all boiled down to her word against Mr. Cratesman's... which didn't put her in a good position, even if Carson believed her, which he did. The Galaxy Team had been riled up by the missing supplies, the food especially. They needed an answer to this case quickly and Akalli was an easy target, even if the damage to relations between the Pearl Clan and the Galaxy Team would be egregious as a result.

If Carson wanted to find the truth and ensure Akalli's aquittal he had only one recourse remaining.

Find the true culprit and indict them for their crimes. Thus did he head to Cratesman's own office, intent on asking more after his pokémon's activities.

Cratesman and Co. was an office of decent size, down by the river but closer to Prelude Beach than Galaxy HQ, it was well made but humble. Signs of minimal paint cracking by the door, the knob was well worn after many uses which would seem strange normally as a shipping firm wouldn't have so many visitors, approximatel .05 centimeters of dust had piled on the inner windowsill, which Carson spotted while taking a quick glance at the decor inside... which was lavish, if well used. Cratesman had established himself early in the Galaxy Team's efforts, making himself a fixture and becoming something innate to the locale in the eyes of the people, that was why his building was clearly one of the oldest in town. It was smart froma business point of view, to become the standard for your field in a brand new economy.

Grasping that well worn door knob, still chilled from the morning dew, Carson was pleased to find the door unlocked as he pushed his way inside.

The inside of Cratesman and Co. was... boisterous, for lack of better terminology. Frilly flower patterned cushions and drapery, overzealous red carpet lining the middle of the hardwood floors, embellished with gold. Carson almost cringed a little at the ridiculous over-zealousness of the design, which was surprising considering, well, everything about the Detective himself.

"O-Oh... pardon me."

Standing behind a small wooden desk was a young woman, mid to late twenties with silvery blonde hair tied in a bun and a pair of half spectacles resting on her nose. She wore a practical working dress with many pockets, some held quills and pencils for writing, others small dusters and bottles of soap for cleaning. She gazed at Carson who so readily sauntered towards her with a mixture of trepidation and confusion... and then a spark of realization.

"You... must be the detective? Mr. O'Connor?" She was aware of him, Cratesman had spoken of him in private, how nice.

"Quite right, my dear! And you might be?" With a flourish of his hat to his chest and a light bow, he kept one eye peeking at the ruffled woman, who answered curtly. "My name is Betta, Betta Clennit sir. I serve as m'lord Cratesman's maid and secretary. If you're looking for m'lord, he's out currently, but I can tell him you- eh?"

Mid sentence, Carson had stepped passed Miss Clennit and her very orderly desk, to explore down the lone hallway that stretched passed her. There was a set of stairs to the right but he doubted he'd find anything of value up there, while to the left was another room... but his cursory glance through the window revealed that to be naught but a living room. The house had a very Western design compared to most in Jubilife Village, something he assumed was due to Cratesman's preference. Still, all that in mind.

"This is the office then?" Carson asked cheerily as he reached for the door handle at the end of the hall, the click clack of hard sole work shoes upon the floor behind him audible as Betta Clennit rushed after him. "I say Mr. O'Connor! It may very well be but you were given no permission to-"

"Madame please, Sir Detective will be fine... and as the criminal investigator assigned to this case I'm sure my good boy Cooper wouldn't mind me taking a moment to rest my heels as I await his return eh?" Before the befuddles maid could splutter a response, Carson turned the handle and stepped into the new room. Quietly pleased the door wasn't locked as he did so, that'd have been awkward.

Surprisingly, the office itself was rather orderly and 'business first' compared to the rest of the building. Very little in the ways of decoration. A rather well made mahogany desk sat front and center, a coat and shoe rack sat mounted to the left wall and by a window to the right, overlooking the agricultural pastures nearby, was a trophy case with a number of altogether useless accolades. A degree in business, some local clubs footy trophy, medals awarded for years of tenure and service at various shipping companies and organisations. Who loved their work as an exporter that they joined a bloody club for it?

"I never! Why I never Mr O'- Sir Detective! I understand your position but you can't ju- I could get in trouble for just allowing-!" Miss Clennit spluttered and panicked at Carson's flippantry but he turned and placated her with a warm smile and a gentle wave of his hand. "Oh my dear, I wouldn't worry! You shan't get in trouble, I'm sure a beautiful woman such as yourself would have no problem with a discerning gentleman such as Mr. Cratesman? He seems like a stand up fellow."

Clennit immediately flushed, her cheeks already red with fluster darkened and she crossed her arms with a frown. "M-My... if you think to assail me with compliments to make up for your grandstanding then you might forget it sir. Mr. Cratesman is not so appreciative of me as you might think so I'd find myself in bother nonetheless."

But of course, Carson already knew as much. Calloused hands, bags under the eyes, a general sense of exasperation and doneness with her surroundins. Miss Betta Clennit was showing classic signs of being overworked by a rather overbearing employer... the poor woman was no doubt receiving extras an excess in stress due to Catrson's behavior, but if his hunches were correct she'd be better off when all was said and done.

"Is that so..?" He rose an eyebrow with the right amount of measured, light surprise. Then looked away from the still rightfully irate maid to glance around the office. "But look here at this shoe rack! Each pair is so immaculately maintained, surely this is your work?" Clennit's brow furrowed at his words, but she did not deny them, instead tapping her foot impatiently as she mumbled. "Well yes, sir, it rightfully is..." Carson let the moment linger without a response as he continued to look expectantly, a classic trick to prompt a person to continue to speak.

"Well as it is that part's barely any work at all, ehe..." She scratched the bridge of her nose awkwardly and her expression softened. Excellent. If Cratesman wasn't present at the office this wall the better, a bit of freedom to explore unfettered and a disgruntled employee to get more information from besides. "Mr. Cratesman never bloody wears the shoes m'sir... as it stands, he's summit obsessed with keeping them clean. Expensive things, those clogs, the beach is dreadfully muddy this time of year and so it is he wears a pair of work cleets and naught else. Won't even let me clean them when he's done for the day, says there's not a point. Well, I tells him, I see a point when I've to clean the capret of your trailed mess, not that he'd give me the time of day to listen."

"Oh dear, that's awful... and what of that pokémon of his? Frightening thing isn't it?" Carson pre-ambles a response, indulging Clennit's clear penchant for gossip. "Must you care for it when he's out."

"Goodness no Sir Detective and thank whatever force may be for it and all..." Clennit sighs. "No he keeps that... thing, with him, at all bloody times. I've not seen him without it in its little ball or floating beside him since I entered Mr. Cratesman's employ."

"Is that so..." Carson smiles amicably, then looks passed Miss Clennit to the trophy case now sat behind her. "What of this then? So many accolades beautifully polished... am I to believe you handle all of this as well." Of course, she did, for who else would. But the awkward shape, pristine glass case and sheer extensivity of these altogether unimpressive trophies and trinkets was sure to server the detective's purpose.

And alas, so it did.

Clennit rolled her eyes and turned dramatically, approaching the case and gesturing to what was inside, irate eyes reflected in the glass as she glared at a rather obnoxious looking piece of metalurgy. A golden statue with many curves, nooks and crannies. "This bloody thing first of all, I'll be I've never seen the like, does nobody think of those doing the polishin' when designin' these things? And don't get me started on-"

She would continue to ramble apace, with Carson nodding seriously and offering affirmation and platitudes... yet while her gaze was taken she shifted to an altogether more interesting sight. Slipping around her peripheral vision, Carson glances at the good mogul's desk. Various documents sat upon it, recent expenditures and ledgers. Typical fair for a man of his occupation, all boring and irrelevant, until one folder caught his eye. A dossier detailing transactions with an insurance company... or three. Various claims for various cargo stolen. Products he of course paid to have shipped and sold to the galaxy team no less. Of course he would want compensation for what he listed as 'losses accrued due to the dangers of the expedition'.

Still... a document so pertaining to the case. It was obvious, this would be important. So as he continued to string along Betta Clennit, Carson made his move, quickly scooping the doccuments into his pouch.

New item added to Court Record!

Insurance Ledger:
A business ledger belonging to Cooper Cratesman providing details of insurance taken out for cargo delivered to Hisui. Multiple claims have been made recently due to 'losses accrued due to the dangers of the expedition'.
"Sir what might you be doing hmm?"

Carson glanced up from the desk quickly to find Miss Clennit staring at him intently. Gratefully, she hadn't seen him swipe the files, but his intense scanning of the desk was clear to see. He had to say something fast, so with a quick glance over the piled papers he grabbed one from the top and presented it sheepishly. "Aw well, my apologies, this caught my interest so I was a mite distracted you see! With this... land... deed?"

Indeed, twas a deed. A deed for land held in Carson's hand by chance. To which Clennit merely rolled her eyes once more.

"Ridiculous that man, I tell you... Sir Detective if you can believe it, he spent a chunk of profits on the most ridiculous thing." Her frown grew wider and a hand rose to rub the bridge of her nose. "Man wanted a private beach... at this time of year? Is it a lon g term investment I shouldn't know but he has no bloody use for the thing. Not to mention in this savage land it'd be swarming with pokémon so I've no idea what he's playing at."

"...long live the bloody king..." Carson slapped his forehead incredulously and nearly threw the deed into Miss Clennit's hands, causing her quite the stir. "What! What is it?" His hands raced to her shoulders causing her to tense at his strange behavior. "Miss Clennit that's it! That's the missing piece, I could kiss you I swear! ACK!"

A hand raced to slap him across the cheek and he span thrice clockwise before settling on his feet. "I should thank you to NOT! Regardless of how beautiful I might be to you sir!" Her blush deepened as she glared at his with disdain, but eventually that softened once more as well. "Though, well, I guess you're not NOT hand-"

"Right, I'm off!" Before she even finished Carson was making for the door, leaving her to watch him with bewilderment. "W-What? I thought you was waiting for m'lord Cratesman! Where are you even going?"

"To unveil the truth at last my dear, once and for all! Thank you Betta Clennit, I shan't forget you! Not a once!"

"What? Wait! Detective!"

Yet he was out the front door, feet in the dirt, racing across the main street once more. At last, everything made sense, there was only one thing left to do.

Unveil the truth once and for all.


Species: Rufflet
Gender: Male
Ability: Hustle
Moveset: Quick Attack / Aerial Ace / Twister / Bulk Up / - / -


Personal Effects:

- Leather Briefcase
- Deerlingstalker Cap
- Stoutland Yard Badge

Court Record - Case 01:

- Case Dossier:
A small folder received from Zisu upon Carson's first meeting with her. It describes the initial details of the case, including a report from Mr. Cooper Cratesman on the exact cargo missing, the last location it was seen, as well as the mogul's initial suspicions of the Pearl Clan girl, Akalli, as the culprit. The dossier includes a number of polaroids taken by the local photographer, recreationally, of Prelude Beach by night. The polaroid's captured a young woman with Akalli's likeness leaving prelude beach under cover of darkness.

- Tuft of Luxio Fur:
A tuft of Luxio fur located at the scene of the crime, it came from Kira, the pokémon partner of Akalli. Kira must have left the fur at the docks sometime recently, owing to her being injured within close proximity to Prelude Beach.


what will you leave behind?

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ㅤMagnus Larsenㅤ
Kids These Days

» Magnus's House, Jubilife Village, morning

Morning again.

Magnus groaned as he rose from the hard makeshift bed he threw together the night before, stretching out the tension in his limbs. He felt himself over for bruises; the rigours of yesterday left him tender and raw in places, and the Luxio scratch was redder than he liked. It smarted under his touch. Feline claws were always nasty. Magnus scoffed at himself for letting it happen, wincing slightly as he applied a clean poultice to the wound. Perhaps he was losing touch since abandoning his life as a hunter.

The house was dim and quiet. Outside, he could hear the murmur of voices and children laughing—had dawn slipped by already? Elsa had fastened the window shutters to stop the light coming in. Elsa... He looked across the room to where she slept, her silhouette gently rising and falling, golden hair tangled about her face. It felt strange to see her again; she was so different now, distant and mature, not the clingy little girl he always remembered her as, the girl he brought up. She looked the perfect blend of Mother and Father. It stirred an ache in his heart, and he reached for the locket that hung perpetually from his neck, gripping it firmly for comfort, as he would his mother's hand when he was only a boy. He closed his eyes and sent a silent plea for her guidance. Then he kissed it and let it fall.

Elsa had not explained anything of her arrival that day. She was edgy, secretive, but above all she was exhausted, and so Magnus let her take his bed for an early slumber—her intentions would reveal themselves soon enough, he knew. But he could not hang around for her all day. He had an Alpha to catch.

He stood—and immediately bashed his head on the wooden beams above the hearth. He cussed through his teeth. The house was hellishly small.

Elsa gasped awake, sitting upright. "Man overboard!" she cried.

"False alarm," he said, a little curtly, his head throbbing. "Sorry I woke you."

"Oh... oh, Maggie, it's you. Thank goodness. I dreamt I was still on the ship." She sunk back into the futon. Her eyes followed him around the room as he donned his uniform, splashed cold water on his face and filled a pot with milk, hanging it above the hearth, where he lit a small fire. "Are you leaving?" she asked.

Magnus stepped over her to open the windows, a packet of nuts in hand. The morning light flooded the house and burned their eyes. As he guessed, it was well past dawn. "I have work," he said. He shook the packet until Liesel came skipping up to the windowsill for breakfast and greeted her by ruffling her ears. "I told you, remember. In my letters."

"But where? For how long? What if I need to find you?"

Magnus thought for a moment. He might be out all day with no way to contact him, this was true. So the important thing was keeping her out of trouble. "In the fieldlands. Several hours, maybe the day." He looked at her, stern and fatherly, as one does over their glasses. "You will be here when I get back." It was not a question.

"You don't mean in here? All day? Maggie, that's absurd—"

"People will prey on your ignorance," he said, raising a dismissive hand. "You may tend the garden, if you like. There is rice in the kitchen for your porridge. And a game of mahjong, if you can find it." When he saw the misery spread on her face, he felt a stab of guilt, but that just made him defensive. "In fairness, Elsa, I was not expecting you."

"...You're thinking of sending me back, aren't you?"

The question surprised him, even though it was true. He did not answer.

"If you were glad, you would make things easier, not try to put me off," she said dejectedly. "Well it won't work. I'll prove I'm worth the effort, Maggie. You'll see!" She noticed his jaw set; his way of saying "that's enough." With a huff, she wrapped herself in an angry blanket burrito and turned the other way to sulk.

Perhaps "mature" was a little off the mark.

He stepped over her again on his way out, patting a tender hand on her shoulder as he did so. "You'll like what I bring back," he said with a secretive smile. She huffed again. This time it was not very convincing. He tied back his hair in a half-up, half-down ponytail, fetched his goggles, whistled for Liesel, and was out the door, pausing only briefly to cast a troubled look at his sister.

Magnus lived tucked between the houses of the biggest gossips in town, close by the river on Canala Avenue. Very little got under his skin; he was a man of easy-going philosophies, and he tolerated just about anyone, but malign gossip went against everything he stood for. Unfortunately for him, he was often the source of it. The moment he stepped outside he had to steady himself with a calming breath—his neighbours were grouped in their little conference of the crones again. Whether it was his long hair, or his hulking frame, or the way he avoided people's eyes, they seemed to think him some uncivilised barbarian; and with this they decided he could not understand their gossip, so made little attempt to conceal it. Nothing he ever heard them say was true.

"And I could hear them, up all hours—on and on they went, in that dubious foreign tongue—up to no good, mark my word on that!"

"It's indecent, that's what, having a lady stay the night when they aren't even married—and half his age, at that!"

"You know what I think. I think she's one of them mail-order brides. You hear about mail-order brides."

"Oh, yes, they're all the rage in Galar these days; all the politicians have 'em, so I hear."

"You watch. If he's not claiming her as his niece, the next best excuse will be his sister. It's what they all say."

So much for justifying Elsa's company. There was no turning this one around. No matter how charitable his actions were, he seemed to fall deeper and deeper into the trenches of idle rumour. Even the children had their tall tales. Those he found sweetly amusing, at least.

Magnus politely dipped his head to his neighbours in spite of his disdain, and, plucking a handful of chrysanthemums from his window box, he gifted it to them. "I pray for you, dear ladies," he spoke with sincerity, to which they pursed their lips and shared a look of prim astonishment. He would not rise to their bait. If there was one resounding virtue his mother imparted to him, it was that love begets love. Eventually.

He carried on to Floaro Street, skipping Beni's and heading straight for the craftworks. Anvin hailed him. "'Ey, Magnus! You didn't show up this sunrise. I have your Poké Balls ready—but first, a favour. I need a man with a strong throw. How's yours?"

"It does the job," Magnus said, which humbly meant he was really quite good. He watched curiously as the smith disappeared inside his workshop, soon emerging with two Poké Balls in either hand, only something was different. They were blue.

"My latest prototype," Anvin said, tossing one up and catching it. "I call 'em Feather Balls. These babies are designed to fly like an arrow—with the right technique. Here. You see those hills beyond the training grounds? Try throwing it as far out to them as you can. Even better if you can hit that tree." He passed one of the Feather Balls to Magnus, who rolled it in his hand, testing its weight.

After a moment of warming up, Magnus locked his sights on the tree. Then, aligning himself with his target, he pushed off his right foot and launched the strength of his body into the throw. The Poké Ball sailed with alarming speed, never losing trajectory. It missed the tree trunk by a foot and flew well beyond it. Then it vanished.

Anvin let out a slow whistle. "Now that did it justice! With a few tweaks, they'll be ready for sale. Keep the other one as thanks." He bagged the prototype in with three regular Poké Balls and handed them to Magnus.

"My thanks," said Magnus with a nod, warm with satisfaction. An upgraded device would surely advantage him on today's mission. He wondered at the engineering behind it.

Avoiding the busy streets, Magnus took the long way round the village, sorting through different strategies in his mind. Ponyta were not merely skittish. They possessed an ability that heightened their senses and boosted their speed for a sure getaway whenever they detected danger. However well he imagined things to go, he had to be pragmatic—one man simply wasn't enough. He needed help.

As he was musing this, he happened upon a scene that caught his interest. Three teenage boys, about seventeen at the oldest, were seated cross-legged in a tight circle on the grass in a residential alleyway. Between them was a small pile of money. The oldest boy, the one with the auburn cowslick hairdo, was goading the other two into “paying all they’re worth” on promises he would double it should they win the bet. Magnus leaned against the corner wall, observing quietly. They had not yet noticed he was there.

"I dunno, Slick," said the daggy-looking kid in the beanie, "Thaz what you said last time. I lost my allowance for three months 'cause of you, man. What makes you so sure you'll win?" The youngest, a dark, skinny boy in his early teens, remained silent but nodded his agreement.

"That's what I've been training these past three months for, dipstick!" said Slick. "I'm tellin' you, Guts is at the top of his game. No way that guy's Hitmonlee is gonna kick our ass this time. Have some faith in me, compadres!"

"But isn't Raticate... like... weak to kicks and punches and stuff?" the daggy kid mumbled.

Slick tapped a finger to his skull. "Not if you've got the brains to get around it!"

Magnus shook his head. Pitting Pokémon against each other, making them fight to unconsciousness for sport and money... It was a growing fad, one that left a bitter taste in his mouth. These boys were old enough to serve their community and earn their keep, not toss aside their labour for other shoulders to bear. Perhaps a lesson could be learned out in the field.

The three boys jumped when a pouch of money landed between them with a chink. They all turned to see the imposing figure of Magnus loom above them, casting them in shadow.

Recovering himself, Slick spoke up a little shakily. "H-hey man, what gives?"

"Five hundred says you won't manage a day's work in the fields," said Magnus casually. "Catch a Pokémon, and I'll add two-hundred-fifty to that."

The boys' eyes widened and flicked from the pouch, to each other, to Magnus, then back to each other again. There were whispers between them—except the youngest, who never seemed to open his mouth.

"Five hundred is more than we got put together!" said Slick.

"Yeah, but can we trust this guy? I mean, going out in the field... it's a big deal. I heard it's like... real dangerous out there, you know?"

"Heh, maybe for Wimpods! You scared of dipping your toes in, Eddie? Cause I'm all or nothing!"

"You talk big, pal, but we all know Guts was just a hand-me-down from your brother. You've never stepped foot in the wild before, let alone catch a Pokémon! Like, literally catch one! A Pokémon! In the wild!"

Slick punched him on the arm to shut him up. "You're making me sound pathetic in front of Hercules over here! C'mon, the two-fifty is easy money! Besides, he's obviously Survey Corps. If things go south, it's his neck on the line, not ours!"

"Well, thaz true... And I don't think anyone's gonna mess with this guy's neck..."

They both looked to the youngest, and Eddie asked, "What d'you think, Hector?"

Hector bunched his chin unsurely, then shrugged a "why not?".

Magnus listened to their whispers with a slight tug on the corner of his mouth, pretending he wasn't. These shiftless Unovan kids thinking it was easy money. How cute.

At last they turned to him with their minds made up. "If you think we can't last the day, think again!" said Slick. "I'm from Nimbasa, an' you don't know danger till you've walked the Nimbasa streets in the dead of night! You just lost yourself money, pal!" He made some exaggerated gestures with his hands that only Unovans seemed to do. They were always exaggerating.

"We start now," said Magnus, and he began walking towards the outpost gate, not caring to check if they followed. They shared a panicked look and gathered up all the money before chasing after him.

"H-hold up, don't we need weapons?" Eddie asked.

"I will be your weapon. Don't worry about it."

"But what about our stuff? Y'know, Poké Balls an' survival things?"

Near the gate was a crude shelter where the Galaxy Team stored essential tools for expeditions. Magnus stopped here and rummaged through, passing one thing after another to each of the boys: waterskins, dried berries, medkits, rope, compasses and fire starters. Then he gave them one Poké Ball each from his own bag, keeping the Feather Ball for himself. Along with his hunting knife, the last thing he took with him was a short but study spear. Just in case.

"All you need," he said to them. "Except one thing." He looked pointedly at Slick and tapped his skull the same way Slick had done earlier. The boy sneered. The others looked unsure if they even possessed that all-important tool between them.

"Questions," Magnus said. He meant it patiently, but his laconic demeanour must have intimidated them, for they did nothing but shuffle with hesitation. "Then do as I do."

He beckoned them to walk with him into the wild.

Flowing through the seas of time
Memories that were left behind
Bring us closer to the end of this journey
Where we grew as friends

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ㅤMagnus Larsenㅤ
Two Birds With Three Stones

» Obsidian Fieldlands, late morning

"Zekrom smite me! Have mercy! Can't—go on—any—longer!"

Slick and Eddie had abandoned their feet and were now dragging themselves uphill on arms and knees, doubled over, hair matted with sweat, struggling to keep up with Magnus and his ungodly long strides. Hector climbed on ahead of them despite moving at an easier pace, clearly the wisest of the trio. He never once complained. He never once said anything. In fact he was the quietest person Magnus had ever met.

Magnus and his young charges had walked miles since leaving camp. The way to Horseshoe Plains was not a smooth descent like the road to Deertrack Path; there were rolling hills, rocky outcroppings and swathes of waist-high grass between camp and plains. Magnus had a lifetime to finetune the art of hiking. He knew his rhythm, when to stop, when to eat, how to pace himself on a steep ascent. It didn't hurt to have long powerful legs and deep lungs. The rest he worked hard for, and he had faith that anyone else could achieve the same. So he did not trouble himself with the boys' melodramatic display. He was rather impressed they made it this far on dogged determination alone. Even if their motives were somewhat askew.

"Control your breathing," he called down to them from the hilltop. They were too busy treating it like a race. Magnus clicked his tongue, though in truth, his own legs were growing weary, and a bead or two of sweat threatened to dampen his immaculate hair. Swiping a hand across his forehead, he found a comfortable rock to recline against, taking out his pipe and tobacco, a watchful eye guarding the boys. The area around them was clear, no place for danger to hide. Besides, he trusted in Liesel to keep watch—that was her only duty, and that duty was in her blood.

Eventually he heard the huffing and puffing of the boys rise to meet his ears. Hector appeared first, immediately collapsing on the cool grass. Slick and Eddie joined him.

"End me, just end me," Slick wheezed, lying on his back. "This—is how—childbirth—must feel—"

"I think I popped a lung," Eddie sulked. He tried to wring sweat from his beanie. "I'm gonna have blisters like a Seismitoad's warts, man..."

Magnus nudged him and pointed to the medkit that hung from Eddie's belt. "Heal powder," he said. When Eddie couldn't piece together his meaning, Magnus took the heal powder, emptied it into a dish, turned it into paste with a dash of water and pointed to Eddie's feet. A lightbulb went off in the kid's head. "I'd never have thought of that!" he snorted, gratefully applying it to his swollen toes. The other boys did the same with theirs.

"How far are these Horsehair Plains anyway?" asked Slick. "You never even said what we're doing there. We just gonna... prance round the fields all day till the Tauros come home or what? I wanna catch somethin'!"

"Live for the moment, my friend," came the easy-going answer.

Slick scoffed, watching Magnus tilt his head back to blow smoke into the sky, relaxed and completely unfazed by the journey. The boy's expression was caught between jealousy and curiosity. "Hey, can I try that?" he ventured to ask.

Magnus considered this a moment, glancing lazily at Slick. He handed over the pipe, knowing full well Slick would inhale and have an unpleasant experience of it. He did. One puff and the boy started hacking and spitting, tears swelling up in his reddening eyes. "Lungs on fire!" he rasped. "That muk kills, man!"

"Yes," said Magnus, unfazed as before, taking it back from Slick and puffing long, elegant plumes of smoke that coiled around his face. Liesel spluttered and leapt off his shoulder to seek less polluted air.

As the boys talked amongst themselves, snacking on dried leppa berries to boost their energy, Magnus scanned the land below, his eyes searching for movement. Wurmple, Combee, a Starly here and there. These boys would not settle for such easy game. But he would not allow them to charge into peril for the sake of vanity, either. His own target was not yet in sight. They had a while to go before reaching the plains—something was sure to present itself.

Just as Slick, Eddie and Hector began drifting off beneath the sun, Magnus ordered them to attention. They clambered ungainly to their feet. Magnus nodded towards the east. Down at the foot of the hill by a cluster of trees, a Staravia was swooping upon a lone Teddiursa, scratching at it to drive it away. The little bear Pokémon refused to back off. It managed to strike the bird with Payback, clipping it, forcing Staravia to take the fight to the ground. Their cries carried up the hill.

"What am I s'posed to be lookin' at?" asked Slick, squinting towards the battle. Magnus eyed him briefly. Could the boy not see from here?

"Teddiursa and Staravia duking it out," Eddie reported. "You've got this, Teddiursa, little buddy! I call dibs on the cub!"

Fiery ambition lit up young Slick's face. "With a flying-type like that, I could take on Hitmonlee, no sweat!"

Magnus cracked a smile. He gave them the go-ahead, and the three boys practically surfed down the hill with Magnus close behind, directing them to the safest vantage point. They slipped into the tall grass. The wild Pokémon were so preoccupied with their battle that they failed to notice their human spectators. Up close, it became evident what had taken place—Teddiursa succeeded in looting one of the eggs, the yolk dribbled down its front, while a second egg lay broken at the foot of the tree. Staravia was risking everything to protect the last of her brood, fearless with rage. Liesel darted into hiding at the sight of her avian predator.

Slick eagerly readied himself to throw his Poké Ball, but Magnus stilled his arm. "Too angry," he said. "It will not work."

The boy responded with a wide, mocking grin. "This Poké Ball ain't empty!" He threw the ball straight into the skirmish, where it snapped open, and in a flash, a large, mangy rat appeared, catching its opponents off-guard. "Guts, Quick Attack and Tail Whip combo—and keep it going!" cried Slick.

Guts the Raticate zipped back and forth between the two Pokémon with blinding speed, whipping at them with its tail to rile them up and lower their defence. Feathers flew into the air and Teddiursa stumbled back, paws held against its eyes, having been struck across them by Tail Whip.

"Eddie, now's your chance!"

"On it!" Eddie flipped the lock on his own Poké Ball. With a gesture of luck, he threw it at the blinded Teddiursa. It hit. The bear was sucked inside the device which clamped shut with a billow of steam. Eddie cheered too soon—a brief struggle and Teddiursa came bursting out, scrambling to its feet as it made to flee. "No! It's getting away!"

"Guts, Scary Face!" commanded Slick, to which Guts peeled back its lips and bared the gums on its vicious fangs. It gnashed these fangs at the bear cub, and Teddiursa faltered, cowering.

Hector tapped Eddie's shoulder and offered up his own Poké Ball to allow Eddie a second chance. "You sure?" Eddie hesitated. Hector nodded urgently. The ball was thrown and struck true. It clamped and rumbled, breaths were held, seconds were counted, time slowed, and then—click! The Teddiursa was his.

"Wahooooo!" the boy cried, swooping in to grab it. He narrowly avoided a Take Down from Staravia, who was intercepted by Guts. The Raticate bore the full impact while Magnus hauled Eddie into cover by his shirt.

Staravia staggered back from her opponent, shaken by the painful rebound of her attack. Exactly what Slick was waiting for. "Guts! Assurance!" On its master's word, Guts hunkered down, a surge of dark energy coursing through its veins, and when this energy reached its potency, Guts unleashed it in a full-force slam. The bird crumpled under the blow with a despairing shriek. She could not hold out much longer. And she wouldn't have to. Staravia gave in the moment she was absorbed inside the safety of the Poké Ball. Click.

"Hell yeahhh!" Slick hollered at the top of his lungs. "Suck on that, losers! Who's the biggest badboy in town? That's right! You're lookin' at him! Lap it up!" He broke into a very poor rendition of a victory dance with his Raticate, immersed in his own conceit.

"Is he always like this?" Magnus asked Hector, who remained by his side the entire battle. Hector rolled his eyes, wrinkled his nose and nodded yes, grinning widely. Magnus grinned too. He shook his head, bewildered, but he grinned. The entire fiasco left him half-stunned; he could not even bring himself to intervene, raptured by the novelty of it, the intensity and eagerness with which the Pokémon fought, and the electric atmosphere that crackled between human and Pokémon. In those fleeting moments it seemed the most natural thing in the world. The way things were intended. But that idea felt so absurd that he tossed it away, convinced it was the heat of adrenaline and nothing more. Above all, he saw Slick in a new light. The boy held surprising knowledge about Pokémon and their strengths and handled the conflict skilfully. A pity he wasted it on such things.

Eddie approached Hector and offered him the Poké Ball with the Teddiursa inside. "Hey, uh, this belongs to you... It was, y'know, cool of you to give it up. So... let me do the same. I guess." He scratched his head, trying to be noble but looking incredibly sore about it.

Hector rejected this with a smile. He touched his fingers and thumb together, brought the hand to his chest, then rolled the motion away from his body, the gesture of parting a gift.

Eddie beamed. "Gee, thanks, Hecks! You're a real pal!"

It was Slick who unceremoniously broke this tender moment. "Big whoop! You wouldn't have caught jack muk if it weren't for me and Guts, dipstick!" he said in a playful tone, pulling Eddie's beanie over his eyes and shoving him. Slick extended his hand out to Magnus, but in taking, not in offering. "Pay up, compadre, that's two captures for ya. With Staravia here I'll be reelin' it in, so we won't be sticking around for the long haul!"

Magnus ignored the gesture. "In time," he said, striding over to the tree in search for Staravia's remaining eggs.

"What d'you mean, 'in time'? I already earned the money I set out for!" Slick argued. "I ain't no boy scout, buddy, an' I got better things to do than sightsee all day!"

"It is always 'I' with you," Magnus responded distractedly as he found a foothold on the bark and reached up to the nest. "Let your friends speak. I will guide you all back, should they wish it."

With an overblown sigh, Slick turned to his companions. "Back me up, guys. We're done here."

Hector stepped closer to Magnus and Eddie twiddled his thumbs. "Uh, thing is, Slick... we're kinda... enjoying this. And we did bet on seeing it through. It's not even the money, y'know. It feels pretty great! My stuffy nose has cleared up and everything!" His younger friend nodded along.

Slick was at a loss—his lackeys never flouted him before! But everyone knew Slick was enjoying things, too. He just wouldn't admit it. Nor did he want to put in the work. "A'ight," he said, folding his arms and trying to save face, "you two posers think you can one-up me, huh? Fine. I'll babysit you on your little stroll. Since you're forcing me out here, I expect a bigger cut of the money, got it? Hey, are you even listening?!"

Hector and Eddie were gathered round Magnus, who had landed back on the ground with a thud, balancing the nest in one large hand. He held it for them all to see. Inside were three grey speckled eggs. "Little Starly. Or, lunch," Magnus offered to the boys.

"Wait, don't eat 'em!" cried Eddie. "Their mom fought so hard!"

Magnus smiled, expecting this. "Then your hat, if I may?"

"Huh? O-oh, sure," said Eddie, swiping off his beanie and stretching out the fabric for Magnus to tuck the nest in. Magnus gathered up tufts of down feathers that were lost during the fight and blanketed them over the eggs, then folded the hem of the beanie on top. "Keep them warm till their mother is well," he instructed. "You must rotate them every few hours—like this. Understand?" The boy nodded dutifully, holding on to his upturned beanie with the greatest possible care. At least the responsibility would teach him to pace himself. "Good. Let us carry on. You have done well, my young friends, but there is much to learn."

Hector and Eddie looked chuffed to have earned a drop of warming praise from their sentinel guide, who up until now spared little more than honest advice. Slick meanwhile was looking increasingly betrayed. He idled apart from the others as they marched on, straight into the heart of an aspen wood. Far behind them lamented the call of Staravia's mate.

Flowing through the seas of time
Memories that were left behind
Bring us closer to the end of this journey
Where we grew as friends

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Monthly Update #3

Available Pokemon

Obsidian Fieldlands

Crimson Mirelands

Optional Prompts

- Someone in the village has managed to lose a Pokemon.
- Some members of the Gingko Guild seems to be selling shoddy merchandise.
- The Medical Corps are looking for powder samples.
- Some of the local crops have developed a fungal infection.
- An expedition into the Mirelands hasn't returned. They were expected back days ago.
- Two of the new arrivals are arguing over a coveted store position.
- Someone or something is sneaking around the houses at night.

Alpha Catch Opportunities

There is only one of each of these, so whoever claims first gets to make the catch!

Shiny Catch Opportunities

There is only one of each of these, so whoever claims first gets to make the catch!

RPWLA&MVGGaming Journal


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Liliana Collins
 ch 2. "B u b b l e s  b u r s t"

A whispered “what…?” was all she could push out of her mouth. Liliana was stood inside a Galaxy Hall office, Pearl at her side, across from the desk of a blue-haired, icy-eyed Galaxy Team official. The latter frowned and nodded wryly, hands folded together atop her desk, as she continued her explanation.

“He was last seen nearly a month ago, when his survey team exploring the Alabaster Icelands was attacked by a powerful unknown Pokémon. Despite the best efforts of our search and rescue teams, we've recovered no trace. Apologies, I thought we had sent word your way, but perhaps it arrived only after your travels began.”

Liliana was barely listening anymore. It wasn’t that this outcome hadn’t crossed her mind by now, but it’d been such a foreign idea, such a worst-case scenario, that she’d pushed the thought away again each time it’d come up. She could only hastily shake her head, afraid her voice would break if she spoke too soon. She swallowed, trying to set it straight, and managed to respond.
 “I… I see.”

 Cyllene sighed, and briefly closed her eyes. “I’m very sorry, madam. I hope you can find the strength to carry on… and we’ll make sure to send word to keep you informed of any developments in the search.”

“R-Right, of course.” Liliana nodded, having slightly regained her composure. “I’ll be waiting, then.”

“Can I assume you will return to the same contact address as before?”

That question threw Liliana off guard. “I… what? No, I… Is it not possible for me to stay here?”

Where it was dubious so far, at this point Captain Cyllene’s voice betrayed a definite note of irritation. “Excuse my assumption, madam. I just couldn't imagine you intended to stay. As you have already been confronted with the considerable danger that this area poses to its inhabitants... not to mention the loss of your foremost pillar of support."

Cyllene's insinuations had the desired effect. Lily was shaken as it was, and the idea of having to brave this existence by herself was equally daunting. Still, she shook her head, and stood her ground. "No, Captain. I want to stay here. I need to... to stay close to where he is, and keep up to date on developments regarding the search... perhaps assist in the efforts myself, if you would allow!"

The captain's brow furrowed deeper, and she had to resist moving her hand toward her face. She returned Lily's expression with a stern gaze, and rose to her feet with some exasperation. "I need you to understand, madam, that Jubilife Village nor the Galaxy Team has any space for freeloaders. Everyone here earns their keep, no matter how... tragic their situation may be."

Liliana clenched her teeth to try and retain a determined expression. "You've made yourself crystal clear, captain."

"Excellent." A slight sigh seemed to escape Cyllene, but she crossed her arms to continue. "I suggest starting asking around our corps to see where you might be of use. Keeping your own particular talents in mind, of course," she added, skeptically looking Liliana up and down once more. The latter instinctively looked over herself, suddenly embarrassed by the frilly dress she'd shown up in to greet her husband.

"Thank you for your advice, captain. I won't let you down."

The light trembling of Liliana's voice did her argument no favours, but after a final greeting, she made herself scarce, little Pearl on her heels. Right now, she wanted to be as far away from Galaxy Hall as possible... though she knew that to find work, she'd likely find herself returning very soon.


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Monthly Update #4

Available Pokemon

Obsidian Fieldlands

Crimson Mirelands

Optional Prompts

- A mysterious Pokemon has been spotted in the Obsidian Fieldlands. Investigate.
- The Diamond Clan are accusing the Pearl Clan of thievery.
- The Medical Corps are looking for powder samples.
- A Pearl Clan delegation is visiting to speak with Kamado. They need babysi - guides.
- An expedition into the Mirelands hasn't returned. They were expected back days ago.
- Two of the new arrivals are arguing over a coveted store position.
- Members of the encampment are making noise complaints but others haven't heard a peep.

Alpha Catch Opportunities

There is only one of each of these, so whoever claims first gets to make the catch!

Shiny Catch Opportunities

There is only one of each of these, so whoever claims first gets to make the catch!

RPWLA&MVGGaming Journal


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Orion Archambeaux

Jubilife Village
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Construction Corps

Introducing Oba-chan!

Orion fastened his only black braids in a bun atop his head, so as to keep them from imposing on his view. The construction corps affiliate found himself perched upon a rooftop, meticulously applying tiles. Down below, he had entrusted his brother with inserting glass in the window panes, and another assistant of his was seated upon a nearby tree stump, ravenously scoffing down a rice cake. People passed by on the street, some stopping to ogle at his work, others fixating upon him. It was something he was quite familiar with. He was strikingly handsome and this was something which often drew the eye. Furthermore, Orion had features that many were unaccustomed to, which also occasionally attracted attention from passersby. He usually would respond to these lingering glances with a charming smile and a wave, or perhaps a jovial greeting. Orion valued community and desired to establish good relations with the entirety of the settlement’s population. It was just how his maman had raised him.

“Is being on a rooftop a job fit for a Pokémon?”
The voice was coming from a small elderly woman, who Orion instantaneously recognized as Izanami Ogawa. She was referring to Zyir, of course, who Orion had instructed to hand him tiles to be placed upon the roof’s surface. His other intention was exposure therapy; he wanted to gradually ease his pokemon’s fear of heights. So far, Zyir had done reasonably well, despite the momentary hesitancy when he got a glimpse of the ground below.

Orion chuckled at this. “He’s doing an excellent job. Isn’t that right, Zyir?” The builder then proceeded to affectionately pat his pokemon, who cooed in reply. “It’s a nice surprise to see you, Izanami.”

Izanami smiled at this. “You can call me, Nami, Orion. Or Oba-chan. I’ve told you boys that many times, we’re practically family, after all.” It was true, Izanami had invited Orion and his brother, Leo, to stay with her upon their arrival to the Sinnoh region. They obliged, grateful at the unanticipated kindness of a woman whom they had no prior connection to. Izanami was indigenous to the region and knew the land like no other. She was a kind, brilliant woman, who loved nothing other than sharing her vast knowledge with others. The brothers eventually constructed their own house, from the ground up, but continually paid visits to Izanami, who they viewed as a grandmother. “My bad, Oba-Chan.” She, too, visited the Archambeaux brothers on a regular basis, and usually brought them a gift of some sort, despite their adamant protests against her doing so. Izanami enjoyed their company, as her husband had unfortunately passed away a few years prior, and all but one of her daughters had moved out of the village.

Izanami always dolled herself up for her strolls to town, she loved to wear yukata in earthy tones or colours that resembled the setting sun, and on occasion she would even step out in a beautifully intricate kimono patterned with vivid roses. She always styled her hair into a neat bun, and would frequently put in a hair ornament of some sort. She was the epitome of elegance and grace, or Orion thought so, at the very least. She was a youthful spirit, never allowing her age to slow her down in the slightest.

Izanami extracted a paper bag that she had concealed within the draping sleeve of her yukata, gesturing towards it. “I brought something for you.” Orion shook his head, a laugh escaping his lips as he quite literally leapt off the roof without a moment’s hesitation and landed on his feet. This caught Leo’s attention as well and he paused what he was doing, before waving at the widowed woman, whom he didn’t notice beforehand. “Oba-chan! So nice to see you!” As both brothers gathered around her, she extracted several bento boxes from the paper bag and thrust them in Orion’s hands. “Oba-chan, you shouldn’t have. Seriously.” She didn’t let Orion continue, as she shook her head and smiled. “Oh nonsense! You are both big, strong young men and you need to eat!! There’s enough for lunch and dinner, perhaps even leftovers.”

Orion set the bento boxes down carefully before bowing to Izanami and Leo followed suit. “Thank you, Oba-chan. You’re too kind.”

“Oh, stop with the formalities, I’m but an old lady!” She said with a soft chuckle. Leo cast Izanami a serious glance. “We’ll repay you somehow, Oba-chan, Need anything fixed in your place, we’ve got you covered. We can come over tomorrow.”

Oba-chan waved her hand at this, as if to toss the idea aside. “My place is just fine, thank you. But you are more than welcome to stop by for tea and we can sit in the garden. That’s how we can repay you.”

It wasn’t unusual for her to bring them bento, or a trinket of some sort that she thought they’d fancy. The brothers cherished every gift Oba-change offered. The two had secretly begun the construction of a new bench which she could place in her garden. She had another, but it was weathered and small. This one would be much larger and significantly more comfortable to sit upon. It was the very least they could do. Izanami, of course, has no idea about any of this. Orion and Leo would present it to her upon completion, which would be any day now.

“Now, I don’t want to keep you two, and besides, I’m on route to the market. I’ve heard that there’s a travelling salesperson who’s come all the way from Hoenn and has brought all kinds of unique wares! I’d like to see what they have to offer.” Oba-chan explained.

“You’re not keeping us at all. The house is almost finished.” Orion assured her, gesturing to the structure which stood tall behind him. It was a traditional-Sinnohian home he had built for a young family, with large , spacious rooms designed to fit the needs of a lot of people.

“Oh, yes, you boys have done a fantastic job. It looks phenomenal. Make sure not to work yourselves too hard, now!”

“We won’t, Oba-chan. You too, if that salesman rips you off, let’s us know. We’ll deal with him.” Leo struck his enclosed fist against his palm, so as to insinuate that he would resolve said situation via throwing hands, if it were to arise.

Oba-chan found this quite humorous. “Oh, don’t worry, I know how to strike up a deal. I’ve been doing it for over 70 years now, I’m an expert at this point. Anyways, I’ll be off now.” Izanami bowed politely, before turning to walk down the path which led to the village’s center. “You two take care.”

Orion and Leo waved her off, both feeling elated after the interaction with their beloved Oba-chan. She was living proof that sometimes family wasn’t always blood-related, it was chosen. Oba-chan was family, plain and simple.

“Now, time to eat! I’m starved!” And with that, the brothers chowed down, enjoying Oba-chan’s incredible cooking.

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