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Favourite Gen 6 Pokemon

Sixth Generation The Kalos region awaits! Explore the first 3D Pokémon region while putting a stop to Team Flare. Then, revisit the Hoenn region with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!

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Old August 26th, 2017 (5:46 PM).
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    All of the Kalos starters mainly because they are some of the better looking ones in ages.
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    Old August 28th, 2017 (11:06 AM).
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      I usually have a hard time with this question, but for Gen 6, it's Espurr, hands down. It's cute, creepy, and it's a psychic kitten. What's not to love? I also really like both Meowstic forms,
      and their "differences, so that helps too. I just wish they were stronger, stat wise.

      Honourable mentions go to: Boweon (I hated Sylveon at first, but after using one, my opinion took a 180),
      Braixen (fox+witch=win), Xernas (fairy deer is best leggie), Goomy (who doesn't like it?), Liteo (LIONZ), and probably Flechling (robins are one of my fav birds).

      Maybe missing one or two, but yeah cx

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      Old August 29th, 2017 (8:37 PM).
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        delphox, florges, trevenant, gourgeist, avalugg, yvetal, zygarde.

        note i usually never add legendaries into my favorites, but i really loved the main trio from this gen. i like xerneas, but not enough to be a top favorite
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        Old September 8th, 2017 (6:17 PM).
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        With Noivern at a close second.

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        Old September 8th, 2017 (11:24 PM). Edited December 14th, 2017 by TheUncreativeSawsbuckFan.
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        Fennekin, Xerneas, Inkay, Skiddo/Gogoat, Klefki, Honedge/Doublade, and Sylveon are my favorites
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        Old September 9th, 2017 (1:18 PM).
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          Aegislash and Grenjinja are my favorites

          Other favorites include
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          Old September 10th, 2017 (6:26 PM).
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          Aegislash! I love inanimate object Pokemon a lot and Aegislash's creativity and typing is what led it to be my favorite Kalos Pokemon!
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          Old September 11th, 2017 (6:14 PM).
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            Dragalge for life man. That special attack is killer.
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            Old September 19th, 2017 (3:04 PM). Edited September 19th, 2017 by Petuuuhhh.
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            Team Salamence
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            I like Heliolisk. He's such a lovable reptile.

            Favorite Pokemon list

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            Old September 20th, 2017 (12:26 AM).
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            Sylveon, it's too cute. Fennekin is a close second.
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            Old September 29th, 2017 (8:58 AM).
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            Meowstic and Sylveon are like, the cutest ever in Kalos and I love them both. ♥

            Hoopa and Heliolisk being very close seconds.

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            Old December 9th, 2017 (11:36 AM).
            adilriaz004 adilriaz004 is offline
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              Hands down Greninja!
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              Old December 12th, 2017 (6:48 AM). Edited December 12th, 2017 by Nah.
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              If I had to pick a favorite Gen 6 'mon, it'd probably be Diancie (particularly its mega evolution). The Honedge line, the Kalos fossil 'mons, and Yveltal are great too.

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              Old December 13th, 2017 (3:09 AM).
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                Sylveon, Meowstic, Xerneus, Pancham, Inkay, Fennekin, Chespin and Froakie are my favorites.
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                Old December 14th, 2017 (6:17 AM). Edited December 14th, 2017 by Sabrewulf238.
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                  Malamar is definitely my favourite. Such a great design.

                  Dragalge and Trevenant are up there too.
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                  Old December 17th, 2017 (2:19 PM).
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                    So many great ones! Chesnaught, Hawlucha, Trevenant, Talonflame, Dragalge, Honedge line, Meowsic, Tyrantrum, Noivern, a fantastic legendary trio...
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                    Old 2 Weeks Ago (4:50 PM). Edited 1 Week Ago by Reshiram643.
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                      My favorite Gen 6 Pokémon are Aegislash and Xerneas.
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                      Old 2 Weeks Ago (4:32 PM).
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                        Xerneas, Vivillon, Fennekin, Sylveon, & Espurr.
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