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The future is looking quite interesting with these new Pokémon projects and games announced. Which ones have caught your eye?


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I am so excited for Pokemon Home. Really looking forward to sending my shiny babies in GO to Galar!


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I already struggle to play Pokémon Go sometimes because of chronic conditions so here's hoping Pokémon Sleep isn't an impossibility because of my insomnia LOL......

I hope we get more details on Pokémon Masters, soon. And I'm so excited to see that Shibuya Pokémon Centre. I hope it gets neat extras like the Nihonbashi DX one did. I imagine they won't make a second Pokémon Cafe so I'll still have to make the trip out there next time, but I spent so much time in Shibuya on both of my Japan trips and I know I'll be going back, so I'm glad to see Shibuya get its own Pokémon Centre. :D

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I love Pokémon Shirts! They're a tad too expensive for me upon further consideration, and they aren't available where I live yet. Still, I'm glad they're taking a step in the right direction by making them available to US and Europe now as well. Pokémon Sleep is something I want soon, and Pokémon Masters is intriguing. Pokémon Home is great news for fans of Pokémon Bank as well.

edit: And how could I forget, DePika (3DS) is getting a sequel on the Switch! Hope it's as long as a full game this time.


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My body is ready for every single thing they talked about.

2020 will be a good heckin year for Pokemon.

Plus whatever might release still this year. hhhnn

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All I gather from this is that Nintendo wants to adapt to the Chinese market so they start making more mobile games. Maybe they got tired of seeing all uncontrolled mobile Pokémon clone games from there.


Cat Burglar

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Pokemon Sleep is hilarious. It's like a watered-down NSA surveillance program disguised as a Pokemon app. I just can't imagine why anyone would come up with such a frivolous game idea; like damn, most folks around here already spend a lot of their free time playing the handheld games or using the Go app, why do they need to train Pokemon in their sleep too?


Cape Town
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Really happy getting confirmation that I'll be able to move my Let's Go mons over to later gens. yes!! Time to chain for shinies without worry.

also det pika sequel hnnng yes just what i wanted

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the princess without voice

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I'm honestly so intrigued by Pokemon Sleep. Wonder exactly how the app will affect Pokemon in the games , particularly Sword and Shield. So excited to use Pokemon Home! Given how much more connectivity options the Switch has, I suspected there would be a new transfer system that could connect to a smart phone. Gonna definitely transfer over some of my shinies from Pokemon Go over!
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Okay, so a few things:

- I expected it to be kinda boring, and while there was much of the conference that didn't appeal to me personally (mainly the massive GO pandering), it became more interesting than I was giving it credit for.
- Tempering my expectations probably helped with this because I didn't expect anything major to begin with. Pretty par for the course for TPC to start talking about their plans to build stores, etc etc. That was pretty much the boring PR stuff in order to expand in other areas of Japan. Cool, I suppose.
- Nice to finally see a version of Pokemon Bank confirmed for Switch.
- Pokemon Sleep is ok I guess but not really my thing. I'm not upset or enthused by it's existence; I'm happy if there are fans that find a use out of it. I'm probably not one of them despite taking a crapton of naps throughout the day, haha.
- Pokemon Masters might be the one thing I may be looking forward to, assuming it's not a gacha grab.
- THE SHIRTS. If there's one thing to take from this presentation, it's the shirts. Hoping that they'll make more featuring more Pokemon in the future!


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Kansas, USA
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I'm excited for all of them, even though I'm honestly also iffy on Sleep and Masters just because wow they could mess both of them up royally, and make it so they don't live up to any hype.

Though, let's hope that doesn't happen.

Pokemon really doesn't release much nowadays that's too disappointing IMO.

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Why do people find Pokemon Sleep so funny? I kind of like the idea of an opposite Pokemon Go.

As for Pokemon Masters, I'm playing for Lance, Misty, Chili (if he's in it), Skyla, Cynthia, Steven & all the other Champions I didn't list. Tbh, I'm just glad the game is VOICED and Green freaking says bonjour wtf.

As a Pokemon fan, I'm glad we're getting alternative types of Pokemon games like Sleep & Masters, so it's a nice change.
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