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Single/Ultimate?: Ultimate

The Opted Rules
  • Nicknames are mandatory
  • Blackout is a Game Over
  • Games must be in SET
  • First seen, first caught
  • PokeCenter only
  • No Legends
  • No Dupes
  • Seperated areas (Route 4 for example) Which will be specified before starting each game.

I figured I would do a full ultimate so I can write out some strange intricate story about it.

The short summary if you care not for story:

Trainer name: Blue

Athena the Charmander

Icarus the Pidgey

Karni Mata the Rattata

Psykhe the Metapod

Kephri the Kakuna

Fulgora the Pikachu

  • Made male character named Blue
  • Named Rival Pine
  • Received Female Charmander
  • Defeated Pine's Squirtle
  • Athena reached level 7 before picking up parcel learning Ember
  • Received pokeballs from Oak
  • Captured Male Pidgey on Route 1 - named Icarus
  • Leveled Icarus to level 15 on Route 1
  • Leveled Athena to level 10 on Route 1
  • Captured Female Rattata on Route 22 - named Karni Mata
  • Leveled Karni Mata to level 15 on Route 1
  • Defeated Pine with Karni Mata only - No Damage taken
  • Captured Female Caterpie on Route 2 South - named Psykhe
  • Passed through Viridian Forest with only encountering Metapod and Caterpie
  • Captured Male Weedle on Route 2 North - named Kephri
  • Evolved Psykhe to Metapod on Route 1
  • Returned to Viridian Forest to capture Female Pikachu - named Fulgora
  • Evolved Kephri to Kakuna on Route 2 North

The Intro Chapters:
Current Challenge:

Current Challenge:
Ultimate Sololocke
Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova
Dexter Challenge..: Done