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Written by Rivvon! More info to come soon - check the article for a summary and the Direct video link. We're currently updating!


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So, I don't know about anyone else, but this was a damn good Direct, imo. Game Freak delivered more and then some.

I don't even really know where to start. The "gimmick" for this region certainly seems fun to mess around with! I do hope it has more usability than Z-moves, though. Z-moves were always situational and as such I don't think many people made that much use out of them. Here's to hoping there's more utility comes out of this though, because this genuinely seems like something that would be fun to use!

The new Pokemon designs I'm certainly really happy about! I'm most excited about Corviknight in particular, but I'm actually happy with everything else that was announced. Drednaw might not be my cup of tea, but I still think it looks pretty cool regardless. I can't wait to see what it evolves into. :o

Also, perhaps minor thing, but pleased that the Professor of the region is once again a woman, a seemingly wise old woman, too! Can't wait to see what the interactions between her, the player, and Sonia would be about. Hopefully Sonia would be a more dynamic and fluid character than Lillie. Not that there's anything against Lillie (I like her tbh), but I'm hoping for something more.

But again, really happy with this direct!! Imagine what's going to be shown post-E3.


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great direct, I am very happy
Introduced my new favorite Pokémon, a gorgeous overworld with full camera control, visually stunning locations, and even raid battles look really interesting. I am so pumped. ;_;/

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The new Pokémon introduced in my opinion have good designs and I'm most excited about that open world area. Ideally that means that usually inaccessible vast space on the maps is actually completely accessible and used in such a clever way. I hope seeing all those Pokémon in the overworld of this new kind of area is true to how it functions and wasn't just for flowering up the introduction of that feature in the direct.


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I for one am SO excited about these games! The open world aspect, free camera movement, the environment itself and of course the new pokemon! (Wooloo, Zacian and Drednaw standing out to me) Dynamax looks wild and I'm happy local wireless will be included in the raid battles. I'm happy we got confirmation on the return of gyms, and it looks like they might start as Dynamax battles?

The new characters look awesome! I'm happy to have an elderly professor again, and it's a woman (also Magnolia is a beautiful name). I'm also a big fan of the familial bonds among the cast, be it grandparent or sibling. Hop seems energetic and I hope he's got more personality than the gen 6 and 7 rivals, maybe he feels like he's in his brother's shadow?

One random point I want to make, it almost looks like the characters are... talking? Like, actual words not just mouthing along with text boxes. Maybe there could be voice acting? This is doubtful but like, I'm still hoping.

Anyway, I am SO ready for these games to come out. It's even a worldwide release again so they shouldn't be leaving the UK out like with ORAS and SM. Time to start counting down the days until Pokémon Sword and Shield!

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Dynamaxing gives me fierce vibes from both Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, as well as Dream Team.

Making your Pokémon grow into giants? Bowser invented that, buds! The mechanic drives home the point of Big Chungus Scorbunny memes, since Big Chungus is worshipped as a god. It'll be giving both Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet and Ultra Instinct Shaggy a run for their money!

Anyways, I am impressed by the sheer volume of content, although later reveals should wear a leash to avoid spoiling over half the overall game in fear of datamines.

The new professor and her assistant look like members of Luna Nova. Since Little Witch Academia seems to also take place in the UK, this game is one big wet dream for fans of LWA. The female player character makes a perfect Akko, although we all cemented the Trainer as this foul-mouthed and brash little lass for the lulz.

Wooloo is our ideal sheep for the region. I hope it keeps sufficient wool in it's final stage, but it seems likely, given that it's an early-route Pokémon by the looks of it. I'm reminded of Shaun the Sheep with this Pokémon. If it has decent stats upon evolution, I'll use it.

Gossifleur reminds me of Antastasia for some reason. Probably just the red hair and formal appearance, but it's a great name for it, nevertheless. Eldegoss seems to be it's final form, though I would hope it's a cocoon-like stage and something even more gorgeous will emerge later on in the game, like with other Pokémon evolving from their cocoon/chrysalis-like state; namely Scolipede and Salamence.

Drednaw is doing us a snibeti snab with the intention of not being taken lightly. I hope it becomes part Steel-type in the unlikely case of it evolving.

Corviknight reminds me of the Solarian Warriors in Star vs. the Forces of Evil, since the show's final villain; Mina Loveberry, has a bird named Sebastian who is a Solarian Warrior himself. I'm anticipating a handful of Steel-types to go full Solarian Warrior with the new Dynamax feature.


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This direct was pretty freakin good. I totally wasn't expecting the open world mechanics, and FREE CAMERA MOVEMENT. The routes between cities look massive. Looks like Pokemon are also roaming around like in Let's Go, and the grass as well. They didn't show the player walking up to one, but maybe they gave the best of both worlds?

I'm feeling the new Pokemon revealed. Wooloo is precious, and Corviknight looks DOPE. Definitely going on my team. It seems like it's in cities as a taxi service as well, working like Fly. And now that the legendaries have been shown, I can finally say I'm getting Sword for sure. Though both of them look CLEAN af.

I'm a bit half and half on the new Dynamax mechanic. I'm glad it's not a broken insta-kill like Z-Moves and also limited, adding to the strategy in when to use it. If it's something like time-limited Megas, then I'm fine. I like the Max Raid Battles tho, looks pretty fun. Gyms seem more flashy than ever, focusing on using Dynamax. Since we've only seen the stadium and battle against the leader, wonder if there are other trainers as well. I'm guessing instead of puzzles, it might be like a series of battles before taking on the leader.

I totally called a female professor this gen, and her name being Magnolia. And Sonia's cute af. Kinda gives me BW2 Bianca/Lillie vibes. Hop seems like a decent rival at first glance, hopefully he'll have more personality than the last few. It's pretty cool that he's the Champion's brother, and he's working to catch up to him. And did they just say "one of your rivals" when referring to him? I guess we're getting more than one rival, like in BW? Maybe the other one will be the return of the jerk rival. Kinda awesome how they revealed the Champion early in the game like with Alder in BW. I've always liked that, as it gives you someone to work towards. Watch him actually be part of the evil team, maybe even the leader. Now that'd be a fun twist, and be cool story wise for Hop.

Overall, I'm actually pretty excited for these, probably even more so than SM. Can't wait for more info, like the evil team and stuff. I'm personally hoping they don't reveal absolutely everything like they did with SM/USUM, leaving a lot of mystery to find when playing.
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So, I definitely like a lot of stuff here. The new Pokémon are all great as are the characters, hopefully they'll also have greater lore as they had in the Unova games like gym leaders actually doing things aside from the gym, and the whole thing about Pokémon trainers being like sports champions can bring interesting new possibilities and reminds me more of the anime. Corviknight as a taxi service is a nice idea, though the train geek in me would have hoped for a train system instead... but it's a Pokémon game after all and it makes more sense this way. And I like the way the legendaries are nearly identical except for the sword and the shield.

The open world area is something I had never expected and gameplay wise I'll love it, though I still wonder how it will affect the level curve. The gyms with stadium aesthetics and probably more focussed on battles rather than puzzles give me Colosseum vibes, even though I liked most puzzle gyms in the earlier titles so that I somehow hope that there's some replacement for that.

As for the things I didn't like... I don't like gimmicks that much so I am not thrilled by Dynamax, I'd have preferred them to expand on megas or even Z-moves instead of throwing in the third generational gimmick in a row. Hopefully either most of it is optional or there's more to it than what's been said today.
And the worst thing imho is probably the graphics, this might be the worst-looking first-party Switch game so far, it's true this is far from being the final product but imho they have definitely a lot of work to do here. I mean, graphics are not something I'm usually picky about as I don't even like hyperrealistic stuff and have been used to gaming with the lowest settings on an old PC... but the overworld textures seem like something I'd expect from a Wii game, not a Switch one. Even the shirt designs seem to be of a lower quality than the character model, and that looks especially bad imho.


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Corviknight is badass, that thing will very likely be on my team.

The Gossifleur line also has a high chance to be on my team. But if I end up picking Grookey, then I won't use Gossifleur unless I end up boxing my starter.

I expected Drednaw to be a Dragon type, but Water/Rock is also acceptable. If I end up picking Scorbunny, I'll consider adding Drednaw on my team.

Wooloo is cute, I may use it if it gets a good evolution.

Zacian and Zamazenta both look really cool!

Open world areas? Amazing!

I'm also interested in DynaMax and Raid Battles.
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Another crow Pokémon?! SIGN ME UP!
I'm sooo getting a Switch ASAP.


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One thing I'm really interested in is how TPC intends to market the Double Packs. Since each game is likely going to cost $60, is this going to go for $120? Seems like a steep price unless there's an incentive behind it.


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I'm interested in seeing how the open world/"wild areas" turn out. Open-world elements can be really good muk when done right, but.....
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Corviknight is fantastic and is going on my team for sure. So far my favorite Galarian Pokemon.
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Not a fan of the giant Pokemon gimmick.

I suspect E3 will give us a look into stuff like customization? This is what I am interested in. Pokemon is Pokemon; but I do wonder if customization will be expanded upon like how Sun & Moon improved upon X&Y. Everything else was typical Pokemon; not to say that is necessarily a bad thing.

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Yeah.. I don't know how I feel about the whole giant Pokemon gimmick too. It's not a bad thing, it's just not my thing.

Either way, it was a very informative Direct. Great article Rivvon! :)


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Oh, I'm SOOOO optimistic! I feel a need to go purchase a Switch RIGHT NOW! Ugh! I cannot wait for these games.

First of all, the layout and design of the region is absolutely stunning! The wild areas are so immense and large and the city that is based off London looks superb!

AND THE POKEMON DESIGNS! The legendaries look so incredible, they fully embody the "sword and shield" and they look like perfect counterparts. I can't wait to learn about the mythology surrounding both Zacian and Zamazenta! I love the raven and sheep-inspired pokemon as well. Both feel very English indeed.

Also I am so glad that we have another female professor and I love Magnolia's design. She looks like an old, demure but stubborn woman who draws her knowledge from her countless life experiences as well as her years of devoted research to her particular field. I also love Sonia's design! She looks like a bubbly character and I find it interesting how she knows Leon. Perhaps they have romantic feelings for one another! Irregardless, I love how all the characters are interconnected and how our rival, Hop, is the younger sibling of the champion!



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Me: I'm not that excited about these new Pokemon
Also me: *Scrolls down, sees Corvinight* Holy muk never mind 😍

Huh, previously I was biased towards Shield, but I like Zacian way better than Zamazenta. The way it holds a sword in its snout is kinda hilarious. Still, not into either of the Legendaries yet - I'll have to find out more about their powers, lore significance, character, etc. (Pleeeease let them have character - !)

Sonia is - she's just beautiful. Oh my gosh. I wanna be her.

You know what else is beautiful? The region. I can't really be objective about graphics and stuff, but the scenery in some parts took my breath. <3

So, Dynamax...whoa. I'll need some time to get used to this. I feel like I'll eventually like it, though - size changing is on my list of sci-fi/fantasy concepts that fascinate me. (I mean, I'd prefer to have pocket-sized Pokemon, but I guess that wouldn't be very good as a mechanic. LOL.) If they're gonna add another gimmick, I like that this one has precedent in the series, with giant Pokemon appearing in the anime and such. (Edit: and Totem Pokemon.)
...I saw this brought up as a joke, but seriously, what happens if you Dynamax Wailord?? Or any already-large Pokemon??

(It's quite the coincidence - last night as I was laying in bed, without any knowledge of the direct, I thought about which Pokemon I'd most like to make giant. o.O I decided on Lunatone so you could sit on it like the Dreamworks logo. Guess you can really do that now!)
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The legendaries and Corviknight looks absolutely awesome! And can't wait to hear more about Dynamax.


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Dynamax seems like something I could do without, but as long as it is contained to Raid Battles and Gym Battles then it would be fine.

Love all the new Pokemon! Not a single one disappoints me! Based on appearances alone, the shield legendary looks better imo.

The Wild Area is very exciting. I hope it makes shiny hunting easier!


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I'll be honest, this new Dynamax gimmick seems even less interesting to me than Z-moves. That being said, I did enjoy everything else aside from the champion's ace being Charizard, lol. The few new pokemon designs they showed off were really neat.
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The graphics alone with the gym battles, graphics for Dynamax characters and pokemon attacks, and open world up to the cityscape graphics are amazing.

The character build up even with the crowds loving the gym leaders is a nice touch. It mentions about the pokemon living with people beyond just the pokemon battles.... (contests? maybe a thing... or why mention it)

similar legendaries.. maybe a prevolution that could split evo....(like sun and moon)

The pokemon are ok... but I'm hoping that we get the rumored electric corgi
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Really enjoyed yesterday's Pokemon Direct!

The new Pokemon all have great designs, including the legendaries.

The wild areas/open world really reminds me of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which I'm playing right now and I'm glad to see it in Sword/Shield over classic routes.

Edit: Woops, The Wild Area(s) don't replace classic routes.

As someone who ended up skipping Gen 6 and 7, I'm actually glad they've introduced this giant Pokemon/Dynamax stuff into these games, to mix battles up a bit. But, I do hope it's not in there aaaall the time and there are plenty of "normal" battles as well.

I'm seriously tempted to buy the golden steelbook dual pack. xD

The only thing that's bothering me, is that they still haven't said if SwSh is Pro Controller compatible, which is something I'm really hoping for. But, the two directs so far don't seem to have shown anything to indicate that the games are motion control heavy, so I'd guess that they will be Pro Controller compatible.
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Open world area, thank you @ god

So far every reveal has been SO GOOD, I've decided it's settled and I'm saving up for a Switch.

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