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Favorite Pokémon Tournament - Normal (September 23-30)

Pokémon Polls Express your opinion in straightforward polls and questions about Pokémon that would otherwise fit in Pokémon General if they weren't so, well, straightforward. Vote away!

View Poll Results: Which are your favorite Normal types?
2 4.65%
8 18.60%
3 6.98%
7 16.28%
6 13.95%
8 18.60%
6 13.95%
9 20.93%
17 39.53%
14 32.56%
5 11.63%
12 27.91%
1 2.33%
8 18.60%
8 18.60%
4 9.30%
5 11.63%
7 16.28%
10 23.26%
2 4.65%
7 16.28%
6 13.95%
3 6.98%
9 20.93%
7 16.28%
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Old September 22nd, 2013 (8:23 PM).
Brendino Brendino is offline
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Normal-type Pokémon ~ September 23 - 30

Welcome to the Favorite Pokémon Tournament here in Pokémon Voting Polls, where we aim to determine who PokéCommunity’s favorite Pokémon is! This will be a grand undertaking that will span across a couple of months, where we will start with hundreds of Pokémon, in hopes to rank the most popular Pokémon in the eyes of you- the members of the PokéCommunity!

Please note: Only primary Normal types have been included in the poll. If you'd like to vote for a Pokémon you don't see listed, please select "Other Pokémon" and post who you voted for.

If you haven't already, please read through the rest of the Rules/FAQ below to catch up to speed with what this tournament is all about:

  • Every week, there will be a new poll stickied at the top of PVP. Each thread will have a different elemental type, which will include a list of Pokémon to vote on.
  • You aren’t required to pick just one Pokémon- you can vote for as many as you like to ensure your favorites get through. The Pokémon with the most votes at the end of the week will face off against the other winning Pokémon in a final poll to crown the champion!
  • Not only will the winning Pokémon from each poll move on to the final vote, but they'll be featured in Pokémon Voting Polls' forum splash for a week.
  • In order to preserve space, we’ve grouped all of the applicable evolutions in a Pokémon family together. If a family rather than an individual were to win the tournament, we would hold one extra run-off poll to decide the most popular member of the family.
  • In the event of a tie at the end of the week, Brendino will have the tie-breaking vote.
  • Legendary Pokémon are not included in this round of voting. Don’t worry, though- they’ll be voted upon near the end of the tournament to round out the final number of candidates.
  • Furthermore, members who vote and post for a majority of weeks during the tournament will receive an emblem depicting the winning Pokémon!
  • If there are any questions that you need answered, feel free to leave a comment in this thread or send a VM to Brendino to get it sorted out.

Now that you know what the tournament is all about, what are you waiting for? Polls will remain open until September 30th, so get voting!

Previous Winners:


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Old September 22nd, 2013 (8:31 PM).
Brendino Brendino is offline
Join Date: Dec 2009
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Nature: Quiet
Posts: 7,144
Just a quick heads up since I know people will probably mention it- because of the large number of Normal-type Pokémon (nearly 100), some had to be omitted from this poll due to a 25 option limit. If there are any Pokemon that you don't see listed that you prefer, please vote "Other Pokémon" , and post which Pokemon you're voting for (other is represented by the ).

Also, feel free to vote for any Normal/Flying types that you like, but be aware most of these will be listed in the Flying type poll later on, since there are no primary Flying-type Pokemon eligible for their poll.

So with that said, happy voting!
Old September 22nd, 2013 (8:43 PM).
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Croooobbaaatt, aww what? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Naw, anyway, voted for Rattata & Cate, Clefairy line, Smeargle, and specifically put down votes for Miltank, Porygon, Sentret, and Buneary even if full family members are represented. So far, all winning!

I got $20 riding on Eevee taking this one. Anyone else want a piece of this action?

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Old September 22nd, 2013 (8:54 PM).
Entermaid's Avatar
Entermaid Entermaid is offline
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Since there are so many to choose from, I went with these three:

- I love it's long drooping ears and white ear tufts. Not to mention, Buneary is irresistibly cute.
- Infamous for her debut in the Goldenrod Gym, trainers have learned not to underestimate Miltank. I love it's pink palette with the black markings, similar to a bonnet. If only she had a pre-evo.
- Persian is an elegant classic. It was the perfect design for a malevolent CEO's cherished pet. Regal yet lethal.
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Old September 22nd, 2013 (9:37 PM).
Ash's Avatar
Ash Ash is offline
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Ughhh I love so many of the normal types. However, in order to make sure that I don't pick nearly half of the options I'll go with the Togepi Line, Porygon Line, and Sentret Line as the three that I'll pick for the poll. All of them I've had great times with and all of them are simply lovely in my opinion. ♥
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Old September 22nd, 2013 (9:42 PM).
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Hikamaru Hikamaru is offline
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Normal-types have so many great Pokemon, but it was hard choosing, so here's my faves!

Miltank - I loved this cow, she's strong and a pretty good fighter when trained right, in fact she even served as my star player in the Pokeathlon in SoulSilver. Still a fave of mine today!

Clefairy line - They're cute, and I am hoping they become part-Fairy in X and Y. Also, I do love most pink Pokemon as well.

Chansey line - They give out loads of EXP points, and they're pink and cute!

Buneary line - One of the first Normal-types I used in 4th Gen, and I loved Buneary even further thanks to Dawn in the anime.

Lillipup line - 5th Gen had some pretty powerful Normal-types I have to say, and these doggies really are the bomb as far as early-game Pokemon go thanks to their good stats and powerful attacks.

Minccino line - Again, I have a soft spot for cutesy Normal-types and these cuties can wreck havoc thanks to their good abuse of Skill Link or Technician on their various multi-hit attacks like Tail Slap.

Teddiursa - Cute, and evolves into one heck of a great Quick Feet/Guts user. It was also why I wanted SoulSilver over HeartGold.

Aipom line - What I voted for in the "Other" category, I love monkeys and Dawn's Ambipom made me love the line in general even more. I mean, who doesn't love a cute monkey with a hand on its tail?

Togepi line - More bias towards cute Pokemon here, and Togekiss is one of the best Serene Grace abusers ever.
Old September 22nd, 2013 (10:02 PM).
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Normal types are those Pokémon that you are forced to like because they are everywhere and many Pokémon have that typed slapped right onto 'em.

Linoone is my favorite evolved early Normal-type Pokémon. It's unique in that it can only move in straight lines and I like the arrow on its fur. Its Headbutt does massive damage in the games which also makes it really useful for being a Pokémon that you can get so soon in the games.

I wouldn't like to agitate this one, but Ursaring is a very powerful Normal-type Pokémon. Although its role in the anime is very cliché, it can still provide entertainment whenever Ash irritates them. I feel like most people prefer Teddiursa because of its cuteness, though...

Last but not least, Exploud. I find this Pokémon to be elusive. I rarely ever see it in the Pokémon universe, which most of the time is when I'm using it in a game. One unique trait about Exploud: it resembles a pipe organ. Musical instrument Pokémon are the best :P


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Old September 22nd, 2013 (11:42 PM).
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I have waited for Normal week forever! I am 100% voting for Castform because it is my favorite Pokemon of all time and there is no way that I am not voting for it. :D Such a cute little Pokemon that needs more love :]

A Pokemon that is discriminated!
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Old September 22nd, 2013 (11:51 PM). Edited September 23rd, 2013 by Khorosho.
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I voted for those lovely cyber duckies (Porygon, P2 and PZ), they just have a nice background being virtual and stuff, and Porygon-Z is really strong with its special attack.

Castform is unique, as its typing changes with the weather. Castform's moves which correspond with the weather it could be found in are also great, which means Castform has some sort of STAB move with its new form. Not to mention it and its forms are just gorgeous :D

and lastly, Minccino/Cinccino. They're cute and cuddly, with annoying moves. Skill Link + Rock Blast/Tail Slap/Bullet Seed can be terrifying if not ready for it. Also I always love Pokemon that take time looking after themselves :]

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Old September 23rd, 2013 (3:41 AM).
Perdition Haze Perdition Haze is offline
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My vote went towards the Chansey line. Happiny is such a cutie, and thanks to its cheerfulness, it's extremely easy to get along with this Pokémon. Blissey has a gigantic amount of health and very high defensive stats, so when it comes down to competitive battling, it's quite hard to take this Pokémon down. Blissey has access to a verity of supporting moves, such has Wish, Aromatherapy, Toxic, and Thunder Wave. Wish allows it to always keep itself healthy, and it gets the chance to recover the HP of other team members as well. Toxic can ruin the opponent's walls by making them unable to stall you. With Aromatherapy, this Pokémon can fix the status effects of all of its team members. And with Thunder Wave, you have the ability to cripple any sweepers that may get in your way. Chansey is almost the same as Blissey, but it can be much more deadly if it ever gets its hands on Eviolite.
Old September 23rd, 2013 (4:42 AM).
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... How on earth does Eevee only have one vote? Was expecting it to win by far lmao. I voted for Teddiursa, Castform and Buneary! Teddiursa is ridiculously adorable and evolves into a huge badass teddy bear from your nightmares that packs one hell of a punch (plus the paw licking is cute), Castform is a really quirky and interesting Pokémon by default, and Buneary is an adorable little thing plus I adore rabbits in pretty much any form.
Old September 23rd, 2013 (10:19 AM).
Esper's Avatar
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I must vote for my favorite Normal, Jigglypuff!

Porygon, Ditto, and Furret get votes, too, because Porygon is so weird and silly, Ditto is ridiculous and, and Furret is so gosh darn adorable.
Old September 23rd, 2013 (10:53 AM).
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no love for the Slakoth and Snubull line lol

For me, it's Eevee, Castform, the Minccino line and the Lillipup line.

Eevee - Who doesn't love the pre-evolution of all Eeveelutions? :3 It's such an adorable Pokemon I don't see why anyone wouldn't love it.

Castform - Castform is amazing! It and only it has the power to change its form according to 3 different weathers - rain, sunshine and hail (they really should make a Sandform sometime!). With its equally unique Weather Ball attack, it's a force of simplicity to be reckoned with!

Minccino line - This line is definitely one of the most adorable Normal-type evolutionary lines! They look so cuddly and furry and loveable I can't resist them <3

Lillipup line - PUPPIES! <3 Dogs are one of my favourite animals, so it should be obvious that this is one of my most favourite Normal-types in all history.
Old September 23rd, 2013 (3:01 PM).
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I'd love to take this moment to say that I hate Miltank, and I don't wish it the best of luck in it's future endeavours.

I think my favourite Normal-type Pokémon is... Well, it's certainly a tough choice. So many nice ones to choose from. Eevee, Togetic, Ursaring... However, with that being said, my favourite is Herdier. I haven't evolved it into a Stoutland on my game, but my goodness - I love this Pokémon. Super strong, and Tackle (for whatever reason... STAB?) is super-ridiculously strong.
Old September 23rd, 2013 (3:44 PM).
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Clefable - One of my favorite Pokemon from RBY. She's adorable and always has been a huge help on my in-game teams. I also like how she gained access to some great moves like Softboiled or Wish and gained Magic Guard.

Delcatty - Really cute, great shiny that I had to have, and she has the honors of being my starter in the first Dungeon games.

Arceus - Space goats!
Old September 23rd, 2013 (5:08 PM).
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Eevee - The ultimate "adaptation" Pokemon. Seriously, 8 evolutions? That's amazing!
"Toge-" line - Pretty good defensively, plus Togekiss packs a punch with a Nasty Plot + Air Slash/Aura Sphere combo.
Teddiursa & Ursaring - Hard-hitters. And I have to admit Teddiursa is quite adorable.
Other: Bouffalant - Despite my doubts about its design (an afro on a bull/buffalo didn't seem very appealing at the start...), I kinda started liking the guy after using it in a few Pokemon Showdown matches.

Who knew, I kinda actually like them Normies.
Old September 23rd, 2013 (9:51 PM).
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My favorites are the Porygon-Z line and Snorlax. Porygon-Z is cute and awesome while Snorlax is very good in UU with a choice band set and I like his lazy nature.
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Old September 23rd, 2013 (10:02 PM).
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Normal is probably my favorite Pokemon-type, as they're all so great. They're multi-taskers, able to learn a wide variety of attacks for coverage and being pretty decent in battle.

For specific Pokemon, I have to go with Meowth in particular. Since day one of Pokemon's release in America, Meowth has been one of my favorite Pokemon. The anime was the main reason for this, as it wasn't until my second playthrough of FireRed that I finally used a Meowth on my team. And let me tell you: this cat is incredible. My Persian became the leader of the team, having a good variety of moves for different opponents and being able to handle anything thrown at her in battle.

I voted for others, but Meowth is the only one I can really give an explanation to. And it's kind of sad to see Meowth and Persian only once in this thread so far.

Also, I'm going to toss in my own amusement that Eevee has so little votes. It shows that PC has a different audience than other Pokemon forums. I'm sure there's one in particular that would vote for Eevee as best Pokemon any chance it would take!

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Old September 26th, 2013 (5:55 PM).
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So many! Not counting Flying-types, I chose:

Porygon/2/-Z: I really like their designs. The upgrade with evolution is a cool thing, but I really love the bugged upgrade with porygon-Z. (I'm surprised one of my picks is the popular choice in the poll.)

Smeargle: A painter pokémon is an interesting theme, and with Sketch, there's so much you can do with them! I think they're cute too. ^-^

Sentret/Furret: Specifically, furret is cute.

Skitty/Delcatty: I didn't really think much of skitty until I honestly became one in PMD: EoD.

Minccino/Cinccino: I really, really love these two! Adored minccino from the moment it was revealed, though I didn't train one until W2. Also a plus that it can easily be drawn with different expressions. ^-^

Other - Zigzagoon/Linoone: My favorite early-route Normal-type. Zigzagoon's cute, and linoone's eyes are hypnotic. Also, Pickup! :D

...Though I think my favorite Normal-type is helioptile now.
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Old September 26th, 2013 (6:02 PM).
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Gotta go with Snorlax! How could you not love him? There's so much to like about him, the design is good, he's a decent battler, and I used him to sweep a friend, so I quess that counts a little.

I also voted for Togekiss and Cinccino for their battling skills and the fact that I like both of their designs.

I normally only choose one, but I couldn't resist voting for three this time around.
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Old September 27th, 2013 (11:00 AM).
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I voted for Ditto and the Porygon line. Ditto because he can be any pokemon, which can work in his favour in battle. Duplica's ditto was hilarious because it had trouble copying the opponent's face. The porygon line because of their designs and how good they can be. (Competitive language ahead). Porygon is a threat in LC (Little cup), Porygon2 is a tank and Porygon-Z is an absolute powerhouse.
Though I'd say Porygon2 is my favourite normal type around.

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Old September 27th, 2013 (11:11 PM).
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okay... i voted for 3 evolution lines.

First, I voted for the Slaking line. They're very tanky but I don't quite like the Truant ability...but this problem is remedied by making him stay as Vigoroth. I don't use the style though. I just evolve it into an uber huge and ultra heavy tank Pokemon with Truant ability.

Second, I voted for the Snorlax line. A very heavy tank Pokemon as well, and also a good hitter.

Lastly, I voted for the Porygon line. They're very good, they can learn a wide array of moves with different types which is mostly Psychic type. I really absolutely like 'em
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Old September 29th, 2013 (10:03 PM).
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Another week done here in the Favorite Pokemon Tournament, and yet another good turnout voter turnout this week, with over 2/3rds of the vote coming in the first 24 hours!

Anyway, the Pokemon that you voted as your favorite Normal types are...


Normally, the winning Pokemon is also featured in .gif form in PVP's forum splash, but since the only gifs are of a... certain incident... I blame the 17 of you that voted for the Porygon family!!!

The next round of voting will feature Steel-type Pokemon, and should be up at some point tomorrow afternoon. See you all there!
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