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Hack Name:

POKéMON NEVER Black & White
A little of basic information:
Base ROM: Ruby
Hack creator: SkOria (Joel Ricci)
Language: Engilish

New graphics (3D style)
New world... NEVERMIND
New characters (Some friends, some rivals, and unknown people behind of you)
New events
Mysteries and riddles
A developed story before the first generation (POKéMON R/B) around 1980

Did you like Ruby version?. I hate this version, well now I hate it, so... why not a new Region?, with a new story line, new graphics, new things, events and scripts, missions, with mystery towns... Anyways, I've an objetive... give you a bit of fun!!

STORY: (No, you haven't to rescue your girlfriend of Dalkiamon, or something like that...)
Well, basically everything in the story is a big mystery. Then so, Ican't tell you more...
Just donwload the first beta, remember your past and make your own destiny

Well maybe in the future I will explain more of the argument...



Wah for tile of the big tree
Xiros for his help and teaching
To KODER, Pey, and i don't know, to everybody in the hacksworld

Thanx to Erick

Made by me


Thanks to Rony



Do this if you have a white screen in the emulator:
Open the BW.gba with the emulator and when the appear the white screen, go to Options- Emulator- Save Type- and here change the flash... if right now is in 128 change it to 64, and vice versa... if is in 62 change it to 128... and now press Ctrl+R (reset the game).
..........Do you understand?

DOWNLOAD BETA 1 ENGLISH (search for a clean rom)
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wow looks great... im glade im in spanish class, i can play all the awesome games in spanish
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Finally! Here it is the only reason why I still go to SP nowadays. Your game is really wonderful, I have been following it for months. I absolutely love your tiles, and your scripts are really good. Keep it that way!

PD: Nice to see that you unedited the O's, it was annoying ;)
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Those tiles are amazing! They compete with shiny gold as my favorite tiles. It looks amazing and even though I'm in a Spanish class, I hope you find someone to translate it (our teacher isn't very good at teaching us anything). Good luck on this, I hope you can finish it.

Oh if you need any D/P sprites let me know and I can send you some of the ones I've done. Just saying if you want to include them, good luck!
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Wow, hey! Can't believe it's up! I really loved this hack, I've seen movies on Youtube and have seen some ads on WAH and have seen the thread on SP! It looks great! You're SkOria, right? That explains the big "O" on your font.

Anyway, I can help with sprites if you want.

- Edit -
Everyone likes Spanish hackers... :D (glad I'm Spanish xD)

Yeah, I see that the hack is in Spanish. I'll gladly translate it to English for you!


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why are all the great hacks in spanish XD?

Your graphics are breathtaking... very pleasing to the eyes.
I like the trees and the fences. The do have a 3d feel..
So ya the palettes and the tiles are very well done.

The overworlds and backpics are ok. I like the female better since she seems original while the male seems like an edited version of the ruby hero.

Looks like you won't be having problems with scripting :)

Anyway, love this, best of luck! :)
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These visuals are nothing sort of astounding. Easily my favorite set on any hack I know of, and obviously, this is the first I've seen of B&W. The story is also very mysterious. This looks like a hack I would honestly go out and purchase.


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Hehe, Skoria, great Graphix amigo!
Your Scripts are very cool.
You are the Best Romhacker of Chiapas, Mexico. Hehe :D
Well, only 1 word i have to say.
This hack has future. Much future.
I wish the best of lucks, frend.
Ahi la vemos wei!

Thanks for your supporting!
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I hope it will come out in English, i'm still learning Spanish as my third language. Great tiles and great story.
G.K.S, this hack will be in english since Keryin(Esmas) will be translating it.
Please don't say anything like' I hope to see the hack to be out in English soon...'.
I will say this again to everyone in the community' Keryin will be tranlating this Hack to english!!'
I am now an anime dubber, cover singer and a fan of anime. I can still apply as a translator and grammar corrector, though.
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I'm so happy that my hack called your attention, and now I want to show you some revamps and mappings of insides.

Another screens shots, I don't want to give more details...

If you see the texbox is a little changed, but no too much, because i don't like the DP textbox, the change wasn't in my plans, then for the moment it will remain that way (maybe with other palettes).
And finally the principal motive of my intervention, is an user bar of POKéMON B&W, made by me, is my first job. I hope that you like.

I forgot it, about the translation to english, is very possible, but everybody has to wait for the beta released in spanish and next we will see.
Thanks to Keyrin and Alexllew.

As Zel said:
And to the rest of the people... Time to pay a bit more of attention to Spanish classes!
Well, I need english classes too
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Very impressive. I'm not sure why, but the flower shop screenshot looks really... realistic O.o

Well, keep it up. And, by the way, even if it still looks a bit like RS's hero, the male hero's OW and backsprite look nice (I specially like that he's a hero with long hair)