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let's talk about my previous jobs, y'all!!!
  • McDonalds (accidentally broke the coffee machine, fired)
  • Another McDonalds (insulted boss)
  • Another McDonalds (didn't turn up to work after boss cut our pay yet again)
  • Starbucks (quit after six months due to family issues, good job though)
  • A local cafe (went out of business)
  • A clothing store (quit after my boss turned into it into a soviet workcamp)
  • A local cafe (quit after being offered position at current job)
  • Same clothing store (current job)

My current job I've had the longest, and it's really taught me that there are some truly stupid people out there! Not just stupid people, but incredibly rude people too! *******s! People who work in retail need congressional medals of honour, like really.
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