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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
I'm not too easily offended, however I don't like derogatory terms used against people with special needs. It's not like they decided to have them, so yeah. Plus I'm a special education major, and I know I wouldn't want my future students, or even children, to have to put up with those names. That being said, my least favorite word is the r word.
This. Except I'm not a special education major, I'm an Asperger's child with three little stepbrothers on the Autism spectrum. So the r word really is quite upsetting when used as an insult or synonym for "dumb" or "stupid".

I'm also very against the usage of things like "gay", "queer", and "homo" as insults. It's personally offensive, as I would be categorized as queer, and generally offensive because it's like... those aren't insults, those are sexual orientation descriptors. And by using them as insults, their meaning is corrupted and it's reinforced in people's minds that "gay" means "****ed up" or "stupid" or just really negative things.

I don't hear much for derogatory racial terms, but when I do hear a person who should not be using it... I just sort of freeze. Like, I can't believe they just said that; that's absolutely shocking. And you know... in time, I do hope that the other terms I mentioned will provoke a similar reaction in other people when used in a derogatory way.
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