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2020 is several things, but it's sure given us a loooot of Pokemon leaks. Gen 2, 3, 4 and now 7! And this particular news is just an initial finding as well from today...

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Posted November 6th, 2021
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Ohhhhhhhh dear. I can hear the Gen VI fans furiously tapping on their keyboards already.

Further proof - as if any additional proof were needed, with the horrendous quality of SnS - that TPC is running the show and that Game Freak have absolutely zero creative input in what titles they're allowed to make anymore.

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I wonder what these titles may have ended up being named... aside from re-using the 2 designation added at the end of Unova's game titles, could we have seen a Pokémon A and Pokémon Z?


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I didn't like X/Y, but this is still pretty interesting to me... to think there really were more Kalos games planned...I actually can't believe it turned out this way, wow.

Gen 5 leaks please i'm waiting
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I hope that someday in the future more information is revealed so we can know something about these games, what we didn't get to see
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Posted August 18th, 2021
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Probably the games where Ash-Greninja, Eternal Flower Floette and Zygarde formes were supposed to debut...


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While I really disliked Gen 6, it may have been nice for X/Y to have some form of continuation, or "third-release" treatment like Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum. Or, UM/US (which I also did not like)
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Ohhhhhhhh dear. I can hear the Gen VI fans furiously tapping on their keyboards already.
TIL there are gen 6 fans


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Posted November 6th, 2021
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TIL there are gen 6 fans

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TIL there are gen 6 fans
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What..? More Kalos adventures? I really liked Kalos, and now, seeing this leak, it's honestly depressing to see they decided to make Sun/Moon instead.....and then, rather than them releasing these new Kalos games, they came up with another Kanto remake, Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee.
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i'm late, but this always seemed obvious to me. Between the ?Couriway? train station, the fact that Zygarde is just there for no reason, the fact that Zygarde formes definitely fit Kalos lore (scandinavian legends+ 100% zygarde having the french/Kalosian colors on its chest), AZ's floette not being released... Plus there is no way magearna wasn't originally meant for Kalos. It fits Kalos' aesthetic and lore (ancient kingdoms building machines that are powered by souls) and looks totally out of place in Alola's more nature/cosmic vibe. My guess is that they planned for the Zygarde cell collecting to happen in Kalos, perhaps as a way to stop Team Flare since Zygarde is all about balancing the other two legends. And maybe AZ's floette would have played a part in the story and once Kalos is saved, AZ decided to retire and asks you to battle/catch his floette so she can continue having adventures with a strong trainer.
I think Kalos was beautiful but it def felt unfinished and I think an ultra version or, better yet, a pair of sequels would have benefitted it greatly
My theory is that when GF/Nintendo realized that the Switch was coming, they decided to rush out another generation (7) to get one last hurrah out of the 3DS era before moving to the switch. This may also explain the battle frontier controversy in ORAS. They moved on quickly


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this honestly doesn't surprise me. i felt like it was odd that kalos was the first in the series to not see a third version or sequel and still remains that way (not counting swsh as it's still too new). there were things left untouched or unexplained, like zygarde, az's unreleased floette, az's very name itself though i might be grasping at straws. i also agree with the magearna point above. i constantly forget that it's technically a gen 7 pokemon. alolan pokemon are very tightly bound to their aesthetic and it's easy to look at a pokemon and know it was introduced in alola, imo. magearna i always think is from XY and i'm always reminded that it's 7...but it absolutely does not fit the tight motif in designs there, it much better fits in with native kalos pokemon and the region's aesthetic itself.

they seemed to leave kalos very quickly, if not too abrupt, like they wanted to be done. i wonder if we will see these games in the future? i believe kalos deserves a better version of it than XY gave us, much like sinnoh deserved better than diamond/pearl and we got that in platinum. prayer emoji. i'm not the biggest kalos fan, but given the improvements another version could have given it, that could have changed.
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