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Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
What I had in mind was, a member would create a thread on their own. In the original post, they'd include some basic information that they feel comfortable with including. First name, age, gender, maybe a few misc. facts about them and some quirks they have as well as some interests and open it up for members to get to know them. It's sort of like how an introduction thread in The Welcome Lounge would be made. Then, members will post their questions, and the OP would mass reply to them all whenever they can, and it'll continue until whenever. I'm kind of going with the idea that threads there will require approval before they show, because I think its important for an OP to include more than just something as simple as something like "ask me anything. okay go!!" It would be called Member Interaction Center, and would be a stand alone forum. But I'm open to ideas, of course. If someone has a question/comment about their reply to their questions', they can reply there. It's not a boasting forum, it's a ice breaking forum.
i'm totally 100% up for this then
are there any other particular rules you'd see within the section?
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