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Life What's your relationship like with the rest of your family?

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Old September 3rd, 2018 (5:06 PM). Edited 3 Weeks Ago by colours.
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Title, basically! For me, I get along with some of pretty well. My relationship with my mother is kinda rocky but it has been for years and I don't see that changing. For now though, we get along well and that's all that matters.

I get along with my sister the most, though. What about you guys?
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Old September 3rd, 2018 (7:08 PM). Edited September 3rd, 2018 by strangerhypno.
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    It's good. Except I have a narcissistic sibling.
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    Old September 4th, 2018 (4:42 AM).
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    I get along pretty good with my younger sisters, it's more or less always been that way. My relationship with my parents isn't bad either, though I'd say that I'm less close with them than my sisters.
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    Old September 4th, 2018 (6:11 AM).
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    I get along really well with my mum and sister and well with my Aunt and pretty well with my paternal grandmother I suppose. Everyone else I either don't know well enough to care or have an intense dislike for really.
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    Old September 4th, 2018 (7:29 AM).
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      my relationship with my mom is great for the most part, we just dont get along on certain things. my relationship with my dad is..okay? somewhat strained, but we're getting there slowly but surely. my relationship with my little sister is great but she is very close minded on certain things that i consider a big part of my life. my relationship with my big sister is okay i guess, we get along for the most part but we never really talk because shes always out doing adult things with her life.
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      Old September 4th, 2018 (6:26 PM).
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        I'm not on too great terms with my family, mostly due to that I do not connect with them on a deep level---which generates quite a bit of tension when in the same room with them.
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        Old September 5th, 2018 (8:37 PM).
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        I'm ok with my birth parents but my step father is really horrible. He was ok when mom first met him but now he's strait up abusive and hurtful to us. He's at his last chance before we just leave.

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        Old September 9th, 2018 (8:43 AM).
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        I didn't grow up with any brothers or sisters so I don't have that relationship, though I always wanted siblings. I was quick to befriend any cousin of mine of any age because it was the closest I had to a sibling. I like working with kids today, and deep down see them as the little brothers and sisters I never had.

        My relationship with my mom couldn't be better. Neighbors and other family members and friends have often remarked on how close we are, sometimes with envy. Since I was the only child I was spoiled rotten. My mom also had me when she older than other mothers after a difficult pregnancy so I was looked on as a blessing. She badly wanted a child and really enjoyed being a mom. She sewed me a christening gown as a baby that she still keeps wrapped up in pristine condition under her bed. She would read bedtime stories to me and I could climb into bed with her any time I wanted. She covered the room in toys and hand-carved and painted a bookcase for me with all the muppets and characters from Sesame Street. She worked as an artist for a living.

        My mom had also worked as a teacher, so she was always ready to answer any question I had, and took me to art museums and science exhibits and libraries, and bought me a computer.

        She is a very gentle and mild person taught me to love animals and loves working with her hands in the garden. I nickname her Lily Craven, because she was kinda like the fairytale mom from The Secret Garden if you ever read that children's book. I grew up being told that I was beautiful and smart and that I could be anything that I wanted, because she was trying to build my confidence.

        Nowadays I can tell her about mostly anything I am going through, and she is always very encouraging, sensitive with her words and nonjudgmental. We can spend hours chattering away on the phone, and just hang out together more like sisters, sit and watch a movie at home and eat popcorn together or go shopping. She has a physical disability now, but she doesn't let it get her down. Sometimes it feels like me and her against the world.

        My relationship with my dad isn't quite as romantic. He and my mother split up when I was little, and I mostly remember being raised by her.

        He always made his support payments, and I saw him sometimes. He would be familiar and was usually friendly and affectionate, but he was also an ambitious person who loved his career and and could be selfish. He was a philanderer and would tell us so many tall tales.

        He is a prominent person in the community who knows how to charm with public speaking skills and wit, but he did not have patience at home with his kids, mostly it was left to my mom to do the raising and sometimes it felt more like he was renting a family when he needed it. He could be temperamental and insecure, and I really couldn't ask questions or say no to something the way I could under the more indulgent upbringing I had with my mom. My dad was king in his castle. I actually dreaded visits to see him as a kid. I felt stiff like I was going to The White House or Buckingham Palace. I always had to hold things in and smile, and put up a good show, especially if it was a public event.

        I put a lot of distance between myself and my father once I became an adult, I just wasn't happy around him, and was so tired of the facade. While there were years where we did not see eachother. He did reach out to me recently on my birthday, and honestly it was a nice talk. He may be maturing over the years. We will see where it goes. I don't think my dad and I would ever be tight like I am with my mom, but I think it could get better. He's semi-retired now, his schedule has freed up, and he is a professor and a consultant at a university.

        He has gotten better with connecting to people my age I think by being inspired by students. He has developed a heart condition, and being sick has made him reflect more on his life and the people that matter to him. Maybe we will better relationship now in the time that he has left.
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        Old 4 Weeks Ago (2:56 PM). Edited 4 Weeks Ago by Sheep.
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        Decent. Mom and I get along well and she's understanding of my mental health issues since she herself is medicated for anxiety. Dad can be annoying, especially when he drinks too much. /: I don't show it but I don't trust or like him as much for his obnoxious personality and since he cheated on mom two-ish years ago. After being confronted he got angry and threatened to leave but eventually calmed down and has become nicer, though sometimes still annoying. We have to let him keep living here since mom and I can't afford the mortgage and other bills on our own. =s

        Wouldn't mind not seeing him again and I definitely would not want to invite him to, say, my wedding or anything. Luckily at least relationship with one parent is good!

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        Old 4 Weeks Ago (5:26 PM).
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          I get along with my moms really well. It’s so easy to have deep discussions with them. They’re always there for me and I’m always there for them. We have arguments occasionally, but they’re few and far between nowadays.

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          Old 4 Weeks Ago (5:46 PM).
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            My sister's a lazy jerk, so we don't get along that well. My parents are very great, but annoying sometimes, but that's normal for everyone.

            The extended family I'm either indifferent to or really dislike like my cousins or aunt.
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            Old 3 Weeks Ago (5:51 PM).
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            I am extremely grateful for the parents that I have and the relationship I have with them. We are very close.

            My relationship with my brother is complicated. My brother has disabilities, so connecting with him is not always easy. Regardless, I love him and we have a relationship that I can't really put into words. It's positive though :)

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            Old 2 Weeks Ago (5:23 AM).
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              I love my family, and that's why I make it a point to make them laugh everyday. I've gotten it down to a T.

              I have very good relationships, but that's not necessarily an old thing. When I was younger, I was a real jerky asshole and I got on everyone's nerves. Prior to that, me and a member of my fam were always fighting over things and just fighting generally. I was a big one for power playing, which meant getting into physical scraps and declaring dumb wars which usually saw me worse off. Rubbish, huh. But things have improved over the past couple of years and I'm much less annoying and much more sensitive. I still do share a few red-hot words when I'm royally pissed off but that's just the ingrained asshole in me trying to make a reappearance.

              I love my bloody family. To death. I'd go Lu Bu on anyone who tried to hurt them. With a tank. I'm going to have to stalk my younger cousins in a commando outfit and snap their bullies' necks. Ah yeah.
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              My family is ok

              My sister and i have this relationship where we dont really talk to each other often but when we do its like nothings really changed; my mom has that typical mom relationship where u gotta love and hate her at the same time for doing mom things

              My relationship with my step dad is slightly getting better (after 5 years) i finally am slowly responding to him; step brothers though is a lost cause i dont bother them they dont bother me end of story

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              I feel like the majority of the time, the only time my family is in my life is when they need something from me. Usually money.
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              I'd say it's pretty fair. I still live with my parents due to personal reasons. My mom gets on my nerves a lot, and it makes us fight as well. I get along better with my dad than my mom. It really depends though. My parents don't always understand my autism all that well... so it's hard when I get upset about something and have them give me a hard time.

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