Which Generation has the best starters?

Started by AZ Jr April 7th, 2014 11:57 AM
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Best Gen for starters?

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Which generation had the best starters? In my opinion, gen three and six tie. Torchic was my first poke ever. 'But AZ Jr, that's bias! You can't use nostalgia to justify liking a generations starters!' I hear you beginning to type. But...

Anyway, generation six ALSO wins because:
-The final evolutions are pretty cool.
-They just look nice (yes, I'm that shallow).
-Some good coverage.
-Some surprises. (Like a certain ninja poke)

What are your favourites?
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Posted October 31st, 2020
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I really like Generation VI's starters, because they all have really cool designs and typings. The first stages are also so cute :D Even though some people aren't big for the final forms, I really like them myself.
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Posted July 17th, 2020
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I'm tied with 5th and 6th gen starters - I'll give it to the 5th since it has my #1 favorite starter of all times, Oshawott (but the 6th gen has my #2 favorite starter, Fennekin) - it's 3 evo's make such cute moves in Amie, and because I love otters.
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I'll always have a soft spot for the original trio, but I'd have to go with the 3rd gen starters as my favorite of the bunch. The Kanto and Hoenn starters are the only ones that I enjoyed using each starter, with Squirtle and Treecko being in my top 3 favorite starters across all generations.


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Posted February 14th, 2020
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I personally like the starters from Gen IV. I'm not sure why, maybe because Sinnoh is probably my favorite region but all of the starters appeal to me. I like at least 1 from each Gen but I like all of Sinnoh starters. ^^
But I LOVE Delphox and Gredinja as well, it's only the grass type (see, I don't even know the name) that's holding me back.
I really like Gen three as well though. xD Not too fond of Swampert or Blaziken (omg, ik) that much though, I prefer Sceptile. I love all of their pre-evolutions though.
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Posted October 16th, 2019
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All of them had some lovely starters, but my vote goes to Gen 6. I just love the Froakie line with all my heart. Greninja's tongue scarf is totally fitting for its design, and the line has an amazing ability in Protean. Fennekin's also pretty cool, with Braixen being my favourite out of that line. I just like the stick, really. Chespin's line was...ehh to me, but Chespin and Quilladin are adorable. Chesnaught...not so much, though it has a niche in Bulletproof.

I also like how Gen 6' starter evolutions were based on MMO classes x)


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Gen II is the only generation where I never grow tired of the starters. Perhaps it's just because I haven't played it as much, but for every other generation I feel like I'm boxing the starters right from the get go. For the Johto starters it's never really like that.


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My top vote goes to Gen I since it's the only generation where I actually have trouble choosing between all three of them when I start a file. Gen II is a close second but I... never... really pick Chikorita so the choice gets narrowed down.

With pretty much every other generation, I have very clear favourites and I don't much care for the other Pokémon at all.

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The best starters can be found in Gen3 imo!
Blaziken is my favorite, i love its design and typing.
Swampert is a very close 2nd choice, for only being weak to Grass
Scpetile is my least favorite, but he has a pretty cool design :D

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The Gen 3 starters are almost flawless in my opinion:

Mudkip: Easy Mode in Pokemon form (seriously, the only Grass types in R/S/E are Ludicolo, whom no in-game trainer uses and Roselia, who sucks).
Torchic: Is super-cute and evolves into a flaming-chicken-warrior-man. Also, Blaziken was Fire/Fighting before it was cool.
Treecko: I guess a lot of people like Grovyle because of PMD 2. Also, it was one of the first all-out-offensive Grass types, using actual attacking moves instead of relying on Hp-draining moves and status-spamming to inflict damage.

Every other Generation I find has at least one starter I don't like, or don't care about.
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Posted September 4th, 2018
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6th Generation to me. They all have good stats going for it, and while Delphox's movepool isn't as great as the other two, they are still usable and have useful secondary types that can be handy for dealing with a lot of foes. I love the whole RPG theme with the designs as well.
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I like gen 6 and gen 1 best, I believe. I like how balanced the starter trio of gen 6 was, with eventual dual typing and cool inspiration and designs. But I'll always think Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur with their reptilian looks make up the best trio in their original forms. Their first evolutions, Charmeleon, Wartortle and Ivysaur also look splendid, while I think their final forms all look a bit too monster-y together.

Extra mention goes to gen 2 though. They really felt like a fresh breeze when Ash got the new trio and there's something about their design and colors that just looks so great. So in terms of design. I like gen 2 a lot. At least their unevolved stages.


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Generation Three is very popular (evil insanity laugh). Not much love for Generation Two though. I thought it would be second (geddit?) at least. But no. Generation Six and One tie. Interesting.
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Gen 5 had Samurott, he's pretty badass and I do like Snivy, even if he is a slight Treeko rip off IMO. But apart from that nothing stands out.

But then gen 2 I dunno there's something about them that I just love (probably definitely nostalgia). Bayleef has always been one of my favourites even though I have no genuine explanation why.

But then gen 1 has Charizard & Bulbasaur

But thennn gen 6 really hit the nail on the head with the types of the starters final forms (Emboar should've been fire/dark IMO).

In all honestly I do think gen 3 had the best all round selection of starters though. The Treeko line was the first "cool" grass starter line, Swampert was brilliant to use in game and Blaziken was the original fire/fighting boss.


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2 by far. I absolutely adore them all and sometimes find it impossible to even pick a favorite from the trio. Gen 1 comes very close too though and not for nostalgia reasons - Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle are way cute. Other than that no other regional starter group screams to me as being "great."
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The Gen 3 starters are my favorite group, with Gens 1 and 6 more or less tied for 2nd place.

Least favorite generation of starters is Gen 5.
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