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Rate each region!


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1: Sinnoh.

The idea of a region split up by a massive mountain is cool. It has varied terrain in a way that felt natural. First time a snow/winter theme'd route and city was implored without feeling put there for the sake of having a winter theme'd area. None of the terrain overstay their welcome. they last just enough. I also really enjoy the general atmosphere, and it feels very much rich in history and lore. I feel like there's much a of modern aesthetic many of the trainers / Pokemon have as well. Don't get me wrong, i say modern in the same sense as in new, but also nearly timeless. For example, i feel like the sinnoh starters capture Sugimori's art style insanely well, while also being modern enough to feel timeless. Compare that to Sword / Shield's starters which all look pulled straight from fan art haha. i can't get over sinnoh, in regards to general design, map layout, memorable characters, OST. I hold it high in this regard. overall, it felt like a culmination of everything learned by GF from designing Kanto, Johto and Hoenn.

2: Johto

My bias is showing now since my first game was crystal, and that the johto remakes happened during generation 4, The ruins of alph, bellsprout tower, burnt tower, tin tower, lake of rage, Mt. Silver, whirl islands it's all so interesting to me, they're also option as well as rewarding to go through. The general aesthetic of this game holds up amazingly well, buried in traditions and customs. I also very much love the OST. This region felt like kanto 2.0. I don't have as much to say moving forward.

3: Alola:

I am a sucker for tropical paradises and Hawaii, i have lived in for a while. They really captured the look and feel of these islands. Alot of people didn't like these games but to me they're gold mines. Sun and Moon are probably the best looking games too IMO, and i love seeing the islands and real life island culture explored, and i feel like they did it justice. Some of my favorites like wishiwashi and Minior also come from this region.

the rest of the list is a bit more arbitrary but it'd look something like this:

4 - Paldea

This region revitalized my love for the franchise. I thought Sword and Shield were.... bad. it felt like a chore to finish and i vowed to quit this franchise and move on... then sinnoh remakes got announced and i said that would be my last pokemon game..... then scarlet and violet came out... ever since i started playing Crystal, i always wondered what a pokemon game that was open world and massive would be like... and despite it's issues, scarlet and violet would send 7 year old me in a frantic craze. i also just... love the designs this time? i felt like i was super harsh on everything about Sword and Shield, from the weird fossils to "unoriginal starters pulled off of fanart", with this region, i felt the passion being put into this region again..,

5 - Kanto

the original. not much else to say

6 - Unova

back in 2015, i would've put this at the bottom of my list. but i've definitely grown to like this one. I beat Black 2 once as well in that year, and remember having a ton of fun with it.

7 - Hoenn

i can't quite put my finger on it but i felt like the artstyle is saturated? like groggy? i guess, i just really didn't like this one.

8 - Kalos

never played. im trying to now so this is more of a placeholder

9 - Galar

absolutely hate this region. linear, empty, and the most forgetable designs. Galarian Ponyta is cool, but not much else.


Silence is Purple
I'll do this on an out of ten system instead of from favorite to least.

1. Kanto.

Kanto is alright. For what it's worth, it's a fun adventure. But, Kanto is so oversaturated at this point that I'm just tired of seeing it. By the time I played the original R/B/Y, it just wasn't magical anymore. Kanto has been in so many generations... the first four and then again in Gen 7. And, apart from the inclusion of the Sevii Islands in gen iii, it just feels like Kanto has always been the same every single time.

It's serviceable for what it's worth, and does have a lot going for it. But, I'm just tired of seeing it. It's definitely not my least favorite region by any means, though.

I'd give it a 5/10.

2. Johto.

I like Johto's culture and whatnot, but as a region, I hate how, in the games, it simply can't stand on its own because it's just...small. And connected to Kanto. Like, it feels next to impossible to have a Johto game without Kanto because the region is just that small. And, I really hope that if we ever get those Let's Go Johto Games some of this fandom wants that they either expand Johto or find a way to make it work without Kanto, or else I just won't care.

Johto's heavy reliance on Kanto even shows in how most of the gym leaders have Kanto Pokemon it's just meh to me. It does get better with HG/SS's version where some other stuff was added, but I still wish they would have made it a little less reliant on Kanto...

So, 4/10.

3. Hoenn.

Hoenn was like my first experience with Pokemon. And, I really love Hoenn, but during R/S/E, Pokemon distribution in Hoenn was horrible. There were barely any Pokemon available on routes. Like, some only have three Pokemon on them, which I find kind of weird.

But, as an experience, I think this region has a lot going for it, and has more to do than just battling with the introduction of contests. I also liked how different some of the towns felt from the past two regions like Fortree being a treehouse city, that was cool.

I honestly don't think Hoenn has too much water since half the game is land and half the game is water, but I guess I can get why people claim there's too much. I do think Hoenn really improved with the remakes, though since they added dexnav and thus, allowing for more Pokemon on routes.

I'm heavily bias, so I'll give a 9/10.

4. Sinnoh

I think Sinnoh had a lot going for it. I think that the folklore from this region made up for how slow these games were to play in D/P. And, Mt. Coronet was really nice. But, some of Sinnoh for me, is a bit forgettable. There are some towns I feel like you'll never visit again like Celestic Town, for example.

But, other than that, there's a lot to do in this region since there's constant daily events, and whatnot.
I still think these games are slightly held back by how slow they are, though and how awful the D/P Pokedex is. And the snow routes are a slog to get through.

But, I feel a sense of nostalgia because these were technically the first Pokemon games I owned back in 2008.

So, 8/10.

4.5 Hisui

I don't have much to say since Hisui is a region in its very early stages and barely has any settlements yet. But, I had fun with this version of what eventually became the Sinnoh region and understand why it's so empty since it hasn't been fully settled yet.


5. Unova were the first Pokemon games in a non Japanese region, and while I do think they were pretty good and each town felt unique... I feel like the first iteration of Unova was a lot smaller than I remember? And the region layout on the map is just... like an oval, which I don't really care for.

But, these games have a high plus for making HMs mostly optional aside from Strength and Cut in certain places, and I really think they took advantage of the pseudo 3d to make these games the best they could be.

Black2/White2 Unova improves the experience by adding more routes and whatnot and adding the Pokemon World Tournament. It's one of my favorite regions and has a lot of reasons to go back to.

...That I dread the remakes we'll get in the future.

8/10 for Unova.

6. Kalos.

/Shrugs it's Kalos, I guess. I thought the region was okay. But, that's it, really. Some of the routes were cool, I guess, and some of the towns were unique, but ngl, the first part of the game was pretty slow because it took a long time to get from Gym 1 to 2. But, then...like almost every town after that is just gym after gym and feels kinda eh to me.

I never liked the gen 6 games, anyway, so, meh. 5/10.

7. Alola.

I like Alola and its culture but it being such a linear forced story progression region kind of kills some of it for me, especially during the main story. I do like all vast and diverse lands and whatnot, but I feel like you just can't explore on your own most of the time and that detracts for me, a bit.

The Alola games have one of the better stories, though, and I do like the layout of the region being four islands as that felt like a first for Pokemon. (If we're not including the Oblivia Region which was also multiple islands).

So, 6.8/10, I guess?

8. Galar

Galar was pretty good, for what it's worth. But, another linear region where you can't go certain places during the story because areas are completely blocked off is just annoying. I loved how distinct each city was, though and how a lot of routes felt different from one another.

The wild area was a good start to Pokemon inching towards open world by giving us an open area, and I would explore it often. These games also had Pokemon in the overworld like LGPE before it, which was a step in the right direction. But, some of the linearity in the main story just... bogs it down a bit for me.

So, 7/10.

9. Paldea

To be honest, Paldea having a lot of different biomes is amazing. And I love how we can go pretty much anywhere in the region from the get go after going to school, apart from some places you simply just can't until you get the power to swim with your ride Pokemon.

Now, I won't say Paldea is my favorite region, it definitely isn't, but it's been so long since a Pokemon game felt so open, and I enjoy that. But, I really have to take points off or how these games don't scale gym leaders to level/badges you have.

If that's how it was, this region would pretty much be perfect.
I also feel Paldea is just...a little too big? Feels more than 3x the size of Kanto, Johto and even Sinnoh. And when I first played, I got lost so many times because of the massive map size.

So, again, 7/10.
Kanto: 7/10

Iconic, first region, not very complicated, but overall well connected and has interesting cities, despite not having extremely cool ones.

Jhoto: 8.5/10

It's more into the traditional Japanese style and it has wonderful cities and places overall

Hoenn: 9/10

I love third generation, but the too much water wasn't so bothering as people say. I also think I don't mind that because I loved the diving exploration part just like the fact that the region itself is divided into Ground vs Water parts because of Groudon vs Kyogre. That's very cool to me. It also has wonderful and unique cities.

Sinnoh: 10/10

Sorry, it's the standard for me because it's perfect on many things. The Mount Coronet and the Lakes being at the centre of the story, interesting cities connection, so much variety, unique cities like Hearthome Town, Sunyshore City, Snowpoint City and even the roads are pretty unique.

Unova: 7.5/10

It never made me love it, but it's not bad. The bridges are pretty cool and Black City is really cool too. Some cities are pretty cool, but most are way less.

Kalos: 8/10

The cities are pretty cool and unique. There are some plain and forgettable ones, but a lot of them are actually cool. I love how big Luminose city is. The roads are almost inexistent because they tend to be straight paths, so not enough exploration.

Alola: 4/10

Bad idea dividing the game into Islands. Some passages felt poorly connected and while there were some interesting cities, most of them are just pretty forgettable and generic to me. Same problem of Kalos with roads. The last island is almost empty.

Galar: 8/10

Basic Galar without DLC is probably a 7/10. I give it a 8 because I liked both DLCs, having the Armour Island that forces us to explore it quite well and often because of the missions. You only get 2/3 points to fly if I am not wrong and that's pretty interesting because you're forced to explore. Surely Armor Island has a lot of issues when it comes to other topics, but I liked it also in terms of how despite small there were different areas. I obviously also liked the Crown Tundra, having several interesting spots of exploration. I'd say that Galar is interesting for the name of the cities and some of them are quite unique too. It's a pity because as Kalos and Alola, it has very straight roads.

Paldea: 7/10

At this point, you might have understood that I value exploration quite a lot. Paldea is exploration to the highest level, yet when I think about Paldea, it's just plain to me. I have got to say that Area 0 is a 10/10. That part is just really great. But the rest of the region, despite being extremely explorative is a bit plain and lacking. Cities are really forgettable and for some extent also pretty pointless because they're just a space that surrounds the gym. I think that they feel way more useless and forgettable also because of Pokemon centers being around the region and not only near the cities. Land wise, it's not bad, but some areas seem pretty enpty and repetitive.
If I were to judge them solely by the Pokemon I like from the new mons they introduced, leaving the mons I'm neutral on out:

Kalos: 66/72 Pokemon = 91.7%
Hoenn: 123/135 Pokemon = 91.1%
Galar: 69/89 = 77.5%
Hisui + Galar: 73/96 = 76%
Alola: 64/88 = 72.7%
Johto: 69/100 = 69%
Sinnoh: 73/107 = 68.2%
Hisui: 4/7 = 57.1%
Kanto: 85/151 = 56.3%
Unova: 85/156 = 54.5%
Paldea: 47/104 = 45.2%
Wasn't sure whether or not to include Hisui with Galar. Did them both individually as well as together.

Including the region as well:
1. Hoenn/Kalos - 10/10. Love the regions themselves and the mons they introduced contain few that I don't like. Despite there just barely being a winner in terms of % of mons I like, I could not force myself to choose between these two fabulous regions.

3. Alola - 9/10. I like exploring Alola. The new rides helped a lot. The game felt fresh and different with the totems and trials. Add to that a good % of mons that I like and I kinda have to put it in the next slot.
4. Galar - 8.5/10. Has a higher % of mons that I like than Alola. However, I like the region a bit less than Alola. The routes had interesting things in them and the Wild Area was interesting to me the first time round. I liked the Crown Tundra DLC areas quite a lot, but Isle of Armor's area was also okay.

5. Hisui - 8/10. Kinda hard to rank for me. It's % of new mons that I like is not very high, but at the same time it didn't introduce that many. The region itself is quite enjoyable and I'm mostly putting it this high due to enjoying exploring it quite a lot.
6. Johto - 7.5/10. The region itself from HGSS was very enjoyable to me though I don't like the way Pokemon have been distributed in the wild very much. Has a good % of mons I like.
7. Paldea - 7/10. Actually is in the lowest spot for % of new mons I like. The region itself is enjoyable thanks to the new way we get to explore it however, which saves it big time for me.

8. Sinnoh - 6.5/10. It has a good % of mons I like, but honestly the region itself is just not my thing. It's never interested me. My biggest gripe is the limited variety in wild mons before late/post-game. Johto also suffers from this, but I like that region more. Mainly gets saved by the mons I like tbh.
9. Kanto - 6/10. Eh it's the original. The region's okay even if it's % of mons I like is not that high.

10. Unova - 5/10. Least favorite region in terms of the region itself and it's exploration and if I were to go by just that I'd rate it far lower. In terms of mons I like it's not in the bottom and still above 50% though which pulls up it's rating quite a bit.
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A lover of Foxes
I'll go with how much I liked the regions themselves and nothing more. (for example, Shield is my favorite game, but that doesn't mean that Galar's going to get a better rating)

#1 Unova. I love the look of the big city at the region's heart, loved the changing seasons, enjoyed walking from place to place just taking in the sights.

#2 Kanto. Kand of for the opposite reasons that I love Unova, Kanto's not all that much to look at, but it makes up for it by being the easiest region for me to navigate!

#3 Galar. While I'd like to put Paldea here in terms of general enjoyment of moving around the region, I really feel like GF dropped the ball on the individual town and city designs for Gen 9, and excelled at them in Gen 8. Each new place I went to in Galar had its own special feeling to it. (except the wild area lol(not counting the DLC)

#4 Kalos. While I really want to put Kalos lower on the list, for things like regional navigation (even in the post game), how obnoxious the game's 'tip' system worked, (it's all good IRL, but in a video game? Like, you can make a person's day if you're a good tipper IRL, but what the heck are a bunch of pixel characters going to do with it? Nothing!) the fact that the game's plot, Villain, 'Rivals', Elite 4 and Champion were all trash, and probably other things as well...
But none of that has anything to do with Kalos! The places you go to when traveling around the region beautiful, each city and town had a unique feeling from the rest, even the different paths that you walk to get to each place were nicely designed! While I may REALLY not care for Gen 6, I do really like the look that the Kalos region had.

#5 Alola. Another Gen I wasn't wowed by, I still think even the little bit I've seen of Alola is beautiful, though I wouldn't really feel right ranking this over Kalos at the moment because I haven't had the chance to see the whole thing yet.

#6 Johto. The third in the legendary trio of Gens I have a love-hate relationship with, this one gets placed at the bottom of the three because not only did I find many of the towns/locations rather boring, I also found navigating around Johto in general to be the wrong kind of tedious at best.
Though I love Pokemon Crystal, Johto as a region is one I would not want to visit more than once lol.

#7 Paldea. While it is on the easier side of navigation, it loses almost EVERYTHING that made traveling around in pretty much every other Generation worth doing beyond just the Pokemon. The cities and towns were BORING! Yeah, 'graphically' they looked fine, but there was nothing to them, they may as well be made out of cardboard! The game would be much higher on the list, but the region itself feels dead.

#8 Hoenn. I have no good or justifiable reason for this, no real bad points, I even liked playingOR/AS... I've just never really connected to Hoenn at all. Even in the past when I would try to watch people on Youtube play through R/S, I would always fall asleep in the middle of the playthrough, and never once felt compelled to rewind it and keep watching. The region's not bad at all, I just do not like it for whatever reason.

#9 Sinnoh. I don't think I even know what the region fully looks like! And I've played through Platinum, twice! Why? Because it sucks SO BAD to try and navigate for me. That was the one and only reason I lost interest in playing through Platinum again, and why I still haven't gone back to SP since I stopped playing it the first day I bought it!
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I'll rate the regions for their design, structure, geography, and locations. Not taking into account the Pokémon available in them.

9. Kalos. Great aesthetical potential, but kinda wasted, structure felt too linear and shallow to me. Only played through it once so I don't remember much.

8. Galar. Similar to Kalos, uninspired structure and presentation. Wild area was rather boring to me.

7. Alola. Loses points because I'm just not a fan of beach and tropical environments. Some nice locations, but not a very exciting region to explore overall. Gains a few points for PokéRides making navigation enjoyable and smooth.

6. Hoenn. Great geographical diversity. Great first half with some memorable locations, loses points later due to second half being mostly surfing and diving through entire water routes one after another, even forcing the player to have three Water HMs.

5. Unova. Solid region all around in its structure and geography, but aesthetically not my cup of tea. I never liked the 2.5D style they used for these games, it makes this region not so appealing for me to revisit.

4. Kanto. A bit boring in diversity due to graphical limitations, everything looks more or less the same (Idk if LGPE fixed this). But it has a nice structure with some dungeons and interesting locations to explore, so well done region all things considering.

3. Johto. Similar to Kanto but somewhat better in that it looks aesthetically less generic, thanks to its more distinctive style given in HGSS that helped certain locations feel more unique.

2. Paldea. Gains points for being unique in its presentation (well, if we don't count Hisui). It's fun and rewarding to explore, and Koraidon/Miraidon mount with unlockable abilities as you progress through the game was a great idea. My only complaint is that areas feel too empty, they should have made them smaller if they really didn't have enough content to fill them with.

1. Sinnoh. I like the diversity, structure, atmosphere, and the amount of exploration this region offers, my only problem is (or was) the absurd number of HMs required to navigate through, but that's more like a game design flaw.
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Winds ღ
I'll go by generation order, not preferred order as that's tough.

1. Kanto - The region is a very urban region with very little nature and very little variety in terms of the nature given. It's good for nostalgia but not great for variety like we have become more accustomed to in later generations.
2. Johto - Johto feels very similar to Kanto, but there are some key differences. Variety in nature is low again, but there is more nature, at least. And the region much more heavily leans into cultural lore and architecture than Kanto, which is neat.
3. Hoenn - I'm sorry, but I'm not a big fan of tropical regions. Hoenn does take the concept of a region further, though, with the towns all being unique and getting some more variety in nature. So I have to give it that.
4. Sinnoh - Finally, for the first time we get snow! Finally, some variety in nature. That said, this region does not stick out much to me, although it is a step up from the previous regions.
5. Unova - I was so happy to see a Western region. Black/White are my favorite games, as well. Unova is an urban region, naturally because it is based off of New York City metro area. But it manages to give variation in its landscapes (a desert in the middle of NYC is odd, but...). Also, having seasons was very neat!
6. Kalos - Kalos is my favorite region. I love France and Kalos just hit the spot for me. I don't know what else to say.
7. Alola - As I said for Hoenn, I am not a big fan of tropical regions. Alola was very cultural which was neat, but... again, tropical is just not exciting for me.
8. Galar - If you realized I liked Kalos for being French, well I like Galar quite a bit as well. The beginning area is just so pretty and stereotypically rural England (perhaps too much, but IDK as I have never been to England). The introduction of the wild area was great, even though it needed improvement. But there were many areas of the region that were just kinda meh to me. IDK. I ADORE the legendary wolves and, of course, Galarian Rapidash.
9. Paldea - It's set in Europe and is open world. I should be in love with it, but... IDK. I'm just not. I think GF's lack of experience (or whatever) in creating 3D, open environments hurts it. This region needs a remake someday when more time and money can be put into it.
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Judges partially on locations, but also on features occasionally. Will not delve too much into the Pokemon.

  • Kanto: Always likes walking into Celadon City. Offers a lot to do there. Mixed up locations well. Breaks all the grassy sections up with a forest, cave, ship, or building. Oh, and a good Safari Zone too.

    Takes a nosedive in Rocket areas. Sends wave after wave of trainers at you. And because why not, teleporters and movement arrows.
  • Johto: Came alive because of weekly events. Enjoyed being in and around Goldenrod for everything going on. Set up good lore for the Burned Tower. Liked some non-linearity, even if it was balanced poorly.

    Says less exciting things about its other cities. Remembers little else going in everywhere else. Special balls from Kurt, maybe.
  • Hoenn: Created some interesting locations (Pacifidlog Town, Sootopolis City, and SS Tidal). Liked the idea of soot collection (less so the execution).

    Loses a ton of points for the water, though. Ties into the same good idea, bad execution of gathering soot. Created a land/water dynamic. Forgot to fill the water with enough Pokemon. Faces stupid amounts of oddly leveled Tentacools and Wingulls, mainly. Made them unpleasant to traverse. Could have used more interesting bits on the water's surface too.
  • Sinnoh: Thinks of no particularly amazing cities. Did not care much for navigating around Mt. Coronet. Married the Grand Underground and the world map in a good way. Explored new areas there in addition to new cities on the surface. Arguably had more fun checking that out than the cities.

    Stuck in some optional routes, which was nice. Wishes for more of those in other games.
  • Unova: Remembers this region the least. Recalls Chargestone Cave being good. May not have been too impressed with the Castelia City. Looked large, but felt small. Preferred Nimbasa City more...probably.
  • Kalos: Adores Lumiose City. Offers tons of little places to visit. Comes with one downside: navigating it. Usually circles around the plazas, looking for the correct street. Needed more visual differences than color.

    Some other good places: Pokemon Village, Anistar City, and Santalune City. Haaaates Route 13 (windy desert).

    Views the Team Flare areas as a slog. Describes the bases as non-sensical and dull. Hits you with the long bits back-to-back too.

    Receives a clothes boost too. Looked forward to visiting new cities for the clothes. Holds a greater draw than more useful things like TMs, quite often.
  • Alola: Lacked a lot of interesting locales. Approves of Konikoni City, Ula Ula Meadow, and...maybe Malie? Praises it for ambiance, however. Pulled off a very dreary atmosphere in Po Town. Contrasted the goofiness of Team Skull nicely.

    Also, clothes bonus.
  • Galar: Suffered from extreme linearity. Followed narrow paths. Even made a city (Spikemuth) linear. Who does that?

    Created some good areas, despite that linearity. Did a great job with Motostoke, Stow-on-Side, and Glimwood Tangle. Appreciates the weather in the Wild Area changing spawns. Kept the day-to-day more interesting.

    Clothes bonus for this game too.
  • Paldea: The worst cities in the entire series. Copy/pasted so many shops. Left them with very little identity. Felt the most egregious in Mesagoza. Why are there 3 Delibird Presents, 2 Chansey Supplies, 2 Sure Cans, 3 Deli Ciosoes, and 3 Artisan Bakeries?

    Featured a lot of empty grasslands and dull caves. Complains about underground areas being difficult to navigate. Had more fun running around and catching Pokemon than any other game in the series, despite those shortcomings. Must have done something right. Liked Tagtree Thicket, North Province Area Two (bamboo area), and Area Zero.

    No clothes bonus for this game. Had such bad options.

With those thoughts in mind:
  1. Kalos
  2. Johto
  3. Sinnoh
  4. Kanto
  5. Paldea
  6. Alola
  7. Galar
  8. Unova
  9. Hoenn

...Something like that? Could probably be convinced to shuffle several around. Finds it really tough to place Paldea and Unova, for example.
I feel like my list changes a little bit each time, but I think for me..

1) Unova
2) Johto/Hoenn
3) Alola
4) Kanto (nostalgia mostly)
5) Kalos
6) Galar
7) Paldea
8) Sinnoh

Quite a different ranking to some but yeah. I just never grew too attached to Sinnoh and find it to be the worst when it comes to new Pokémon and character designs. Paldea at least had a great ending story.

Sweet Serenity

Advocate of Truth
Kanto is the land where the Pokémon series started. Because of that, we are more likely to see it more often than other regions. Despite that, I am not the biggest fan of Kanto. Compared to the other regions, Kanto doesn't really stand out. I do view it as a highly developed metro area. It has many iconic locations, such as Celadon City and its mall, Saffron City and Sliph Co., Fuchsia City and the Safari Zone, and Cinnabar Island and the Pokémon Lab. I guess because I started watching the anime during its first season, it has a special place in my heart despite not really standing out.


Johto seems to have a more traditional Japanese look and feel compared to Kanto. While Kanto comes off as a modern metro area with lots of big, advanced cities, Johto has many buildings and structures that resemble old-school Japanese architecture. Johto has a rich history and lore, especially in places such as Eekuteak City. Overall, even though I enjoyed the Johto games, I wasn't the biggest fan of the region. I believe it had fewer iconic places compared to Kanto. It definitely wasn't horrible, but it just didn't really stand out to me.


Despite Hoenn getting a lot of flak for having "too much water," I actually enjoy the water a lot. Hoenn was a very unique and interesting location for me. I enjoyed Slateport City a lot, and I thought the city comprised of nothing but treehouses, Fortree City, was also extremely interesting. Lilycove City was also a nice place to visit, as was Mossdeep City with the Weather Institute. I was undoubtedly a huge fan of Hoenn, as it had a lot of character. It is definitely a big contrast from Kanto, which just seemed like any other metro area, to be honest.


Sinnoh is perhaps the most overrated region in Pokémon. From what I could remember, I hated the constant requirement to use HM moves in the early games. Maybe I am being too harsh because that's not really a problem with the region but rather the games, but still. I also found much of the region to be bland overall. It seems like there were just a lot of forests and open spaces that weren't really filled out. The area near Mt. Cornet was just not pretty. Aside from that, Sinnoh does have many iconic places for me, such as Conaclave City, The Old Cheatau, Jubilife City, Eterna City and its bouncy theme, and Turnback Cave. Still, overall, I was never a fan of Sinnoh as a region at all. However, I always loved the lore associated with the land and the legendaries.


Come on now. Unova is literally based on where I was born and raised. I never thought I would ever see that in a Pokémon game, but it happened. For that reason alone, I love Unova to death. I also love it for reasons other than it being related to being based on my hometown. The region was simply amazing. The music in the game was awesome, and, to me personally, many of the areas were iconic. There was nothing about this region that I disliked. Everything about it was great, hands down. I demand a remake of Unova games with newer graphics or a new game that takes place in a new Unova. If Game Freak doesn't make it happen, I'm boycotting Pokémon.


Kalos was just a great region. It was really big, had a giant city in the game, and had a lot of beautiful architecture that seemed like it was traditional European. I really enjoyed the beautiful look and feel of the region. I have always been a big city person, meaning that I really enjoyed Lumiose City. I loved spending my time getting lost there and shopping. Kalos actually reminded me a lot of Unova, which is why I really enjoy it.


Alola is an island paradise, hands down. In my opinion, Alola is literally the perfect place for Pokémon. I believe it is exactly what a Pokémon region should be like. It has everything that every possible trainer could need. I really enjoyed the beach, paradise feel, the music, the mini-games such as Mantine Surfing, and many of the cities. I had a ton of fun in Alola. It was simply amazing. What more can I say? If I actually lived in the Pokémon world, I would vacation there as often as possible.


The main thing that I liked about Galar was the graphics on the Nintendo Switch system. It introduced a completely different way to see Pokémon games, which I found very beautiful and enjoyable. It looked more like a real-life area you would see in the real world. Because of that, I really enjoyed Galar. I also enjoyed the Wild Areas and similar places given to us by the DLC. It had that combination of metropolises and cute small towns. I enjoyed Galar a lot.


The main thing that I enjoy about Paldea is that it feels like a giant "wild area" from Galar, but with towns and cities. I remember being afraid that Paldea would be nothing but open space before Scarlet and Violet were released, and while Paldea does have a bunch of open space, it is done in a way that doesn't ruin the experience. You get to see a ton of Pokémon in their natural habitat, and the land is extremely vast with a lot to freely explore. However, while the games are fun and the freedom to explore is amazing, Paldea doesn't really have much city life compared to the other regions. Because of this, I am not really sure how I want to rate it. I find that the lack of a robust city life makes Paldea kind of bland, but lots of culture exists in each city and town. On the flip side, the wide range of biomes with different kinds of wild Pokémon make the region interesting in another way, almost as if you're a zoologist going on a grand adventure. For that, I would probably rank Paldea a solid

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Kanto is the one Pokémon region I started with and holds some place in my heart. Easy to walk to because of its simplicity. 8/10
Johto, just like Kanto, is pretty simple to look at but the cities start to feel overall more diverse and interesting. 9/10
Contrary to most people, I really enjoy Hoenn's "too much water" appearance. The cities and lore of the region are awesome. 9/10
Sinnoh's all around aesthetically pleasing. I like the idea of the huge and mysterious Mt. Coronet located in the very centre of the region. 9/10
Unova's a masterpiece. I absolutely love the cities, the atmosphere, how the nature looks like, everything... 10/10
Kalos looks pretty good. Too bad it was not dedicated more than a single series of games to it. 8/10
alola is pretty shallow for a Hawaii inspired region. I only care for the first half of the whole thing while the other feels extremely forgettable to me. 3/10
Galar is nice and the first region to ever have introduced the open world aesthetics. I welcomed it with arms wide open as I wasn't a fan of alola at all. 8/10
Paldea is gold... or should I say black and white at this point? There's just too much stuff to do and I didn't enjoy a Pokémon region this much since the Unova days. 10/10

I like every region barring alola. My least favourite Pokémon game among those I played with is easily ultra moon... and alola is even responsible for the introduction of my least favourite mechanic or whatever you wanna call it: regional variants.

Sweet Serenity

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Kanto is the one Pokémon region I started with and holds some place in my heart. Easy to walk to because of its simplicity. 8/10
Johto, just like Kanto, is pretty simple to look at but the cities start to feel overall more diverse and interesting. 9/10
Contrary to most people, I really enjoy Hoenn's "too much water" appearance. The cities and lore of the region are awesome. 9/10
Sinnoh's all around aesthetically pleasing. I like the idea of the huge and mysterious Mt. Coronet located in the very centre of the region. 9/10
Unova's a masterpiece. I absolutely love the cities, the atmosphere, how the nature looks like, everything... 10/10
Kalos looks pretty good. Too bad it was not dedicated more than a single series of games to it. 8/10
alola is pretty shallow for a Hawaii inspired region. I only care for the first half of the whole thing while the other feels extremely forgettable to me. 3/10
Galar is nice and the first region to ever have introduced the open world aesthetics. I welcomed it with arms wide open as I wasn't a fan of alola at all. 8/10
Paldea is gold... or should I say black and white at this point? There's just too much stuff to do and I didn't enjoy a Pokémon region this much since the Unova days. 10/10

I like every region barring alola. My least favourite Pokémon game among those I played with is easily ultra moon... and alola is even responsible for the introduction of my least favourite mechanic or whatever you wanna call it: regional variants.

I agree. Regional variants are the worst thing ever introduced to Pokémon. However, why didn't you like Alola? Alola was pure paradise.
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Sweet Serenity said:
I agree. Regional variants are the worst thing ever introduced to Pokémon. However, why didn't you like Alola? Alola was pure paradise.
I didn't like alola because I only cared for the first half of the region (Melemele and Akala) while the other (ula'ula and poni) felt extremely dull to me in terms of environment and looks.


No, you're gonna face ME first!
Kanto- 8/10 It introduced my favorite pokemon of all time, Vaporeon! also its the beginning of the franchise with a lot of iconic pokemon.
Johto- 4/10 I don't really find johto memorable and the power level of the pokemon is quite low. it has cool scenery in hgss though.
Hoenn- 10/10 I really like hoenn. it has good music and i really liked surfing so all the water is a plus. also primal kyogre is so cool.
Sinnoh- 8/10 I quite like sinnoh. I love how they gave attention to a lot of pokemon and gave them evolutions, I think that was cool.
Unova- 10/10 I really love unova, especially the manga. it has so many cool bug types as well.
Kalos-9/10 Really like the characters, i think they have a lot of personallity. also the pokemon were pretty cool too.
Alola-11/10 My favorite region! my first pokemon game, the music, trials, I love everything about it i can go on forever lol.
Galar- 10/10 As someone who lived in the uk for 3 years i think its quite acurate in terms of scenery.
Paldea- 9/10 i loved the story, especially how they ended up tailored together. don't care about the glitches


1. Kalos
2. Johto
3. Sinnoh
4. Alola
5. Unova
6. Hoenn
7. Hisui
8. Paldea
9. Galar
10. Kanto

(I may edit this later with reasonings and stuff)
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My number 1 is Unova;
The fact the entire region is split down the middle and each side is the focus of an entire different storyline is great.
The locations were amazing, especially going through the different seasons and crossing that bridge into the main city was *chefs kiss*
Hands down one of the best visuals in the games.

Kanto for number 2 because it's so iconic. Practically everyone knows the routes by heart, the towns all had that simple yet pleasing aesthetic to it and how the whole region loops back around to the starter town is an amazing detail.

Sinnoh is a great region too. The towns are great, routes are fun to explore, so many secrets to discover and the mountains…..I freaking love trekking through that snow, especially in the remakes with my Pokémon in tow.

But my least favourite is Alola. But I'm very biased against that region and the generation associated with it. I didn't think the islands were great, the routes relied too much on the ride pokemon and I got bored by the islands similar looks and feels. Seen one island, you've seen them all.