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I don't know how to consider series which have not direct sequels but newer installments as in many cases those improve so much over the originals (Gran Turismo is a series that comes to mind, also many Mario platformers, most Mario Kart titles, and many strategy games), so I'll just consider direct sequels here:
- Pokémon GS and B2W2 over RB and BW respectively (also the only direct sequels), Gen 1 retrospectively had lots of weak spots which Gen 2 corrected (plus Gen 2 gave us so many things that are standard now); and B2W2 imho corrected all of the things that weren't so great in BW, sure there wasn't the novelty of new Pokémon only but I strongly prefer the larger pool of available Pokémon than the very restricted one of BW, and that was only one of many things B2W2 did better imho.
- Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back is my personal high point of the series and it was a definite improvement over the original (which still was a really good game), first of all it scrapped the unforgiving and very arcade-style saving system, then it added or tweaked many new things that became staple to the series.
- Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is one I do not like more than the original (at best I consider them equal) mainly because of the weaker story and the clear signs of its troubled development, but in many aspects it was a clear improvement over the original and I'd say it has more replayability value. I'm of the opinion that if the developers hadn't gone bankrupt because of its development hell it could have had a lot more support and maybe eventually overtaken the original, the fan community has done a lot of things on this aspect but there's a limit to what fans can do.