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Hayzel's (Tobenamed) Region is denied.

First of all, you really should have a few things confirmed before you post, such as the name of the region and the professor's name. If you need help naming things, you should post a post in the Roleplay Discussion Thread and see what everyone else says. You might get a few suggestions, just make sure you don't flood the thread up with stuff. Second, your spoilers are all broken, so presentation-wise, your post comes up with a bunch of [/spoiler] tags. I think that's because you put a '=c.' in the spoiler tags, so you'll need to fix all that up. Third, you have almost no storyline. I know it's a new region, but maybe you could put a small backstory about how the region was found, who the players are, what's happening in the region at the moment etc. Gives players a little insight in what they are actually signing up to. Fourth, you have no rules, no ratings and no sign up sheet, which are essential to all writings.

So, I suggest going through it again, editing what you need, maybe posting (in spoiler tags) some stuff to see if anyone can help you.