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Things you’d like to see happen in furture games or generations


No money puns. They just don’t make cents.
  • So here is where we discuss things you actually would like to see happen in later games. If anyone says something that you differ from, please do not start a fight here.

    For things I would like:

    - Remove trade evos. Everyone who previously evolved by trading to another game or system shall now evolve by a different method. I can imagine the ones that evolved by trading with an item they now evolve by levelling up with that item or the trade item even becomes like an evo stone where you just simply use it on the mon to evolve. And the ones that evolved with trading but no other requirements could be either level up evos or a new evo item is introduced that could be used.

    It's possible to retcon evolving methods; location based evos were deleted eventually. And in Legends there is straight up an item you can use to evolve trade evos and if I recall correctly, all evo items were made to be just simply you using the item on the mon to evolve, and there were no actual trading required for any evolving altogether. This could mean the removal of trade evos could happen very soon.

    - Another thing I'd like to see is straying away from the usual formula. My favourite way to do this is to just simply remove gyms, or tweak the formula so it can be interesting. By that I mean type based gyms would NO longer exist and instead there are gyms based on various battle strategies instead. But so far everytime they removed gyms it was successful imo, so I reccomend that they do that all the time now.


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    The main thing that comes to mind right now is that I'd like there to be something substantial to do either for the whole main plot, and/or after completing it. Unless you're into Dex completion or shiny hunting, there's more often than not very little reason to keep playing after a certain point and not a whole to do during the main plot other than the main plot. Like in S/V, between beating the main stories and the release of Teal Mask there was little to do. After beating Teal Mask but before Indigo Disk, there was little to do. After beating Indigo Disk there's little to do before the "epilogue" releases in about a week. And after finishing that there will probably be nothing much to do.

    Not every game has to be some long, potentially everlasting adventure, but idk, maybe it'd be nice if there was more content in future Pokemon games, especially considering we've had tastes of that before. Back in the day we had shit like Contests and PWT and PokeStar Studios and whatnot. Even the Battle Tower, which was something they kept including for years after the whole "we're not going to have the Battle Frontier in ORAS trolololol" thing, is absent from S/V, and that's probably a sign we're not going to see it return for some time, if ever. Then you look at like the Johto games or PLA, with a relatively long main plot, even if there's practically nothing to do afterwards.
  • I'd say improve the graphics, allow to bring all of the Pokemon back to the game and National Pokédex, setting different levels of difficulty, better Maps and exploration, not always a new gimmick every generation. It'd be great to have some games with no gimmick at all, like the old days.
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    Bringing the games up to modern standards in terms of presentation would be a bare minimum - as a AAA franchise, the games should be hitting *at least* a consistent 30FPS on the relevant platform - if not 60, although plenty of first-party titles on Switch do fine at 30 - I would say. They've had their growing pains with Sword and Shield and Scarlet and Violet, so now it's time to release a title that adheres to minimum quality standards. They have the budget and the technical expertise, and they set their own schedule so they can take their time. It really needs to be done.

    Otherwise, I'd quite like it if they hired someone who knew how to write a proper script. Pokemon doesn't need to be an epic scale RPG with a huge story and characters, but they've been pushing that more and more since the fifth generation, and the games haven't gotten any better at it, they've just gotten wordier. Characters are universally one-dimensional, bland, non-entities who never develop noticeably and never have anything meaningful to contribute, and the narrative always revolves around some calamity with the box mascot. It's about time we moved away from that to have a story filled with an actual world to explore, characters who develop, and a plot with meaningful story beats and twists. Or abandoning it entirely and going with something more freeform, like in the first two generations. This half-arsed approach they've been taking is beyond stale at this point.

    It'd also be nice if they'd program every Pokemon into the game, and make those event-exclusive Legendaries we still don't have access to available in-game. There aren't too many of them now. Just...make them available, please. I'm so tired of waiting to see if I'll ever be able to get Victini/Genesect/Zeraora/Hoopa/Volcanion/Diancie/Zarude.
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    Remove trade evos

    Increase difficulty or add difficulty settings. I don't want to wait until the post-game to finally start seeing trainers who look like they're actually trying to win. And make "bosses" use held items. Now that we can finally enjoy using items like Focus Sash and Throat Spray during the main game without losing them after battle, it's about time these items become normal stuff for the opponents to encourage players using them too.

    Keep gen-exclusive mechanics for everyone. No privileges, if there's a new gimmick, make it available to every Pokémon.

    Less "open world". Illusion of complete freedom is pointless when you're not going to battle a level 50 gym leader with a level 10 team anyway, no matter how much the game in theory allows it. In a game ruled by levels and with no level scalling, the natural progression is still going to be linear for the most part.

    Speed up the battles. Multi-hit moves and multi-stat boosts are still a pain to watch, and also bring back the option to play on Set mode. Removing an option that existed since Gen 1 makes no sense and just slows down the battles even more forcing players who want to play on set mode to say "NO" everytime they defeat a Pokémon.
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    - More points of interest. Assumes an open world. Played Tears of the Kingdom. Did not like it. Praises it for scattering chests, shrines, mini quests, and other landmarks all throughout the map, however. Also gave you a good way to scan the horizon and mark your map.

    - Difficulty and challenge settings. Asks for this every time in one of these kind of threads. Would like an official randomization feature too. (Doubts that one ever happening, but still.)

    - Bring back some features from previous games. Namely, toggleable Experience Share, Set Mode, L=A, move animation toggle, clothing instead of (exclusively) uniforms, and a Battle Tower.

    - Badge scaling. Make the gyms scale with your number of badges.

    - Help out Ice types more. Stuck a bandage on the Ice problem (and maybe Rock types) with Tera types. What happens in the next game? Asks for maybe one new resistance each. Nothing wild. Just a little something.

    - More daily/weekly/monthly events. Is not referring to things like time-limited Tera Raids. Talks about things like auctions, outbreaks, sales, Friday Drifloons, Bug-Catching Contests, and seasons.

    And probably some other things.


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  • Most of the aspects mentioned here are the return of old functions/features, but there's an entirely new thing I want Game Freak to experiment with in a future game: having multiple Mons evolve into the same one, like in the Digimon games. Considering how Flapple and Appletun had the exact same Gigantamax form back in Sw/Sh, I doubt it didn't cross their minds at some point.


    Devolution should be possible at some point as well. It already is in the TCG, and it could make for an interesting and convenient mechanic in the games too.
  • This is not to stir the pot, and it's hardly an unpopular opinion:

    I just wish the games had more polish. That's all.
    I don't know the size of the dev team, its inner workings or what kind of constraints they work under, but just… take some more time on the darn games.

    Scarlet and Violet were great. The blend of storylines, a proper open-world format, the music, the updated Pokemon models, the new characters, the new battle gimmick; it all made for a brilliant experience in hindsight, in both single-player and competitive.
    It just runs like trash. If it's not lagging and jumping, then overworld elements are popping in and out… which would be forgivable (or at least more understandable) if it was just wild Pokémon and NPCs… but when clumps of grass, trees, and entire mountains are flickering in and out of existence in the establishing shots of the final DLC of the game… that's a problem.

    I digress. As far as features I'd like to see in future games…
    I really wouldn't mind a little more consistency between generations. From gen 6 onwards, they truly have tried a little too hard to keep each generation feeling self-contained. Then when we have DLC like the Indigo Disk and games like Legends Arceus, chock-full of references to past titles and characters, everyone goes nuts for it.
    So… if they'd just learn from that, it'd be great.
  • Personally:

    - Remove trade evos or make them also gettable via a Link Cable item, similar to Legends: Arceus
    - Keep unlimited TMs in all future games. We had this in some recent games so why did they have to revert? Farming items to make TMs is no fun imo
    - The 'Quick Heal' feature should stay and also heal status ailments, right now it only restores HP which is not great
    - Bring back the ability to toggle the battle animations off
    - Repels should repel overworld mons. I don't want to step on tiny things trying to get somewhere, it's not always easy to avoid everything
    - Have a proper level curve in the open world games so we can actually do things in the order we want to

    There are probably many more but this is what I can think of. @_@;

    This is not to stir the pot, and it's hardly an unpopular opinion:

    I just wish the games had more polish. That's all.

    This too. Please.
  • Just add in something to do on the side tbh. Once the main story is over it's pretty much just raids. And raids get boring after a while.
    There were contests in the past. Secret bases. PokeStar studios. There were also various minigames. SV did add Ogre Oustin, but you need to do that in mp to be able to do Normal or Hard difficulty as it's just flat-out impossible in sp. I'd rather have minigames that can be done both in sp and mp (or a mp that doesn't require a code and can also be done with randoms).

    Also wouldn't mind if they went more in the direction of an actual RPG and started implementing proper quest and not just the boring tasks like they did with the BBQs.
    Like for example, when you're in town you can accept actual quests from people there and like one of them would be like investigating an abandoned shack outside of town due to someone hearing strange noises there at night and when you get there you could for example find some Pokemon pretending to be human and like having a tea party or picnic or something inside of it. You can then choose to join in or leave. Or choose to report what's going on there truthfully or not.

    Maybe some random events too, like say if you walk down an alley in a city at a certain time of day you could encounter like a Tandemaus which runs when it spots you and you can follow it to it's den/cave/whatever. When you go in you see a group of hungry Tandemaus and are for example given the option of giving them food or not as they've been going hungry. If you feed them then the next time you're in the area they could follow you around and fetch dropped items for you, or perhaps lead you to other Pokemon in need, or maybe just come to your aid.

    Honestly with the amount stuff in PokeDex entries, they have enough material to do a huge amount of side quests and events.

    Also some actual choice would be nice. The two dialogue options that always lead to the same outcome has gotten very stale.