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Collect the Whole Set!


Checked the first 3 pages and didn't see a thread like this, so here we go.

This thread is for you to share whatever collections you may have! I know this being PokeCommunity, the obvious types of collections would be something to do with Pokemon, and that is fine to share those here. This is also a place for you to share your non-Pokemon collections as well.

To start... I've been collecting coins since I was about 15, so it's been about 16 years now. It all started with the random find of this one:

It's some kind of Mexican coin. It stood out to me the moment I saw it, since it has a lot of intricate details. Back when I used to constantly wear a baseball cap, I used to keep it in the lining for good luck. All these years later, and I still have it! After that, I used to check all my change I would get back from a purchase, and began expanding my collection first with the typical Canadian coins I would find (In US, so not surprising). I mostly go for foreign coins, and for a long time I was dealing primarily with the circulated ones. In recent times, I have been focusing on the uncirculated ones, as they are actually worth something if kept in that condition. My collection really isn't worth much of actual value, but it has a ton of sentimental value to me. I don't add to it that frequently, but it has definitely grown over the years. Here's what it looks like now:

Another collection of mine is totally weird and obscure. One of my favorite stores is the dollar stores, and one time I found these TCG boster packs being sold there, for a TCG called "MegaMan NT Warrior". As a long-time fan of the MegaMan Battle Network series of games, I realized it must have something to do with that. After opening up some of these packs, I got curious. I looked it up, and yes, the TCG was based off of the anime, which was partly related to the games. After searching deeper, I learned how the TCG actually works. In the game, your deck is your life, your opponent does damage to you to discard cards from your deck. No cards left? Game over! I thought this was really cool, so I ended up finding entire booster boxes for sale online, and got deeper into collecting it. The fact that it was a dead (No longer in print) TCG and nobody I knew had even heard of it made me like it even more. I guess I have a fascination with the obscure, lol. Anyway, in more recent times I have gotten a few more booster boxes, and tracked down a card list. When I decide to open them, I'm going all professional card collector and will be wearing gloves, automatically transferring the cards to binder sleeves in 3 ring binders, in an attempt to well... Collect the whole set! There are only 3 sets of this TCG, and it's been out of print for a very long time now, so finding the cards is kind of difficult.

That's enough of me sharing my own collections, though, I want to hear about any of your own collections, PC!

What do you collect?
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collecting coins always seemed pretty fun to me! pretty, shiny things and you can try to travel for it as well. I never did it myself though.

I somewhat "collect" mechanical keyboards but it's nowhere near a complete collection. I've just gathered up (and built) types I enjoy, and I'm pretty proud and satisfied with my collection now so I don't see myself expanding it much further. I currently have 8-10 keyboards (not all are fully built currently) that I swap around and use. they're pretty to look at, too.

I also somewhat collected old pokémon games, but that's also not complete. only one or two versions per generation just so that I could have them and play them on some platform.

so I suppose I'm not a true continuous "collector" because I stop easily when I feel like the collection satisfies my needs.

Sweet Serenity

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The only thing that I've been trying to collect thus far this year is money. I was off to a slow start, but I hope to catch up soon.


A lover of Foxes
I finally have a chance to post in this thread! I'm a MASSIVE 2000's era Transformers nerd (in fact, my avatar as of posting this is the main human character of the show 'Transformers Energon'), so I of course collect toys related to the shows from that time period, plus any others that I think look cool. I've also got a sizable collection of LEGO sets from various time periods that I add to from time to time.
I've collected a whole bunch of stuff, but I usually don't bother collecting a whole set and just get the ones I like =D
I've got Vault Boy bobbleheads, Pixel Pals, figures for various characters from games such as Tali from ME, Geralt/Ciri/Triss/etc. from TW3 etc, a boatload of Lego and Ministeck stuff and probably a whole bunch of stuff I'm forgetting =P.
I have a ton of Love Live! merchandise of the character Riko, here's some of it:


Absolutely not everything I have, especially since I took a trip to Japan a few months ago and purchased a lot more, but it's a good chunk! Once we have our own place I'm planning on having some nice display shelves and a section of a room dedicated to it ~


Winds ღ
In the mid-2010s I went through a phase where I purchased a lot of woodwind and brass instruments. So I like to say that's a collection of mine. (Obscurely the meaning of my username is an ensemble of woodwind and brass instruments - Very fitting for me, isn't it? I almost own a wind ensemble worth of instruments!)

I also collect cute unicorn plushes and the like, MLP (Gen 1 and 3), and cute dog plushes and the like.

In terms of Pokemon I own a really nice Galarian Ponyta on a bed plush that was somewhat pricey that I imported from Japan, I own a little figure of Galarian Ponyta, an Alolan Vulpix plush, and plushes of Glaceon and Sylveon.


Silence is Purple
Haven't really collected anything except plushies for awhile. I'm not sure if I'm going to go back to collecting for awhile because I just don't have the space anymore atm. x_x