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I'll mostly be echoing what other people said. I don't like people making physical contact with me or taking my things without asking. The former is fine if we're friends or something, but if a stranger does it there's going to be trouble. As for the latter, it's very annoying when I stock up on food for myself(especially when I'm on a budget), and I find out it's all gone. >_< I share sometimes of course though; a few times I've bought a basket of peaches or pears, and knowing very well that I can't finish them all before they go bad, I left them on the table for my roommates to have too. :)

And one thing that hasn't been mentioned yet is smoking. It is seriously bad for you, and if you do it I hope you can someday quit. But in the meantime do not do it anywhere near me. =/ I can't stand the smell and taste of tobacco smoke for instance, and I will hold my breath and run away if I ever find myself around it. I once had to unload a truck at work and deal with a truck driver who was sitting back with a cigarette right above me! I should have complained(because he wasn't allowed to do that), but I didn't. Heh
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