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According to Nintendo Switch eShop retail cards, the games will be 10.3gb. What do you guys think of this when compared to other main series Pokémon games?
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I looked it up - BotW is around 13 GB; LGPE is like 4 GB. I'm not too..,,, concerned about this size, honestly? here's an out of date file size list for a few diff Switch games.


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Well, comparatively speaking inside the Pokemon series that is pretty huge. But it comes with the hardware upgrade, really - you expect bigger file sizes for digital titles, so this is nothing new. I'm surprised Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee were as small as they were, but whilst I am loathe to give SnS any kind of praise, I will grudgingly admit that they are more ambitious in scope than those games were. That doesn't necessarily mean there will be more actual content (although I hope there will be, because for crying out loud there ought to be) but...well, file size is no indication of quality or quantity.

But I can't help but wonder just how much of this is wasted or could be compressed, because Game Freak do not know how to make video games efficiently. I have a horrible suspicion that when these games get picked apart, the content will not justify the file size...because I doubt the way Game Freak make Pokemon games has really changed.


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Just wondering how much storage space is on the Switch by default?
I'm buying a physical copy for sure, 10GBs is a lot.
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Just wondering how much storage space is on the Switch by default?
I'm buying a physical copy for sure, 10GBs is a lot.
Switch has an internal storage of 32GB, so yeah, 10GB is a hell of a lot if you don't have a micro SD card...which are relatively cheap to buy these days in smaller sizes, but you'd need at least a 16GB to even fit it on there, so yeah.


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Article (written by yours truly) linked with the thread. I included a size comparison with some Switch titles and the 3DS Pokemon games (and LGPE). Also noted the new (previous gen) Pokemon we can see on that download card too for the Galar region!

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I'm forced to buy a physical copy because my Switch Lite can't go online at this I can't even go on the eshop like what is that? xD My 2DS can't go online either, but my 3DS can. o_O; Well at least I don't have to buckle down with the online fee of $20 a year so YAY!

So yeah, the GB size doesn't burn as much as YOU GUYS! :P

Sorry I had to say it.
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I'll most likely get a physical copy, as I tend to not by digital games that are super large in size.

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not much to say for me. i used to think that bigger file sizes = more content, but that's not always the case, so we'll see once review copies get sent out if these are really meatier than past pokemon games.

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It's good to know how big Pokémon Sword/Shield's file sizes should be, and I was expecting it to be tad bit bigger in some way. So I might need to upgrade my micro SD card soon just in case I'm reconsidering to play Sword/Shield on digital.


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Yikes, so glad I pre-ordered a physical copy. Having to struggle with memory space is the single greatest failing of digital libraries if you ask me.
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