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It's been reported that a malicious Pokémon has been going around on Surprise Trade that could lead to the game crashing if you attempted to use the Y-COM's online features.

Please be careful, y'all!


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Surprise Trade should be avoided anyway if this is true:
Apparently Pokémon Sword and Shield players are being Bannes from Online Service due to the Hack Pokémon that are being sent via Suprise Trade

The Hack Pokémon are those are not in the game yet for example the Alola Starter, Bulbasaur & Squirtle

If you recieve one, do not use any online feature

If you haven't receive one, avoid Surprise Trade
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This kind of reminds me of the time a supposed bug was discovered that supposedly deleted all your save data, (that's what's been keeping me from playing Sword by the way, but I'm pretty sure it's just fear mongering). Can't wait for this one to be fear mongered as well (sarcasm).


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Oof, I guess I'll avoid Surprise Trade for now then. :x Thanks for the heads up!!

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Good thing I can't connect to the internet on my Switch! But wow, some people just love to ruin people's days, huh?
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Shame. I hope the issue gets resolved. :(

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