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Meow, purr purr.

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A brewed Vanilla Game
Good morning, people of the underground! Now that the leaderboard is back up and running, what better way to celebrate than with an official Undergound Vanilla game? Anyone can join in, whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn the ropes or a veteran wanting to join the chaos.

As per tradition, we have to begin with the basics.

Mafia is a game where you are split into two or three factions (Town, Mafia, Third Party). As town, you have to lynch every single mafia member. As mafia, you have to outnumber town. Third party roles have their own special win condition that varies per role. While Town is the blind majority, Mafia has the advantage of knowing who each other are (there are some cases where some don’t, like in this game) and their nightly kill.

The game then has two phases-- Night and day, where most of the action happen during the night. Night usually last 24 hours, while Day last 48. During the day, everyone can vote to “lynch” another player, kicking them from the game. During the night, everyone with actions will then send their actions to me. Then the day begins and whatever has happened during the night will be revealed and people will get their action results. The cycle repeats until a faction has won.

In this special Vanilla game, I will be providing you with phase posts that may give you hints on what has happened during the night phase, these will be themed (and I am not a good writer), so things might get confusing. It is up to you, the player, to figure them out and win.

At the end of the game (or when I feel like you can learn something without me spoiling too much), I will provide an analysis on what has happened and what could have been done better for both the town, mafia, and third party. Points will also be earned for this game.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s get to handing out the drinks, shall we?

French Press Coffee - Cop
You sure know how to squeeze the information out of people, huh?

Cold Brew Coffee - Doctor
For when you just want that extra kick to keep yourself alive while protecting others.

Decaf - Suspect
People just don’t accept you being coffee, sorry. Even if you desperately think you are.

Irish Coffee - Troublemaker
...You have some whisky in there don’t you? Sigh. For some reason you make people want to do dangerous things. Like taking another shot of a drink. Only once though. I’m not letting you do that again a second time.

Black Coffee - Vanilla x 7
Served straight from the carafe after brewing, you may be plain but you’re definitely helpful!

Matcha Latte - Godfather
For some lucky reason, people don’t seem to realize Matcha is a tea. But in fact, it is. It’s green tea. You don’t tell anyone that though, it’s much more useful blending into the crowd.

Black Tea - Hooker
Sometimes you make other people skip their daily dose of coffee. You’re just that good.

Green Tea - Mafioso
You tried to be Matcha, but you’re not popular enough so you’re just obviously green tea.

Oolong Tea - Recruit
A tea that’s just in the middle of Black and Green, Oolong tea needs to find the other teas in order to truly know themself.

Third Party
Hot Chocolate - Fool
Neither Tea nor Coffee, you are a special kind of drink that everyone loves. But for some reason you aren’t being noticed due to the war! You just have to fix that don’t you?

  1. Please be sure to follow the Pokecommunity and the UG rules.
  2. Please bold your votes! Failure to do so will make your votes invalid.
  3. You are allowed to abstain twice on this game.
  4. No PM (private messages) sharing.
  5. Posting during the night will kill you.
  6. When you’re dead, you’re dead. You can only do one after death post, but it has to be a really mukposty one. Memes only. No info.
  7. Please send your night actions to me via PM or Discord (Kitty#5494).
  8. Standard day and night phases (48 and 24h respectively) apply.
  9. If you fail to vote twice, you will be kicked from the game.
  10. Have fun!
If you have questions on anything, feel free to message me on Discord/VM or even just put it out here. I will be answering them to the best of my ability (unless it's something I will directly not answer due to it being gamebreaking, like who the mafia is, etc.)

Kitty as your drink slave

Disclaimer: I'm never drinking coffee or tea. I'm a chocolate person.


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I'm in unless my place needs to go to a new player.


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Im game


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Meow, purr purr.

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roughly 8 more players needed to reach minimum <3

Bidoof FTW

→ Bidoof is Pretty Rad

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^ yerd


used Jump Kick! It's super effective!

Dragonspiral Tower/Metro Detroit (313), Michigan
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Be strong, TheUncreativeSawsbuckFan. You're perfect as you are
"Do what you feel, the more absurd the better
Don't be afraid whatever you got, show
Flaunt your personality"


Meow, purr purr.

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With that, gonna close up sign ups and start giving the role pms soon. Hang tight!

Charlie Brown


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Wot! Don't Know what it is, but seems interesting. Let me get in, i don't know anything abt this, but i will learn
. Just let me in

@Kitty can you put me down as another replacement?


Engineering Solutions

Washington, USA
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With that, gonna close up sign ups and start giving the role pms soon. Hang tight!
Kitty, you can give my spot to someone else, I'm going to have to drop out.


Meow, purr purr.

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I’ll be a replacement Frappuccino if needed
Time for you to be the replacement frappuccino :')


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are sign ups still open???

If so lemme in
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