This is fine.

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It's sure... something


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I. What. Amazed/horrified.


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If only this had been available for Halloween... I needed a good scare.


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Im pleasantly surprised and am excited for this!
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I don't even...


In all seriousness though...

Some of the Pokemon look a little cringy but Ryan Reynolds is THE BEST at making EVERYTHING better apparently.

I might watch.

*whistles innocently*
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Honestly i wasnt as horrified as i thought i would be and the story seems fun enough. i look forward to watching it. Maybe pick up and pkay the game by then too.


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I like it! Its a deviation from the norm, a little, what with how we expect Pokmon to be portrayed. I suppose the cartoony art style for the Pokmon wouldnt work in our real world, so the realistic depictions of the monsters is actually really cool and totally not tacky CGI.


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Also, Ryan Reynolds fits right in. Love the deadpan.


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I like Pikachu's voice, so there's that.

I feel like seeing realistic Pokemon is probably going to take some getting used to.


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A little surprised by some of the negative feedback here. I'm down for anything that tries to push mainstream Pokemon entertainment in a different direction. My biggest fear is that no matter what I do, I'll feel like I'm watching Deadpool acting as Pikachu. So there's that.

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The graphics felt like a combination of fuzziness of Ted and the intimidating appearance of the dinosaurs of Jurassic World. The first time I saw the trailer it gave me an Alita Battle Angel vibes. Surprisingly, I'm very interested to see this.
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I'm kinda excited for it tbh

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never really thought that a live-action pokemon film would be good. the pokemon looks a bit toy-like but i like it. Also ryan reynolds as pikachu is 10/10. something to look forward to in 2019


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ngl the trailer actually kind of makes me interested in seeing this
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Might watch it when it hits theaters, even though that Mr. Mime will haunt my nightmares.
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2010 Airbender bad or worse?
I doubt it will stoop to that level. xD

Don't get me wrong, Detective Pikachu seems really fun, I was mostly commenting on how creepy/awkward the Pokmon look, haha. :p The trailer is giving me definite Hop vibes. The kind of movie you don't take seriously and just watch for a cringe-induced laugh. :D


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I'm usually pretty judgmental when it comes to things that were once animated becoming live-action, but I'm pretty amazed at how well (imo) they've done at being able to depict the Pokemon the way they've done. I heard about the news of this film a while ago and I huffed at it, then was amused by the idea, but yeup. This trailer has won me over so far.

Pikachu's just so fluffy and adorable tho! //ivesaidthisfivetimessincelastnight
A little bit sad about how psyduck looks, but tbh, what do I expect. It's a water duck and that's pretty much as it's close as it's going to get to what Psyduck is. The same applies for Jigglypuff and Mr.Mime.

I do like the little details on some of the other Pokemon they've shown so far, for example, Charizard and Bulbasaur.

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I am not usually the one for anything Pokmon-related outside of the main series and the very few spinoffs, but the trailer mostly reminded me of the movie Ted, which I like a lot. So I'll be keeping an eye on this.

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