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If there is a war between regions, who will win?

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View Poll Results: Trumphant region?
Kanto 3 11.54%
Johto 2 7.69%
Hoenn 1 3.85%
Sinnoh 7 26.92%
Unova 6 23.08%
Kalos 4 15.38%
Alola 3 11.54%
Voters: 26. You may not vote on this poll

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Old February 28th, 2018 (10:20 PM).
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    Suppose there is some conflict between all 7 regions and they all start up a war with each other, which region, you think will win this war.

    - Region can use only their native pokemon
    - No legendary pokemon (Since sinnoh has arceus)
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    Old March 4th, 2018 (4:11 AM).
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    I think it's close between Sinnoh and Unova but I'll have to give it to Sinnoh. Gen 1/2 had too much weak stuff, Gen 6/7 don't have enough native Pokémon, Gen 3 is a bit lacking in diversity of strength, and Gen 4/5 are generally pretty even on power budgets. Sinnoh wins out for me because there are a fair few more final evolutions in the generation than in Unova (given all the old stuff that got new evolutions).
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    Old March 4th, 2018 (4:29 AM).
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    Not going to get into the semantics of cross-generational evolutions and where they should be considered native to, but that aside, I think that Unova has the edge out of all the regions, with Kanto and Sinnoh just behind them. Unova has one of the largest pools of non-Legendary/Mythical Pokemon, and they've got the widest type coverage as well. If Kanto and Johto did the smart thing by teaming up though, I think they would have the best odds overall.
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    Old March 4th, 2018 (8:42 AM).
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      Kalos cuz it has the most beautiful Pokemon <3
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      Old March 4th, 2018 (10:52 AM).
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        Voted Hoenn cause come at me but I agree with Brendino's thoughts that they have the best type coverage in a battle situation. If you mean what you prefer, that is subjective on which region would triumph but battle wise I think the strats favor Unova.
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        Old March 5th, 2018 (7:03 AM). Edited March 5th, 2018 by Damien.aspiring.fandev.
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          "7" regions? What happened to the Orange archipelago, Sevii islands, Orre, Holon, Fiore, Almia, Oblivia, Decolore archipelago & Ferrum?
          (there would also be Pokémon Island, but that place has pratically no human inhabitants as far as I'm aware...)
          Again, some fans portray regions as countries, whereas other portray them as territorial administrations
          under bigger entities, and there's things that favor either sides, it's thus legitimate to ask ourselves
          whether there's the same concept of nationality we have in our world...
          Hm, maybe I shouldn't get into that... on a side-note, in the animated series and movies we have microstates
          (Mirage kingdom, Rota, Lucario kingdom, Azoth kingdom).

          Still, you know which regions would be truly a force to be reckon with?

          Those would be Fiore, Almia and Oblivia(well, Oblivia a little less, since it's less populated than the Sevii Isles and had only 1 area ranger last time I checked)
          Why exactly? See this device?

          This is the latest capture styler model we know of.
          The rangers in those regions aren't proper trainers. Typing of, the aforementioned regions don't have
          any leagues, gyms, colosseums or any other kind of pokémon battling facility, so again, how would they
          fend themselves off? You see, the capture stylers consist in a main device, complete with ranger Browser(dex equivalent),
          geolocalization, phone-like communication capabilities, glossary, top notch IA and a few other functions, as
          well as a spinning top-like part called capture disk. Rangers command the launched disk through the main device,
          and by drawing loops around the target pokémon they transmit them their feelings, calming down said pokémon
          and rendering them more incline to provide assistance. Styler-equipped rangers can thus pacificate pokémon
          in the matter of minutes or seconds, even without giving the pokémon single scratch. Prior to Shadows of Almia, rangers
          had to bulk up in order to endure eventual harm, however stylers, aside rivalring pokédexes in terms of durability,
          will protect their users from any sort of harm at the cost of some of its energy, so good luck disposing of either. In
          case stylers are lost, they cannot be used by anyone else : not only one has to actually bond with the target pokémon,
          but stylers can be used solely by the ranger they were assigned to and nobody else, not even colleagues. The only legitimate
          ways to deal with a styler and their user would be making the energy run out(energy depletes if the ranger gets harmed
          or if the capture line projected by the disk gets attacked, when fully depleted the disk blows up) or separating them
          (and possibly disassembling the styler). Since the styler relies on feelings, the only pokémon resulting impossible to
          capture would be the Shadow pokémon, for the doors to their hearts are shut(but again, there aren't any more of those
          as far as I know) and maybe nihilego. Yep, that's pretty much it... may the Ranger Union live!

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          Old March 10th, 2018 (8:34 PM).
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          Hmm, pretzels.
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            Being completely sincere, I'd say that it'd be a tough fight between Kanto, Sinnoh, and Unova, maybe the two latter more than Kanto. Johto has somewhat underwhelming Pokémon that would be easily defeated, Hoenn has equally underwhelming Pokémon, besides some exceptions in both cases.

            As for Kalos and Alola, well, I feel like their Pokémon would get beaten by Unova and Sinnoh. Of course, in an actual battle, results may be completely different - but this is just me speculating.
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            Old March 10th, 2018 (11:25 PM).
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            Unova uses HYD43G-10N drones to kill the other regions for oil, if it's anything like real life.

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            Old March 28th, 2018 (12:51 AM).
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              Kanto win's for being the original and being when Pokemon was it's most popular (and both for the pokemon craze in 98-99 and also on pokemon go).

              They know how to win over people, Kanto does.

              My vote is on Kanto.

              If anyone think's this post is dumb in any sense I don't give one :P
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              Being girly is wonderful!!!!! :D

              And Pokemon is forever special to me :)
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              Old March 28th, 2018 (11:59 AM).
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                Sinnoh will win! Because gen 4 and DP forever!
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                Old March 29th, 2018 (6:16 AM). Edited March 29th, 2018 by LilyGardy.
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                  Unova introduced more Pokemon than any other region including several powerful Dragon types like Haxorus and Hydreigon. So I can see Unova winning although Hoenn will run them close.
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                  Old May 2nd, 2018 (1:45 AM). Edited May 2nd, 2018 by colours.
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                  I mean, Alola would be fighting a losing battle. Waging war on tiny islands just hardly seems fair. Solgaleo and Lunala don't really stand much of a chance against behemoths like Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza from Hoenn.

                  Speaking of Hoenn, it should be noted that Kyogre on its own could probably drown the whole world if it was really pissed off, with the only thing stopping it probably being Arceus? So I'd say the bigger champions of this war would either be Hoenn (with everyone dying anyway) or Sinnoh (thanks to either Dialga/Palkia/Giratina/Arceus).
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                  Old May 3rd, 2018 (1:35 AM).
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                    Obviously Sinnoh, even though Kanto is competitive too!
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                    Old June 4th, 2018 (3:16 AM).
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                      Kalos for me. They got some sweet pokemon, Mega eveloution is pinacle there for there league as thats where it was first discoverd and to me its the most technalogical advanced from what ive seen so far of the other regions
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                      Old June 14th, 2018 (8:56 PM).
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                        Well based off the lore and not stats, Kalos would win by a devastatingly staggering amount. AZ's Flabebe (a non legendary ) could've wiped everyone out. Not to mention one of their starter Pokemon can be bullet proof. The other is a fire wizard so powerful they barred it's final evolution from entering the Pokken tournament as it just incinerates its foes without thought. The last one is a ninja. Not only that imagine a Horde of Durant swarming towards you!

                        The only competitors would be the Kanto/Johto alliance (with internal strife over who will control Victory Road territories) seeing as how they have actual war experience with Lt. Surge and Sinnoh with their powerhouse evolutions. Their only drawbacks being Kanto and Johto were conceptualized on nostalgia of bug catching and trading so much more over battling that those regions just seem to be lacking in power. And sinnoh is literally divided in half by a giant mountain that it feels too much like they would just split into two different territories instead of being a region. Even Hoenn has better transportation with mountains, oceans (let's be real that's an ocean, not a sea), and roads.

                        As for Unova they actually faced destruction and devastation from Team Plasma so they have their own things to consider such as not going into a war that will leave them with a hefty debt

                        Finished the FR/LG monotype a loooooong time ago. Not that anyone cares though.
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                        Old July 8th, 2018 (2:02 PM). Edited July 8th, 2018 by zetsubanx.
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                          Unova for sure. Competitive Gen V was all about raw offense - it got so broken that they had to implement the Fairy type and a crapload of nerfs to fix it. A good amount of Unova Pokemon were part of this problem too
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                          Old July 11th, 2018 (11:22 AM).
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                          Sad the poll is already closed. However, I agree with the winning region being Sinnoh, anyway. Although, it's probably for a different reason than what others have picked it.

                          If we go by lore in this struggle between regions, it would simply make sense for the region to win who has the most powerful legendaries. If we assume that any piece of lore in the Pokemon world is true, then the most powerful Pokemon in existence can only be one referred to as god. By god, this can only apply to a Pokemon that has created everything including the Pokemon of other regions. And what can create also can destroy.

                          Given that there only is one Pokemon in the series that is referred to such a title and that its residence is Sinnoh, it just makes sense for this region to be the most powerful.
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                          Old July 11th, 2018 (12:57 PM).
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                            Originally Posted by Squirrel View Post
                            I think it's close between Sinnoh and Unova but I'll have to give it to Sinnoh. Gen 1/2 had too much weak stuff, Gen 6/7 don't have enough native Pokémon, Gen 3 is a bit lacking in diversity of strength, and Gen 4/5 are generally pretty even on power budgets. Sinnoh wins out for me because there are a fair few more final evolutions in the generation than in Unova (given all the old stuff that got new evolutions).
                            Magcargo >>>>>> every other region as it is hotter than the sun. Lanturn also has multi universe destroying capabilities based of its pokedex entries. You don't need even need the big boys from Johto to decimate every other region.

                            Gen 2 > everything else
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                            Old August 5th, 2018 (10:50 AM).
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                              I would say Kalos, maybe because it is based of a larger land mass irl. Although, if lengedaries counts, it would be Sinnoh by a mile.
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