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Get maths wrong or else wait until a Friday to see your Drifloon. (Or maybe mess with the date on the Switch, and kill all those berries).

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trading is a thing
It is, but not everyone has access to the paid online subscription to trade online with others. I was pretty confused when I beat Team Galactic at Valley Windworks on Friday only to see Drifloon not there afterwards, was hoping to use it on my team. :x


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well good thing i was never any good at math then

except not quite terrible enough to screw up basic arithmetic
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somewhat annoying requirement (mostly because i was never a fan of pokedex requirements to reach x like in fr/lg), but also simultaneously not bothered that much since it's via "seen".


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i knew i should have failed at maths
now i gotta wait
project cmyk: soon


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I blame gimmepie for this

i thought that if i gave a wrong answer angie would come and destroy me :(
but at least I can prepare a special welcome committee for Drifloon


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Yeah, I figured out myself that it probably wouldn’t show up immediately, so in orfer to get that sentinent balloon I decided to complete the whole thing before friday and then the next day I got it.

I’m not sure how far I’ll take it because I’m already packing a crap ton of Flying types, including one with a perfect nature, but I’ll see what I can do with it.
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