4th Gen 10 Years since Sinnoh - D/P anniversary!

Started by Adventure September 28th, 2016 10:37 AM
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Click here for a celebratory PokéCommunity Daily article!

image credit to Fishenod on deviantart!

Today 10 years ago (September 28, 2006) Diamond and Pearl released in Japan, becoming the first main series Pokémon games on the Nintendo DS! Time to relive our Sinnoh memories and celebrate the games turning a decade old - still lovely to play though! Why not head over to Fourth Generation and chit-chat about them? Or perhaps undertake a challenge with Sinnoh pokémon in Challenges?



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4th gen is one of my favourite series of Pokemon. <33 I remember when they were released for the first time; I adored the experience!

Happy 10th anni!

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Ahhh! Fourth Generation is definitely in my top three of favorite generations. I can't believe it's been ten years since its release! Agreeing with Dragon here, the experience was really wonderful! I do hope to see Sinnoh revitalized in 3D at some point.

Happy tenth anniversary!

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Never actually played D/P, but I've played platinum, which is kinda similar. Gen 4 has some of the best pokemon, with Giratina, Dialga, Kriketune, Roserade, Skuntank, Cresselia, Darkrai, I could go all night!
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I can't believe Diamond & Pearl are 10 years old now. 4th Gen had some notable part in Pokemon's history by bringing some fresh changes to old mechanics to the table. Happy 10th anniversary Sinnoh!
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When people ask me my favourite generation, it's always so hard to choose between 3 and 4. Though, I feel like generation 4's music was just so good. Route 216 will probably be my favourite Pokémon music for life.

I still remember being in elementary school and being super hyped about Gen 4 coming out. I even remember my friend battling another person on their DS's while I just watched. The other person told me about signature moves or something, saying that Close Combat was his Infernape's signature move, only to react to my friend evolving his Staravia and learn Close Combat as well.


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Gen 4 is my favourite of all time (Platinum being the best obviously)



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My favourite generation of all! It really doesn't feel like 10 years have passed for these games. Still to date they still remain as my all-time favourites in the Pokemon franchise.


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[color]Well, this was the first generation I bought and played by myself! So this brings back a lot of memories. Happy 10 years, generation 4~.[/color]
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I am kinda expecting the remakes to be next year's game. I kinda hope it is in Platinum Style though, but if it isn't oh well. I have just never played Plat.

I remember Diamond and Pearl being one of my most excited games to get right behind Unova. First Pokemon game I ever preordered as well. I remember getting up at about 7 in the morning for an early Gamestop opening to get the games and there was a fairly large line. Can't wait for these games to get remade, as I am pretty sure they will be. Sinnoh is the only Region I don't have a game for anymore.
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Pokémon isn't the same ever since this geneneration ended... No offense to BW and XY fans.

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Nonsense. This generation is still the worst one in the entire series. There wont ever be a generation before or after that'll be as bad as this one. But happy 10th anniversary anyways.