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I bet there are. There is one ex-mod named Meganium90, for instance.

I myself, sadly, am part of the camp that stays away from Meganium. I love Chikorita, it's one of my absolute favorite pokémon. But Bayleef is a bit, hm, I don't know I just don't like it quite as much as Chikorita. And Meganium is a bit too much. Too wobbly somehow. Too cartoony maybe? It's a green banana with a flower. I kind of prefer Venusaur-style pokémon. Maybe it's because I don't think Meganium really looks like something that can battle. While little Chikorita is an agile badasster :3

But outside of pure battling and gaming, it's a pretty cute pokémon. And its moves are nice. Lots of powders and healing techniques. I wouldn't mind having it in a RP at some point, I guess.

I love Meganium! While she isn't my favorite Grass Pokemon, she is still wonderful. When comparing all of the final Grass type starter evolutions, she is the most beautiful. Of course Meganium isn't as great of a battler as some, that doesn't mean she isn't a fantastic Pokemon and I agree should get more love~!
How come you refer to it as a "she"?

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