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    At the beginning of December, a few days after joining this site. I think it was the first...a few months before that I had attempted to go with somebody else hoping to get over her but that other girl led me on and I got angry, but not heartbroken, since I didn't love her. My pride was the only thing that was injured. Which was traumatic.

    However, around December after spending over a year obsessing over the girl I used to speak to all the time before suddenly ending our unconventional chats...3 years ago now, I finally gave up. I cried for ages, don't think I've cried for someone so much in my life.

    The worst part is that she used to like me at some point during those 3 years spend apart but got over me in the meantime. I had no idea and I try not to think about it because I only kick myself.

    It's a really vulgar feeling and I'm glad I've gone through my teen heartbreak. It has set me up for the future. It has also thought me that I'm extremely bad at dealing with it.
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