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1st of June, that is!

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Hope we get the region's name tomorrow. I have a lot of demonyms in my fanfic notes that need filling in! Also, summon circle for cute Ghost-types and cute Fuecoco evolutions. :D


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Name of the region and some new Pokemon, would be nice. That's all I want.


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Expects a region name, glimpses of a few new Pokemon, and the new gimmick/playstyle (equivalent to Max Raids and/or Dynamax). Guesses on new Pokemon:
- Regional variant of Tauros or Bouffalant
- A transportation-focused Pokemon. Might assist you with moving around in the Wild Area, rather than a bike.
- A windmill- or lighthouse-based Pokemon. Strikes a similar profile.
- The box art legendaries. Could save this for a second, later trailer. Probably ties into the plot.

Bets against seeing the evil team in this trailer. Estimates 90 to 120 seconds for the trailer. Brings too little hype for something meant to leave a big impression in a short time.
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- Region name
- Some look at the gameplay
- Maybe what the starters look like in game
- Shows us the professor of the region
- Villains maybe shown


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Hoping to see what's the gimmick or theme of the game.


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I would like to see the new Legendaries, but I think we'll mainly get more information on the region, the new professor and some basic hint of the story. Also, this is not a Presents, so I am not expecting huge news, but it's still gonna be a lot because it's the second trailer, so most things are still unknown to us. However, I expect a Presents in June tbh. That could be when new legendaries will be revealed.