#18: The Rolling Stones

Started by Brendino June 24th, 2014 10:39 PM
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Which are your favorites?

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Hello there, glad you're back for another Poké-Poll of the Week here in Pokémon Polls! Remember when posting that you should follow all PC and PP rules, especially:
Don't just list- expand on your answers! Don’t just tell us that Pikachu is your favorite Pokémon- tell us why! If you’re just listing or giving very short answers, your post may be deleted, and could be up for a warning or an infraction if it becomes a recurring issue.
This week's poll question came to us from Blazikong, who'll be receiving a special emblem for his contribution. If you'd like to earn your very own emblem (or just want to help out with future POTWs), feel free to send me a VM with a poll idea, or even leave a suggestion with your post in this thread. With that said though, this week's poll question is:

Of the Kanto Pokémon that evolve via evolutionary stone, which are your favorite?

For those of you wondering, the other Pokémon that evolve through this same method will be included in a future POTW, but there just wasn't enough room for all of them this time around. With that said, let us know which are your favorites, and happy voting!


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I like more than half the Pokemon on that list, haha. Went with both Nidos, Ninetales, Arcanine, Starmie, and all the Eeveelutions. As for why I like them:

Nidoking/queen: I like their designs, normal and shiny color palettes (yes, even green Nidoqueen), and typing a whole lot, and I have fond memories of Nidoqueen in Yellow. In fact, before I reset my Yellow, she was really close to reaching level 100! I also have a shiny Nidoran female, so if I ever get around to evolving her I'll have a shiny Nidoqueen <3

Ninetales & the Eeveelutions: Categorizing together because I love all the fox-like Pokemon. Ninetales, Jolteon, and Vaporeon have also been really useful members on my in-game and competitive teams, and I looooove Ninetales's and Vaporeon's shiny color palettes to death.

Arcanine: Love its design and how useful it is in-game.

Starmie: Love its design, typing, normal and shiny color palettes, and usefulness in-game and competitive-wise. I tend to not make it a spinner as I usually use it on teams that don't fear SR as much XD
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Honestly, this list is pretty random.

My favourites are Cloyster and the two Nidos. Cloyster has proven to be successful competitively, especially in early BW, since it has access to the best boosting move in the game in my opinion, Shell Smash. It also has Skill Link and good coverage in Icicle Spear, Rock Blast and Hydro Pump. The two Nidos are great special attackers and should be played differently. Nidoking is an excellent all-out attacker whereas Nidoqueen can set up Stealth Rock and Toxic Spikes fairly easily and can act as a good check to Terrakion and Aegislash.
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Large polls like these make my head spin. Luckily, I have a last resort called rate-only-by-design!

Haha, seriously though, I voted for Nidoking, Wigglytuff, Arcanine, Poliwrath, Cloyster, Exeggutor, Starmie, Vaporeon and Flareon. I just loved their designs and some of them are really fun to take in game. Points for Arcanine, Nidoking and Cloyster (Skill Link omg) for being awesome!

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Arcanine, Ninetales and Vaporeon are the best. Poliwrath is great too but not quite enough.

Arcanine is the coolest with balance of looks, attack, defense and speed.
Ninetales is a myth in itself. Incredible looks, good defense.
Vaporeon serves as good Special Wall but I train it to make it a Tank. Again cool looks, good defense.

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Not going to lie, I shamefully voted for 6 pokémon.

Arcanine: I have a soft spot for Arcanine. I don't know why but I really do. Overall, it's a well-balanced pokémon that is very trustworthy to fall upon, and looks like a badass motherf*cker.
Poliwrath: A powerhouse that never lets me down. With the correct tactics (boosting its speed further), Poliwrath is nearly unstoppable. Furthermore, you don't get many water/fighting types. And just check out those muscles, unf <3
Starmie: Water is one of my favourite types, as you maybe able to tell by 3 of my choices being water types. Like Poliwrath and Arcanine, Starmie never lets me down, and I think it has one of the simplest yet coolest designs out of every single pokémon.
The Eeveelutions: I said to myself that I'd only pick one, but after staring at my options for a good five minutes, I had to go with all three. I simply cannot pick a favourite. I love all of the eeveelutions, but the original three are the best imo. Flareon stole my eeveelution virginity and is a classic (teaching it dig to counter rock types was no mistake), Jolteon looks utterly badass and is a fast little guy and Vaporeon is an utter wall.
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Awh I love questions like these!!

Alright well Bellsprout is my favorite Pokemon, but I actually don't care that much about Victreebel so I'm not going to bother including it.

My top favorites here would be Clefable, Cloyster, and Starmie. I like all the Pokemon listed, these just stand out to me.

Clefable - was useful to me just as a normal type, now that it's fairy I feel like it will come in handy so much more, I just haven't gotten around to it. I don't really find it that cute, but there is something about its design that I love.

Cloyster - that episode where some biker gang has a cloyster and won't let ash & co cross a bridge made me love it. It was so bad ass and it actually is pretty bad ass to use.

Starmie - SUCH A SIMPLE DESIGN DONE RIGHT. Let Starmie be the example for simplistic Pokemon of the future. Nice move pool, nice stats, and a nice design makes it fun/worth using.
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Now this is my kinda poll haha :)

I voted for Ninetales, Vaporeon, Nidoqueen and Clefable :)

Ninetales and Vaporeon are my first and second favourite Pokémon respectively haha so that's no surprise :)

Nidoqueen (I'm kinda surprised Nidoking's got so many more votes actually I thought it might be more even lol) I've used on a couple of teams and oh my WORD what a powerhouse, made things so much easier for me on Soul Silver and cruised through Whitney as a Nidoran :)

Clefable I voted for because I really like Clefairy and using Metronome with it is so much fun haha :)

Also props to Victreebel for being hilarious in the anime as James' Victreebel lol :)


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These are the Pokemon that I voted for:

Raichu - Pikachu has been my favourite Pokemon for a long time, because it's so cute and iconic. But in all these years of playing Pokemon, I've found Raichu to be better in battle. (I never use the Light Ball, lol) That's why I decided to rank Pikachu and Raichu equally.

Nidoking - It's a great early game mon, with good stats and a big movepool. Sheer Force made it even better.

Clefable - This thing isn't just cute, it also has a good typing, great abilities, and a big movepool.

Victreebel - This thing helped me a lot in Gen 2 games. It's also good in Gen 1 and 3 games.

Cloyster - I love its menacing design. It also gets STAB on Water and Ice, two of my favourite offensive typings. It also has Skill Link, Shell Smash, and Icicle Spear.

Exeggutor - I really like its design, and it's pretty good in Gen 1 and 2 games.

Starmie - It's fast, strong, and it learns some of my favourite attacks - Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, and Psychic. Its offensive typing really helps it, too.

Vaporeon - This is my favourite Eeveelution because it's cute, strong, bulky, and a Water type.


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I picked six for this one: Nidoking, Ninetales, Cloyster, Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon.

I picked Nidoking because I like it's design. I really just love it's big, bulky figure.
I picked Ninetales because it was based off of one of my favorite creatures in Japanese Mythology: the Kitsune.
I picked the three Eeveelutions because I like Eevee.
And lastly, I picked Cloyster because it's covered in spikes. Need I say more?
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First pick was Raichu because in Conquest that mouse really helped me overtake castles all over the place.

Ninetales, that fox was a useful one in Yellow and Red. Yep, I loved burning those suckers down so bad. Such an awesome Flamethrower....

Arcanine came to use in Heartgold and White 2. Flinching opponents, burning, and killing were so easy with her. Fire rules!

The eeveelutions are all cool and they are the ones I'm using in a challenge right now and in Glazed. So awesome.... Surf, Thunder, and Flare Blitz.... So awesome....
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Nidoking and Starmie are my favorite Gen I Pokemon that evolve via evolutionary stone. Nidoking got buffed big-time with Sheer Force, while Starmie has been a decent mon in all generations (though it slipped out of favor this time around). I even used Starmie in B2/W2 and I wasn't disappointed by its performance, due to its good coverage.


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Oooooooh, so many good Pokemon to choose from!

I'm going to have to choose the three Eeveelutions (due to bias), as they are above any of the others by a mile. I've used them in so many games the other Pokemon on this list just can't compare.

But, I do also really love Ninetails and Arcanine. I have good memories with Ninetails back from Blue, and I can't not love Arcanine. It's a flaming puppy!


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I went with Nidoqueen, Ninetales, Vileplume, Arcanine, Cloyster, and Flareon. All awesome Pokemon, and ones that I've used before in various runs. It's really difficult for me to pick one favorite out of that group, but I think it's Arcanine. It's funny, though, because when I was a kid, I used to prefer Ninetales and never even touched a Growlithe. Now, I like both, and even would rather have the lion counterpart to Vulpix.


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Of all those Pokémon that has been listed here, my most favorite is Ninetales, without a doubt. It's the evolution-form of Vulpix, which I love, and its design is also quite beautiful. Competitively, it could perform pretty decently, too; it's got Drought, which brings sunlight out as soon as it's sent out of its Poké Ball, and when this happens, all of its fire-type attacks' power are doubled, making it extremely easy for this Pokémon to take others down. I've used it plenty of times, and it has never failed me; it's been able to help me win battles each and every time, nearly.

Second favorite is most likely Starmie. Its appearance is very simplistic, and this Pokémon could generally be easy to handle when fighting opponents. Third, it's got to be Vaporeon. Its defenses are simply huge, making it a great tank. Honorable mention goes to Raichu, Nidoking, Cloyster, Arcanine, and Flareon.


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With lots of options this week, I wanted to go with a bunch of choices, but I limited myself to 5. In the end, I picked Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Ninetales, Arcanine and Starmie. I've used all of them over extended periods of time in the past, and each have proven themselves to be more than capable members of my party. If I hadn't been limiting myself to 5 Pokemon, Raichu, Clefable and Poliwrath probably would've made my list, too.

With that, another POTW has concluded. Remember that you can keep voting and posting your answers if you haven't already though- each POTW remains open even after it's no longer stickied. The next POTW should be up at some point tomorrow, so make sure to come back to Pokemon Polls to check it out!