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Hmm I have played Crystal before on an emulator so a bond sort of grew between me and Kris. Overall I'd say I would prefer is she was the protagonist of HG/SS, she has a much better design. Lyra's is sort of childish and out of place-looking, it doesn't look fit for the design of an actual trainer to be quite honest. I liked Kris's design mainly because it was so simple, just a short and a top, no huge hats or anything which I liked. Also I'm agreeing Lyra's constant calls about her Marill evolving, I was really excited to see her and maybe hope to even battle but it turns out it's the same old Marill when we meet again, which is disappointing.

I was surprised to be honest seeing Kris not make a return because in the originals R/B/G/Y, the protagonist Red made a return in FR/LG, so I was sort of expecting Kris to make a return, if she followed the same path of being in her game's remake like Red. But yeah overall it was disappointing she wasn't included in the games! But overall I would of preferred Kris as the protagonist over Lyra, I'm not saying Lyra is a bad character though. She's cheerful and friendly which is always good but Kris stands out so much more to me.
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