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Silence is Purple.

My name is Kory, but most people know me by the name of Pala, which is a shortening of my username Palamon. My name is not a Digimon, that would be Palmon or Patamon. I am also not a fan of Geoffrey Chaucer or the Destiny series. (Yes, Palamon is a town in Destiny, believe it or not).

I'm 27, kinda, sorta, an "eternal" teenager, if you will. I look half my age somehow...who knows? Maybe when I'm 35, I'll finally at least look 25. I am a tranmasc enby. Please refer to me with he/him only. But, I am in the closet irl, so I use writing as a way to convey gender through fiction instead.

I'm a hobbyist. I am a writer, poet, lyricist, and amateur artist. At this point in time, I am writing a fanfiction epic series known as Silence is Purple it has over 1 million words between all the books thus far. You can find most of that on my a03. I am also writing song lyrics, and an anthology series here and there. I'd say writing is...probably my life's purpose. I dedicate quite a lot of time into my creative process. I have about 104 ocs, with more almost always coming. My ideas are endless. I tend to draw on a daily basis. Usually on lined or copy paper. I update my drawings thread every Friday or Saturday. I have a Toyhouse account if anyone is interested.

Besides that, I am anime and manga fan, and I love libraries. I have been to over one hundred of them in my lifetime so far. I like some idol based franchises such as Love Live, D4DJ, Bandori, Idolish7, and Project Sekai. I am a major fan of Vocaloid and vocasynths in general, and I'd say that besides Pokemon and Hoyoverse game, it's my third all consuming interest. Music projects are something I care for a lot, as well. Stuff such as Kagerou Project, Vivinos, Millgram, anything that has to do with ocs, really. Feel free to share your ocs with me, if you'd like I am someone who gets heavily invested in other people's characters. Other things I like besides Pokemon, obviously, are Hoyoverse games, Reverse 1999, and Touhou (Lost Word specifically). My favorite anime that isn't Mekakucity Actors and Idolish7 are Fruits Basket, Paradox Live, Bleach, Classicaloid and Banana Fish.

Whenever I'm not writing or thinking about Pokemon, or ocs, I am probably thinking about Genshin Impact or something similar. I'd say I'm pretty deep into the open world game genre somehow... or I guess, immersive worlds, if you will? (Wuthering Waves, Project Mugen, Project Akatsuki when those come out as well, too). Sorry for being a Genshin player, I guess, lol.

I would consider myself a person who is hardworking when it comes to my passions. I tend to be a little bit over passionate about the things I like, so I would like to apologize in advance if I get a little... explosive sometimes.

I'd also like to heed a warning that I struggle with socializing unless I initiate a conversation first. I apologize if I do not respond to a PM or profile post, or respond late. Sometimes, it takes me a bit to think of what to say, or I just forget to. I would also prefer that, if I do not know you that you do not ask me for my outside social media accounts. And, I'm sorry if I don't know when a person is joking, or not. I try my best, but there is no tone on the internet, so I apologize in advance if I take something too literally or do not know sarcasm.

Really, that's all you need to know about me. Try to not ask me personal questions if you can help it. But, feel free to get to know me, if you'd like.

More in depth list about all my interests:

Pokemon, Genshin, Honaki Star Rail, Honkai Impact the 3rd, Zenless Zone Zero, Glitches, Magical Girls (up until after Madoka changed the genre forever), anime, manga, RPGs & JRPgs, Open World Games Project Sekai, BushiGirl Franchises and other female focused franchises: (Bandori, Revue Starlight, D4DJ, Girls Band Cry), Black Rock Shooter, Higurashi (I am Rena Ryugu kinne, just kidding...unless?), Selector Wixoss, Kagerou Project, Mikagura School Suite, Choujigen Game Neptune, RWBY (up until like volume 5 or 6), Homestuck (not so much anymore these days, though), Doctor Who (from like around the 10 & 11 era), Gravity Falls, Male idol/music/josemuke franchises (Idolish7, Enstars, a3, Paradox Live, Obey Me!, Anidol Colors, Argonavis, various others), < (currently taking a break from josemuke tho), Touhou Project, Vocaloid, Show by Rock, Love Live, card games, K Project, Durarara!!, My Litle Pony (Friendship is Magic era only), Classicaloid, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 series only), Various song projects (Millgram, Vivinos) mobage, otome, etc, etc.

Before I go, though,


This is my favorite, and main oc, Siorc Ingne. He is my favorite thing to have ever come into my life, and I will probably never shut up about him, period. I am sorry in advance about how annoying I will probably be about him. I have drawn this character Over four hundred times. He is my everything. Yes, I know, it's not nice to have favorites. (Please don't tell my other 100+ ocs that I have a favorite), but he means a lot to me ever since I created him August 6th, 2021.

I'd like to reiterate again that if you are an oc creator, I'd love to see your characters. I get heavily invested in original creations. But, I would like to preface this that faceclaims do not interest me all that much, so, sorry, if your oc is a faceclaim, I might not be as interested.

& If you have a fanfiction that you'd like someone to proofread, feel free to shoot me a PM, and I'll look it over for you if it's not super long. I write on Sundays, Wednesdays (second draft day), Thursday and Saturday, but I'm usually free.

That's all I have to say... I feel like I say this every single time, but these are always really long, aren't they? Aha.
Dec 26, 1996 (Age: 27)
Snezhnaya, Teyvat.
Quick Self-Introduction
Kory. 26. He/him, trans masculine. A somewhat quiet nerd in idol hell. Treecko & Sneasel are my favorite Pokemon. Talk to me about Kagepro.
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Kory, Pala.
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Treecko, Sneasel, Litwick, Dewott, Vulpix, Malamar, Mime Jr., Charmeleon, Klefkfi, Wartortle, Breloom, Machop, Ariados, Absol, Slowpoke, Salazzle, Marshadow, Eiscue, Polteageist & Hattrem.
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