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Yay for E3

Article may be updated further, hang tight!

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nessa is wiiiiiiiifey


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nessa is beautiful ;_;
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The thing I didn't like about Mega Evolution is that only certain Pokemon are able to get it, whereas I think it was mentioned that Dynamax could apply to any Pokemon? The article also mentioned that Pokemon Bank Pokemon can only be transferred to the games if they are in the Galar Dex...meaning not every Pokemon from the first seven generations will make it in. As long as my favorites make it in, I'll definitely be checking this game out at some point, just wondering what the game-exclusive Pokemon are besides the Galar legendaries.


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Nessa is amazing, that is all.

Can't wait for the design for other Gym Leaders!! So far, I'm pleased!


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Honestly, this brought back my interest in my PB+ which until then has just been decor on my desk. I'm looking forward to maybe actually putting a pokemon in it this time. Say, Yamper for example :sloheart:


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Nessa is very cool. Probably my favorite designed character so far this game!


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Nessa is a baddie and I love her.
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i love nessa! she is a queen :sloheart:
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She has the best design so far, but thoroughly impressed with most characters. She is fierce.

I cannot wait to see what pokemon she might have for reals.. it seemed the gym trainers were duped due to not wanting to reveal more.

Also extremely interested in how the gym badge was a small piece within a large circle.. what is that about? and it looked like it would fit more than 8 badges.
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Nessa thooooo. They're killing it with these character designs. She's a baddie, and makes me question my loyalty.