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dental hygiene

Started by Sheep August 28th, 2019 10:47 AM
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tell us about your oral hygiene! how often do you brush your teeth? do you floss? use mouthwash? when was the last time you were at the dentist?

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I take pretty good care of my teeth, not to the really high levels I used to though where I was brushing twice a day, mouthwashing, flossing and eating a strict low-acid/sugar diet for the sake of my teeth. I went to a lot of effort to keep my teeth healthy because there's a history of degenerative teeth in my family.

If you notice the past tense that's because I got sick and couldn't really eat for like 2+ months and was essentially surviving on pure sugar, taking mukloads of medication and not able to really take care of myself. As a result of that my teeth are now so severely psyducked there's just no point trying that hard anymore and I'll be paying for replacements eventually :)

They're clean though? Yay?


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I don't have cavities, I brush twice a day, and I use mouthwash a couple of times a week, I floss maybe once a week.

I'm worried about having bad breath, since i drink so much coffee heh, and I imagine the mouthwash and flossing helps with that.


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My teeth are fine. At least, they are now. I went through a rough patch in my twenties where three of my four wisdom teeth decided they wanted to cause me immense agony, but those are gone now and you don't really need wisdom teeth so yeah. My dentist is happy with them, so I guess I don't need to panic either. Kinda surprises me, because my diet has always been pretty awful, and I didn't go to the dentist at all until I was in my twenties when my wisdom teeth started to act up. I'm extremely lucky, honestly...I should have the stereotypical "bad British teeth" that the Americans seem to think all British people have, haha.

I go to the dentist twice a year - I'm on a (pretty expensive tbh) practice plan that covers two dentist and two hygeinist appointments per year, so they're pretty well maintained. I have three fillings from general wear and tear - my diet is muk and has always been muk - but apparently this is pretty normal anyway? The last time I was at the dentist was actually a couple of weeks ago for my third filling, and a slight touch-up on my second because my dentist wasn't happy with it. It was fine.

I brush at least once a day in the evening - I rarely have time in the morning, and the noise from my electric toothbrush wakes people up, so there is that too - but I don't bother with floss because it's a pain in the arse and my electric toothbrush is pretty great, and I use mouthwash a couple of times a week or when I feel like I need to use it.


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Once a day at least, with flossing, will do more as needed but that's the minimum I do. I used mouthwash at one point, but fell out of the habit of doing so last year during my whole dental ordeal (I recall being told to basically not use it too much for some reason, so I stopped and haven't gone back to using it). But even what I do seems to help for now, since the last thing I had wasn't even related to my dental hygiene or any lack of it. :P

And when I last went to the dentist in...April? or around then, they didn't find anything. Though I also didn't get an x-ray like I should have that time because their computers weren't working correctly that day oops.


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Posted September 4th, 2019
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I brush. That's about it. That's every day unless there's something in my teeth. I have rather sensitive gums so I dont floss or anything extra.
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I brush every day after breakfast and before bed. Now my teeth are alright, but when I was a kid I used to have quite a few cavities. I never got into the habit of flossing, even though I should. I usually only use mouthwash when I lack sleep. Last time I went to the dentist was about nearly a year ago.


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I brush twice a day and have gotten into the habit of flossing pretty much every day since I swapped to the floss picks that make it so much easier. I'll mouthwash if I am heading out immediately after but it's not something I do as much because it drys out my mouth and makes it feel nasty.

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Typically I brush twice a day and floss every other. I don't mouthwash often because I rarely feel as though I need to, but sometimes I get extra. Though I don't use regular mouthwash, I just put a little extra toothpaste in my mouth and swish+gargle with that. Most store bought mouthwashes are too harsh and I dislike the burning. The ones that don't do that are too expensive for me to want to spend money on, lol. I definitely mouthwash more often when I buy the special mouthwashes, though. Feels good :3 And sometimes I brush three times a day, depending on if I ate something that puts a lot of plague on my teeth or tongue (like ice cream and other sweet stuff). Or if I just feel like my breath isn't the best after coffee or garlic stuff or what have you.

I've had cavities and still do on my one tooth, but I'm terrified of dentists and my last filling fell out and thus so did my tooth, so I figure: fudge it. Don't have insurance anyway and it doesn't affect my overall oral health. By the time it does, I'll be old and not care anymore, probably.

Funnily enough, me being so anal about brushing daily bleeds over to my animals, too. My cats and dogs get theirs brushed 6 times a week on average :P One of my old cats passed away from kidney failure and there's some research to suggest the bacteria build-up in their mouths infected their body with every swallow. My grandmother's dog had to be euthanized despite being otherwise healthy just because his teeth developed painful abscesses from never being brushed and his heart murmurs made it likely he wouldn't survive dental surgery. So... Yeah, I'm a little anal about it.
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To be honest my teeth aren’t perfect. I have a missing tooth and a cavity or two. I got into a really bad habit of forgetting to brush my teeth as a teen. It’s something I’ve gotten under control and now I brush at least once a day but even then sometimes I’ll forget but I usually remind myself to do it everyday. Cause I know not brushing is nasty and I hate having bad breath and yellow teeth. But as a teen/early 20s I would tell myself I don’t have time to brush everyday and obviously I faced consequences. It’s been about 15 years since I’ve gone to a dentist too. That’s mostly cause my dad couldn’t afford yearly check ups and now even with a job and insurance I still can’t afford appointments every few months like you’re supposed to. I think if I went to the dentist more often I probably could have kept a regular brushing routine tbh.
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i try to brush my teeth at least everyday. i'm really bad at remembering though, and really my problem is that i have sensory issues regarding brushing my teeth. i HATE the feeling of it.

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I brush my teeth at least 2-3 times a day, use mouthwash 2 twice a day, and floss at least once a day. Despite all that, I still maybe get a cavity or such. The last time I went to the dentist was maybe 2 or 3 years ago when I had a bad toothache.

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I brush once per day really and have standard dentist checks every 6 months


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I've tried to keep up with my dental hygiene. My last two experiences have been nightmarish, with getting the X Ray left in my mouth for way longer than I should have by an inattentive dentist, then getting yelled at by another. I have not been to a dentist since early 2017.
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