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Good news, my mother found a whole set of old crayons with metallic and glitter varieties. So your boys has a whole new set of purples, pinks, greens and even other browns to play with. I finally don't just have two of the same purples all the time, so you're going to see a ton of new colors in the following 22 new drawings.

I did some experiments and also finished up all my ocs. So, now all 54 of my ocs have been drawn by me.

I ended up drawing a lot over the past week, or so this'll be a big update. To either people's dismay, or pleasure, since I don't know who looks at these.



This is Soei Piosa. She's a frilled neck lizard chimera, and I tried my best to convey a frilled neck lizard through drawing. I used Kemono Friends as a reference and attempted trying to draw her tail to make it look like it's coming from the back of her. This is the outfit I drew and honestly, it's just exactly what it is and I didn't modify it.

Sorry there's feet, her shoes melted away, as she lives in a place that has lava everywhere. This was before mom discovered the crayons in her room, by the way.

And this is Velours Piosa. Same sources for his frilled neck and tail as above. This is the vest I drew it is again, just the exact thing. Sometimes, I feel like things don't need to be modified, so I just draw them as is. But, this isn't...the actual one I drew? Because somehow, after I closed out of the page, I couldn't find it again.

I think ze (hir pronuns are ze/hir/hirs btw) came out pretty good. And the tail looks better on hir than Soie.

Meanwhile, I drew Siorc in a vintage 50s dress because why not? Only difference is is that it's yellow because I very rarely put Siorc in yellow outfits.

Throughout the week, I wanted to try and get my more difficult to draw ocs out of the way, and ended up drawing Riyad (Saber). He's wearing a robe that described him in in the most recent chapter I wrote him in, (this is just a link to the picture of the robe I referenced, not a chapter of my fic) but I ended up not being able to find the exact source I was looking at while drawing him. Also, this was when I tried drawing pointy chins on men. I think he actually looks like a man, for a change.

Speaking of difficult ocs, I also drew Kigyo Tuzes. The person was actually pretty...easy to draw when I actually went and did it. I drew the snake in a Greek Toga, because the chapter the person was in was described as to be wearing an ancient robe.

I also drew Siorc in a witch costume but changed the colors entirely because I didn't want to draw just exactly what I was looking at. As you can see, he's wearing nail extensions again and he's rock it. #/slayqueen.

On Halloween, I drew Siorc in biker gang attire. I don't have the exact resource, but this is pretty close. I also drew ripped jeans and I started using the crayons my mother found, so his hair is actually dark purple, for a change. I'm also practicing hands again.

Also sparkly, glittery pink shirt.

This is Jiaolong Jinzi, and he's Yinlong's cousin. Well, one of three, anyway. What he's wearing is known as a Hanfu, since Liyue is based off of China, I had to look into traditional Chinese clothing. I figured drawing a Hanfu could work, for now. I started using the crayons my mother found to get more varieties on blue since I definitely don't have enough in the 64 crayon box.

Would you look at that? Another panda. Wow. This is Qiulong Jinzi. I forgot to color in her eyebrows, but I found a whole tone of pinks in that crayon barrel...thing my mother found. Her dress is inspired by this, but I don't know what it's called in Chinese... aha.

Wow, so many pandas, who would have thought! And none of them are named after pandas at all, shocker /sarcasm. This is Shenlong Jinzi. I'm sure people looking at this picture think she looks like a tsundere. And, oh my, what's this? Kory drew boobs? Yes, he did, he drew boobs. /wow. can someone be proud of me please.

This is, believe it or not, a ball dress. But, the shadow crayon somehow just looks terrible and not grey. Don't know how that happened.

No more pandas, I promise. I only have four panda ocs. This is Zephyr Piosa, and they're a ghost, so I left their skin completely white. And this looks a lot creepier than I thought upon looking at this again. It's definitely the pitch black eyes and pure white skin. While this may not be obvious to some people, I just drew them in the Owari no Seraph Moon Demon Company clothes, but I don't know what Natlan clothes look like, so when Natlan comes out in 2024, I'll draw them again. Coming soon to a thread near you!

...Or not, because 2024 is probably awhile away?

This is Olann Piosa, and whoops, he's dead, too. I don't have to post the source for his clothes because it's the same source as Velours. Ze liked to copy him, so it'd be redundant to post the same vest twice, now wouldn't it? I hope he isn't too light skinned. People really scare me with their "fixed it for you" bull.

& This is Cloch Frama, whom I hope isn't too "light" for a dark skinned person? ...Well, partially human person, she's a chimera. Tbh this is just another exact drawing of an outfit I found on Google, and just drew it the colors it was with some things nixed because I'm not really that good at drawing butterflies.

This is Faxi Pictiur. I'm sorry if the skin has some weird bits of orange in it, the Apricot crayon I used must have some bits of other colors in it somewhere...when I drew him, I wanted to try using light oranges because I rarely, if ever, use orange. This isn't the exact source, but it's a viking outfit that I drew on him. And his tail is a lynx tail, but I messed up the colors a bit when coloring it in.

This is Uxi Pictiur. His outfit takes inspiration from Halfdan from Genshin since he was a black serpent Knight, credit where credit's due, I took inspiration from fanart for this one for the bottom half of the outift. Please check out Anilyan on Twitter, they are absolutely amazing.

Wow, the Pictiur family is just everywhere in this thread... leave. Okay, this is Irpa Pictiur. She's an alchemist. I somehow lost the original resource, but here's one that's close, she's supposed to be in a female viking outfit. But, I found some really pretty reddish-pinks and decided to color her in with a cerise crayon. I think she came out pretty good, but maybe her hair is a bit too much.

Last Pictiur, I swear, there's only five of them. This is Xena (Sylvi) Pictiur. She's wearing generic npc Mondstadt clothes with no modifications made to it because I didn't want to. Sorry if she looks like a pencil, I made her hair too much in the way.

More Siorc? More Siorc. He's in this sundress. I wish I could have made it look as poofy as the actual dress, but I can just learn how to do it next time.

Finally, here's the last batch of my ocs. This is Marble Frama. Won't lie, I just took her outfit from Banu from the most recent Genshin event. Since Marble is seven, I drew her much lower on the page to convey a child. I hope she actually looks like a kid, I don't know.

This is Ceir Frama. I took inspiration from Dunyarzad's dress and just colored it many shades of green, including metallic crayons. I think it came out pretty good. Except for some errors I made with the shape.

This is Gloine Frama. His outfit is just the generic npc boy outfit but with metallic colors because I wanted to try the special effects crayons. Tbh, I just didn't want to draw it exactly as it was since I didn't want to copy 1 for 1.

Finally, last entry today. This is Miotal Frama. His outfit is also a generic npc outfit. The same one as above, but I used a different version of it. But, I can't remember the name of the npc I took reference from. I'll edit it in later.

Anyway, that's it for now.

I've drawn all 54 of my ocs! Wow. I plan to keep drawing, but roll a number between 1 and 54 to draw my other ocs at least more than once.

And I'll continue practicing eyes and hands, and probably shoes...I'm still bad at shoes. I don't think I can call myself an artist yet, since I feel like that'd insult people who are better than me, but I hope people enjoy these drawings, at least. More are coming, probably once a week in update posts.