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    I seldom go to the beach. Last trip took place via a family outing sometime two or three years ago? Pretty ironic knowing I live in Florida.

    But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy it. I love it. <3 While I don't play in the ocean waves, I'm someone who sits and takes in the breathtaking view. It's relaxing, I love the scent, and I love the sounds that accompany a beach. Reason why I haven't gone to one recently is due to being unable to find somebody to go with. Yet. Soon.
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    Old 3 Weeks Ago (10:54 PM).
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    I could never go to the beach if there's others there.
    I don't like the way my body is ;;
    If it's just me and a friend it's ok tho.

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    i grew up by the beach my entire life, and after years of going there everyday as a kid, it got boring really fast. it's nice to visit once in a while though, i think.
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    I find the beach to be boring. If I were a fan of swimming in the ocean I guess it would be more fun for me, but since that isn't the case I don't see the point in going.

    Plus, I don't tan. I burn :<
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      I like the beach. I like warm weather, that is when I come alive. So bring on the clear skies, brilliant sunshine and exotic warm air, for me laying in the sand feels like I'm getting a massage, especially if someone makes me a banket out of it.

      I like sculpting things out of the sand, collecting pretty sea shells, having a summer picnic, playing beach ball, helping others fly their kite and walking along the surf and feeling the sparkling, cool water beneath my feet. I have so many good memories of beach vacations.
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      The beach is okay, I've been a few times on trips, and it's nice for a couple of days, but if I lived by one I don't think I'd be out there all the time.
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        Beaches are relaxing, I've been to a few. Though I get worried about getting skin cancer from the sun though. Also worried about jellyfish or sharks. Oh and the salt water irritates the eyes. But digging a hole in the sand is pretty entertaining
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          I really like the beach! It's generally calm most of the time so it's a nice place to sit and think.
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          I enjoy spending the day at the beach. It's good to relax and fun to take a swim.
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