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Started by bobandbill October 20th, 2016 4:04 AM
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Check out its official art, found on a guide book! There’s also a short trailer about the upcoming Sun and Moon anime season to watch.

Read the article here!

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Good to see some different artwork of it, but I still don't know how I feel about the design. It certainly isn't as bad as the likes of Alolan Diglett or Dugtrio, I just feel like they could have done it muuuch better when it comes to a Pokemon like Persian.


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Super disappointed .... Persian had so much potential, and they had to made is head look like a balloon or something :/ It's so ugly .. ughh. (not as bad as dugtrio... the thing doesn't even make sense). I'm glad they chose to show us, in the trailers, the best Alola Forms.
Btw, the artwork on my avatar is from an artist called OMOCAT, you should check her out ;)


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I'll be honest. It doesn't really bother me. As long as we get an explanation why Alolan Forms are how they are, they don't bother me at all.

I have never been a fan of Persian, so this didn't really concern me too much. I honestly didn't think they could make it much more different than it already is.

It would have been nice to have gotten more Alolans than 18, but it is still possible some may not be unlocked till we get the National Dex, in which case, couldn't be datamined.


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It looks like a fusion of Garfield and Persian.
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Alolan Persian is awful. They pretty much ruined everything that made Persian good. Why didn't they just change the color and leave it at that? The other Alolan forms have been okay, but this one was very poor.
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I honestly do not mind Alola Dugtrio. It's based on sirens who call sailors toward rocks to cause their ships to wreck or be stranded. Does it look silly, yes. But at least it is not entirely boring and makes some sense.

Alolan Persian is just boring and ugly. The worst of both worlds. Sure, it is pampered and overindulged, but why just a fat head? It could have designed around gold and jewels (featured in the original designs) and designed around the idea of an over-indulgence and luxury but instead it is just insanely ugly AND boring.

I'd give it 1/10. By far my least favorite pokemon design of gen 7.
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I was disappointed at first, and I still think Game freak could have done something so much better. But somehow its starting to grow on me, it looks really goofy and as a number of people said above it looks like Garfield, which I loved as a kid. I was probably disappointed more at the fact I wanted to have it on my team, but at the moment it would look so out of place.

Tbh it's concept art looks much better than its 3D sprite. I wouldn't mind if they taken the sprite out and replaced it with the art, even if it looked totally unprofessional. XD


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I don't feel any hesitation in saying I think it's the worst thing we've seen in Sun and Moon.

Persian was always a bland looking Pokemon so I had hoped for an improvement of some kind when we got the Meowth reveal. I thought that they could only improve on it. I was wrong.

Also, Alolan Dugtrio is fabulous.


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Well, looks like I'm with everyone else and I also don't like it. But then, I didn't like the new Meowth much either so I wasn't expecting it to have a good design.
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Persian had the potential to have a really pretty Alolan form. Sort of like what they did with Vulpix and Ninetales. Even Meowth looks pretty nice, but Persian is disappointing. Probably because its body looks nearly the same as always, but it's like they got lazy drawing the head and just drew a huge circle and called it good.

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This was another that I wondered for a brief moment if it was just some artist's rendition of what Alolan Persian might look like, since...yeah, definite Garfield vibes like whoa from this one. I wasn't expecting them to go that cartoony on the design compared to regular Persian. :P

I am indifferent to this one. I don't hate it, but neither do I really like it.
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Why is so many people hating it? IT'S CUTEEE! ^_^ I love that Garfield face! I need to catch one in Sun and Moon! ^^

Honestly, I feel like I'm the only one who actually loves Alolan Persian. It's so cute! I can't wait to get one on my team.
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"Ugly-cute" cats are in right now. So hot.
Poor Purugly already tried that and it didn't go too well for it.

Actually when you think about it the Alolan Meowth line is basically the same as the Glameow line, a purple/gray fancy cat that becomes a spoiled ugly cat upon evolving, that's kinda disappointing.


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But Purugly looks badass and Alola Persian just looks .....stupid. I don't really get it... Alola Persian had so much potential. I would love if it had some "jewels" in its body, since Alola Meowth was raised by the Royal Family. But this.... This is such a boring design.... GF got lazy there '-'
Btw, the artwork on my avatar is from an artist called OMOCAT, you should check her out ;)


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The had the opportunity to do a lot when designing Alolan Persian... like making it regal/majestic. This is really disappointing.