I feel too bad T^T

Started by Layarci December 26th, 2015 3:35 AM
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I usually hear everyone around here talking about pokemon X/Y,OR/AS and Super Mystery Dungeon but really i don't know a thing about these games 'cause i have never played them.I thought that i will play then when the emulator comes out but there is no emulator for 3ds and i can't buy one ,so i feel bad when i hear everybody talk about these games.I think most of the people on this site have a 3ds console ,so HAVE FUN! 'cause you are very lucky.:)


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Hey there.

You dont have why to feel left out, even if you havent play the last gen games. I havent either. But if you are intersted in 6th gen new things in combat, you can always play Pokemon Showdown! PC has its own little server! It has mega-Evolutions, fairy types, and all the other changes that 6th gen has! Give it a try! You may like it ;)


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Definitely no need to feel bad, you have noo idea how many people are on PC that don't have a 3DS yet and might not ever get one (seems like every other new member I welcome mentions not having one). Doesn't make you any less of a Pokémon fan. ;p The older games were just as amazing and I personally enjoy replaying them more than X/Y/OR/AS! Hopefully you'll be able to get a 3DS sometime but for now don't worry about it and maybe watch some walkthrough/Let's Plays of them to hold you off. :3
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Remember that just because you can't keep up with the latest technology, doesn't mean you have to feel left out. Like the others said, there's a lot of others here who also lack a 3DS (including a certain TWL regular who lives in a place where tons of stuff is overpriced) and Gens 1-5 are still great games, so you've still got those to enjoy.

And remember, I'm sure you can get a 3DS very soon and be up-to-date.
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I have a solution but you cant do it .But I will tell you - There is a competition held in Delhi .You have to answer the 2000 questions .
First Prize -2000 correct answer-4K,ps4.
Second Prize-1700 correct answer-Sony laptop,Xbox full game set.
Third Prize-1500 correct answer-ps3,nitendo3DS.
But its nothing that that everyone have 3DS ,I also dont.but I am trying to collect money for 3DS.
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Yeah, I feel you. I haven't had a 3DS for about half a year now and I miss the games as well (along with Smash 3DS). I can play the roms of the older games but it's still not the same as playing the newer games being able to use Wonder Trade and trade with others and stuff. Also, when you don't play them for a while you tend to forget things as well. :x


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Don't feel bad, you're lucky because we live in an age where emulation is RAPIDLY becoming more popular so I think you could even expect to see 3DS emulators pop up in the coming years. So let's keep our fingers crossed and hope one comes out soon!
But hopefully you can get a 3DS in the future. c:
But you know, there are many other Pokemon games you can play via emulation which are just as fun! Currently I'm replaying Crystal on an emulator, you can also play rom hacks on emulators too.
As some other users said, you can experience gen 6 Pokemon by battling on the server. Also, let's plays are a fun way to live vicariously through others game play experience. Don't feel too down!


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If you can't afford a 3DS at the moment, I'd recommend giving 2DS a shot, specifically one that's used; hopefully, this will be much less pricey.
I have a 3DS XL and I gotta admit I very rarely have the 3D Aspect turned on, this is why like said above - try and get your hands on a 2DS, maybe even a second hand one, the games are well worth playing.


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I have a 3DS XL and I gotta admit I very rarely have the 3D Aspect turned on, this is why like said above - try and get your hands on a 2DS, maybe even a second hand one, the games are well worth playing.
Same, as someone who recently had a New Nintendo 3DS XL.

During my X run, the 3D perspective is used pretty little in the game which I'm disappointed since there's lots of scenes which can make use of the feature like the Parfum Palace. In terms of the Free-To-Start spinoffs, Shuffle for me had nothing and Picross is nothing too special. Rumble World did a very good job at the 3D aspect though.

Still overall, if you just want to get the Pokemon games on a new handheld and you don't care about the 3D aspect, get a 2DS since it's much cheaper.

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2DS is your friend in that case, it's way cheaper.

I bought 3DS pretty late myself (when X was released) and it was honestly a spontaneous decision to make. I wasn't very rich back then and I had bills to pay etc. To this day I wonder how I managed to survive that one month haha.